Afternoon Delight: His Forbidden Princess by Jeannie Moon

Afternoon Delight: His Forbidden Princess by Jeannie Moon
His Forbidden Princess

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Series: #4 Royal Holiday
Published by Tule Publishing
Released on April 28, 2015
Pages: 110
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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I was interested in this one mainly because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a few of the author’s past books, but then there was also that I was in the mood for a bit of modern fairytale which I was hoping to get with ‘Princess’ in the title.  This was a sweet second-chance class difference romantic suspense that moved along swiftly in this novella-length story.

This is book four in a series of standalones written by separate authors all focusing on Princess as the theme.

The story opens with a prologue of a happy college age couple who have fallen in love.  Ian Stuart, ex-Army Ranger, has gone back to school and encounters sweet and lovely Sofia.  Unfortunately, Sofia is keeping one whopping big secret in her quest for a normal life.  Royals don’t get ‘normal’ though and she is broken hearted when the reveal puts Ian out of reach.

Eight years later, special agent Ian Stuart is on the protection detail for Her Royal Highness’ Princess Sofia while she is in the States.  Terrorists attack the royal family back home and Ian discovers that Sofia is a target as well.  He whisks her away to his family’s home on Long Island to keep her safe while the danger is dealt with, but they both soon realize that the danger now includes the still strong feelings they have for each other.  Is it a second chance or just a second opportunity for hearts to break again since Ian is a commoner and she the heir to a throne?

Alright, so I grabbed this one for some light fun and that is what I got.  I suspended belief and enjoyed my adult fairy tale.  The story is moderately developed in plotting and character, but there was plenty to attract and keep my attention through this quickly read story.

Ian is the hero every girl wants including Sofia.  He is selfless, sacrificing, dutiful, and passionate for Sofia though these qualities tear him to shreds when he sees her duty to country and family as more important than anything that can happen with him.  Even though it costs him to keep the woman he loves, but can’t have close by, he does it to protect her with his life.

Sofia was raised as the spare behind her brother for the throne of their small country.  She believes this will allow her the wiggle room to walk away and have a normal life with Ian, but her mother removes that dream by insisting she do her duty and Ian finishes it when he pushes her away.  For eight years, she does the job she was born to and then steps into her brother’s shoes when he is gone, but she doesn’t come alive until she is with Ian again.  Sofia decides to see what can happen and this causes a bit of a push-pull going on and then she has to respect that Ian needs to focus to keep her alive.

The suspense was light though it came rushing to the front near the end.  Most of the story is the reunion of Ian and Sofia though his Uncle John was a sparkling addition when he was there to prod the pair of them.

All in all, this was a nice afternoon distraction and can recommend it to those who want something quickly developed and for a bit of slightly spicy contemporary romance.

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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    1. No, it wasn’t. Her mom made her do her duty and then Ian pretended not to have feelings for her so she would go back to her duty, then her brother dies, and she’s stuck with being the heir. But she gets her happy ending. 🙂

  1. Love quickies! It’s great for entertainment purposes or if you only need something light to pass the time. it’s a bonus if the plot is developed enough where you feel you’re not reading crap.

    1. Ha, yes, I do like to give enough info so people know what to expect. I think it helps when I’m reading to keep expectation at the right level.

      You’re welcome, Lexxie!

  2. This sounds a bit like the HQN Presents series novellas Sophia Rose. Thanks for the review it is definitely something I would consider when I need a light short read! Happy Election Day!

  3. Second change romances can be great to read and it sounds like this one has a bit of a forbidden romance as well. And the royal theme in this one sound fun too. I don’t think I’ve read too many books with royalty in them, but it does sound like that would add some interesting issues and conflict to a story like this. Great review!