A Little Harmless Fantasy by Melissa Schroeder #Review

A Little Harmless Fantasy by Melissa Schroeder #Review
A Little Harmless Fantasy

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Series: Harmless #8
Genres: BDSM Romance, Contemporary Romance, Menage Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on January 15, 2013
Pages: 308
Format: eBook
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So I kind of skipped a few books in this series to get to this one. It wasn’t really intentional, mostly I didn’t know the order and just picked one. While I felt a little lost on some characters, it didn’t really interfere with the current players of this story. So I went from book 1 to book 8. Now I have 6 books to read in between.

Maura Dillon is a driven woman who has dealt with tragedy at an early age. Both parents are deceased and she was raised by her older brother, Connor. A genius, she can look at things in ways no one else can at her brother’s company, but she can also be obsessive about it and forget to eat and sleep. Connor is kind of over protective and tends not to trust her, when he trusts her so much, overlooking her for management type positions. To deal with the stress she pursues her passion as a submissive. But the one man she loves beyond measure isn’t a Dominant.

Zeke has been best friends with Connor for a long while. They own the company together, but tension between the men is high when Zeke dated Maura. Realizing he couldn’t be what Maura needed, he broke the relationship. Now Rory is back in his life. The one man who he grew up with and fell in love with, but their past has been anything but stable. Zeke is giving Rory one last chance to be the man he needs, but Rory is also Dominant, but only with women.

Rory and Zeke are bi-sexual, so when Rory comes back, he has a little jealous streak for Maura and the relationship she has with Zeke. He need to dominate, she needs to submit and Zeke needs to watch. So when Connor calls them to come out to Hawaii, what better plans could they have than to indulge in their fantasies and then return home without the ties? Well, nothing except a triangle of love that is expanding.

Maura is a kind of way to obsessive for me at times. I would have told Rory to fuck off a few times. I also didn’t like how Connor treated her at times like an over protected sister instead of a woman who knows when she is being followed and can manage the office when he isn’t there. She’s strong, but also need to rely on the men in her life. Her submission falls into Rory’s hands and Zeke plays the passive partner to their plans.

Rory and Zeke have a lot of past and Zeke is afraid of being hurt again by Rory. While he isn’t a dominant, he isn’t a roll over and take it kind of guy either. He pushes Rory to realize his feelings and habits where love comes into play. Rory and Zeke are good with each other and I think Maura offers the softness they need.

There is suspense as someone is out to get them. They lead you down one path and up another as the story goes on. I am not sure if it would have been easier to figure out if I had the previous books under my belt or not, but I tend to think not.

I loved meeting Connor’s wife who was a romance author. Makes me want to run back and get book 7 before book 2. Oh, well.

This is a sexy, erotic story with a family that binds and some action to keep you jumping.

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    1. I have tried a few, but I need to finish up this series of hers. I have them all, just haven’t had time to read them.

    1. She just doesn’t know when to quit and take care of herself. She gets obsessed and forgets.

  1. Haha! And Shari’s also part of the club of readers who take series order as mere suggestions. Glad it worked out that it read well. Whew! They do have a lot of relationship dynamics to sort out.

  2. I’ve picked books that sounded good and didn’t realize they were part of a series and had to go back and read the other books. It’s interesting and kinda fun when you find a book that you like so much that you want to read the others, even if it is out of order.

    1. I have all of the books and intend to go back and read them, but time has been a problem lately.

  3. From book 1 to book 8 is quite a jump! I am glad you could still follow the story even though you didn’t knew who some characters were. That’s a shame Connor is a bit too overprotective about his younger sister, although I guess with their situation I can kinda understand why he acts that way. And that’s good to hear the suspense was well done. Great Review!

    1. I think I read book 6, not sure. I have all the books so I intend to go back and get the full story. Still reading them out of order didn’t cause a problem.