2016 Challenge Tracker for Shari

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It’s that time of year to once again sign up for all the challenges in 2016. 

The Series That Never Ends Challenge

The Series That Never Ends Challenge

Host: Delighted Reader
My Summary Post
Progress: 1/12 (8%)


The second year for this challenge and a new series for me. Let’s see if I can get 5 books read in that series.

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The series I want to read is…
Lost in Oblivion by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott


    Bad Boys of Romance Challenge

    Host: Delighted Reader
    My Summary Post
    Progress: 11/35 (31%)


    We love our bad boys here at Delighted Reader!
    So I want to read more with them as my book boyfriend.

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    Level Three – 15 books or more – Taking the Bad Boy to the Alter


      Review Writing Challenge

      Review Writing Challenge

      Host: Delighted Reader
      My Summary Post
      Progress: 19/100 (19%)


      Over the years I have read books, but haven’t kept up on reviews.

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      My challenge is to write 100 reviews


        Books 'N Tunes Challenge

        Books 'N Tunes Challenge

        Host: Delighted Reader
        My Summary Post
        Progress: 13/30 (43%)


        There goes Sophia Rose again…making me dance this time. But since I love music and dancing, it’s all good!

        I signed up for
        Level Two – Dancing Diva – 25 items/ 25 tunes

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          Literary Pickers Challenge

          Literary Pickers Challenge

          Host: Delighted Reader
          My Summary Post
          Progress: 14/35 (40%)


          My gal Sophia Rose is a demon on reading challenges.
          So I decided I needed to catch up and find some gems in my stories.

          Level Three -Professional Picker- 25 items/25 places

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          Household Goods

          1. Ceiling Fan
          2. Portrait
          3. House Plant
          4. Pumpkin
          5. Candelabra
          6. Dead Bolt
          7. Grandfather Clock/Mantle Clock
          8. Window Blinds
          9. Microwave
          10. Table Cloth
          11. Razor
          12. Nail Polish
          13. Hand/Purse Mirror
          14. Coffee Table
          15. E-Reader
          16. Earbuds
          17. Window Shutters
          18. Sink
          19. Lawn Mower/Equipment
          20. Tile floor


          1. Hard Helmet
          2. Earring/s
          3. Head Band
          4. Flip Flops
          5. Motorcycle boots
          6. Belt
          7. Tattoo/Body Art
          8. Evening Gown/Dress
          9. Business Suit
          10. Cuff Links
          11. Space Suit
          12. Military Uniform
          13. Fisherman/Newsboy Cap
          14. Scarf
          15. Mask
          16. Bracelets/Cuffs
          17. Natty or Ugly Sweater
          18. Sunglasses
          19. Business Card/s
          20. Lingerie

          Work Tools/Weapons

          1. Rifle
          2. Saddle
          3. Whip
          4. Hammer
          5. Tool Belt/Box
          6. Briefcase/bag
          7. File Folder
          8. Work Gloves/Garden Gloves
          9. Cash Register
          10. Measuring Tape/Ruler
          11. Microscope
          12. Ingredients
          13. Sports Equipment
          14. Silencer for a gun
          15. Explosive
          16. Lock Picks
          17. Safe
          18. Photocopier
          19. Stamps
          20. Notebook/pad


          1. European Sports Car
          2. American Muscle Car
          3. Fighter Jet/Spacecraft
          4. Steam-Powered Vehicle
          5. Ice Skate/s
          6. Russia
          7. China
          8. India
          9. Spain
          10. Brazil
          11. Underwater
          12. Another planet
          13. Another Dimension/Parallel Earth
          14. Desert
          15. Tropical Island
          16. Place of Archeological Interest
          17. War Zone
          18. Cart/Wagon
          19. Camel/Donkey
          20. Sailboat

          Romantic Encounters

          1. Alien/Alien or Alien/Human
          2. With a Geek
          3. Male/Male or Female/Female
          4. Menage or Poly
          5. Love Triangle
          6. Arranged Marriage
          7. Fated Mate
          8. Fake Mates/Marriage of Convenience
          9. Reunion or Second Chance
          10. Blind Date/Dating Service
          11. Dominant/submissive or Master/slave
          12. Capture/captive
          13. One Night Stand
          14. Male/Female
          15. Older/Younger (5 years or more age difference)
          16. Highschool Sweethearts/Young Love
          17. Apocalyptic/Dystopian Romance
          18. Romance before 1950
          19. Older Couple (over 50)/Winter Romance
          20. Enemies to Lovers


            And finally…how many books can I read this year?
            It seems I have been slipping the last few years. 200 used to be a norm,
            but now 100 seems to be all I have in me. So let’s make it half-way between the two!



            2016 Reading Challenge

            2016 Reading Challenge
            Shari has
            read 2 books toward her goal of 150 books.




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            Shari is the Delighted Reader. Married to her Prince Charming and mother to two Princesses and one Prince. When she is not slaving away as Cinderella she loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Never without a reading device and a few good paperback books, because she never knows when she might get 5 minutes to read!


            • Woohoo! You’ve got several good ones lined up. I love the variety. I need to do my list soon, too. I’ve got a few that I’ve signed up for, but there are a couple more that I have my eye on. Need to sign up for a few of ours, too. 😉

              • Shari Delighted Read

                Yep, I tried to keep the ones from last year but up my challenge numbers. Let me know if you need me to set up your page or if you want to keep it on Goodreads.

                • I’ll just do a one-time post listing all the challenges and levels then track them on GoodReads and the Monthly Report that way its one less thing for you. 🙂

            • *bows*

              The year isn’t even over yet and you already have goals for next year?! You’re something else!

              • Shari Delighted Read

                I started signing up but needed a place to track them. Still working hard to finish my last three challenges for 2015.

            • good luck! 😀