15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 6: Describe how you shop for books

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Thanks to GoodBooksAndGoodWine.com for hosting this challenge.

Day 6: Describe how you shop for books


Oh, what fun! Shopping!

Well I should say right off my shopping habits have changed since I became a blogger. I used to hunt and hunt for books in print and often get burned by bad ones even while looking at reviews.

Then I got a Kindle and started trying out new authors left and right, but stil I was kind of frugal on what I bought because I didn’t want bad books.

When I started blogging, I went on a buying spree to have a lot to review. I wasn’t on any free lists, publisher’s radars, or even on NetGalley, so I was spending a ton of money.

Now that I have been blogging for a while, I still buy books, but not as many. And those books are always digital. I very rarely buy paperbacks. I do like looking at stores though. I scan the UPC tags on them and look them up later when I get home.

So when I do get some extra money, like recently, I went straight to my wishlist of books and scrolled through looking to see what interested me. I still do my $2 for 100 pages test on them.

After I decided which ones to get had some left over and then went searching my favorite authors to see if I missed any new releases.

I looked at the books recommended to me on several sites I shop at.

Sometimes I just don’t buy books when I can *gasp* Why? Well, I have a lot of review books that I have to read first. Then I have books that I have bought that I haven’t had time to read…then I get to the new books. So it is rare I will drop everything for the books I just bought. My one big goal, is to get the piles down so I can read the books I just bought or even the books I am dying to read.

But in the end I am kind of stingy. I want to wait for that golden gem of a book that is going to rock my socks off!

So how do you go shopping for your books?


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