Schooled by Lorelei James #AfternoonDelight #Review

Schooled by Lorelei James #AfternoonDelight #Review

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Series: Mastered #2.5
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Intermix
Released on December 2, 2014
Pages: 98
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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When Amery Hardwick first met martial arts master Ronin Black, she wasn't ready for the level of his sensual artistry or his need for extreme control. Nor was she prepared for the primal urges it released in her. Amery and Ronin were made for each other.

When they married they were certain their future would be a fulfilling journey of love and passion. But happily ever after is never so simple. Six months later, while in Japan, Ronin is training with his sensei, while Amery is consumed by her own burgeoning career and a culture shock with which she is struggling to adapt.

Now, from the heady pleasures of Tokyo bondage houses to the unyielding family traditions pulsing with every beat of Ronin's heart, Amery and Ronin find the limits of their relationship tested once again, and shocked to discover what they're willing to do in order to save it.

Schooled is a wonderful look into Ronin’s and Amery’s future, six months after they have gotten married. After all they have done to be together, this was a delightful look into what they would do when their bond is tested once again by family, culture and expectations.

Ronin needs to return to Japan for training with his sensei. Not having had a honeymoon, they also tack on more time to explore their own hearts, and meet family. Ronin gets to show his gentle, romantic side to Amery as they have their delayed honeymoon. The two work so well together one on one. But when it is time to move onto Ronin’s training, they start to grow apart. Ronin is quiet, moody and totally into his own head unable to see that Amery feels left out and alone. Bored even.

Schooled isn’t just about them as a couple, but also about each growing in their own ways. Ronin with his training, and Amery standing up for herself with the grandfather when he questions her abilities. These two once again learn to lean on each other while also getting the sexy, silky rope out for sensual artistry.

There is still bondage scenes, rough sex, gentle loving sex and interactions with a culture that helped shape Ronin into the man he is. I loved seeing these two without so much baggage, but still dealing with what life is throwing at them. It’s a short story that leads you into the next book in the series, which I can’t wait to get my hands on.

About Lorelei James

Lorelei James is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of the Blacktop Cowboys and Rough Riders series as well as the steamy new Mastered series. She lives in the Black Hills of western South Dakota with her family. Visit her online at,, and

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    1. Me too! I don’t really need a full novel, so this hit the spot to see the characters after they put rings on each others fingers!