At Any Moment by Brenna Aubrey #Review

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At Any Moment by Brenna Aubrey #Review
At Any Moment

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Series: Gaming the System #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Silver Griffon Associates
Released on November 14, 2014
Pages: 444
Format: eBook
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And now the conclusion of Adam and Mia’s story. Spoilers will ensue and you are under warning! We left Adam and Mia in a HEA from At Any Price. Then in At Any Turn things slide into Hell as Adam does everything wrong and Mia holds secrets from him. At the end of At Any Turn we learn what secrets are being withheld and just how Adam is going to deal with it all. We get both perspectives in this book, so the readers aren’t left in the dark, we get the full ride.

The Delight

This is an extremely rough story to read. Mia’s illness brings on insecurities along with Adam not being able to forget the lies he feels he was told. Nothing is swept under the carpet and forgiven with a hug. This is a slow, hard road and both characters are in bad spots in their lives for this to happen the way it happens. I was forced to try to see both sides of this problem and my heart broke for both. This isn’t a happy book. It’s is full of angst, drama and regret.

So I am jumping right in with the spoilers because I can’t write this review without them.

Mia has breast cancer. A very aggressive form. After a particularly bad argument between Adam and Mia, Adam demands a pregnancy test after catching her throwing up in the company bathroom. Mia has undergone radiation treatment and doesn’t believe she is fertile and really throws it in his face, but he is right. She is pregnant. This is like handing Mia a death sentence since she is about to start chemotherapy the next week.

No one but Mia and Heath knows she has cancer. Mia wanted to be strong and not cause her mother to be stressed out and regress possibly into her own cancer problems. She didn’t tell Adam because it seemed every time she tried something came up. So Heath has shouldered it all as he is the only one who knows, oh and she lives in his condo. But Heath is starting a new relationship and this is weighing him down.

Adam goes into a state of command and conquer. He pushes his love down even though he feels betrayed on the deepest level that she never shared this burden with him when he loved her so much. His only goal is to make sure Mia survives. That is it. No love outside of taking care of her. No dealing with their issues until she survives. And he won’t acknowledge they have a child growing in Mia because that is just one more obstacle in getting her over all of this.

Mia is in such a flux of emotions. She has cancer. She is pregnant. She wants the baby, but that baby might kill her, at the very least delay her chemotherapy. One of her breasts is deformed from the biopsy that gives her a complex on allowing Adam to see her naked. Ashamed of everything, she struggles with her own self-worth versus bringing to life a child that could kill her.

So the battle of the story isn’t so much love as that is not in question. What is is the fact that love just may not be enough to heal them. Adam refuses to touch Mia as she is going through this. Mia loses her hair, gets incredibly skinny and is sick most of the time. Through it all he takes care of her, gives her everything she needs, but not everything she wants. Mia moves back in with Adam, but he puts her in a different room to keep them separate. She tries a lot of things to seduce him, but all he can think of is she could die and she didn’t tell him.

The story is romantic, erotic at times, deeply emotional, crippling fear, and a spur of hope that dies a little each page.

I can’t tell you if they get a HEA. That would be the ultimate spoiler. I can’t tell you if she survives. Spoiler. I can’t even tell you if Adam survives. Spoiler. It’s gut wrenching to read, but at the same time I was thankful I got to read both sides of the story this time.

I am not a fan of New Adult romances when I feel they are just romances. This is probably one of the first series I can recommend. It’s not light reading. It will engage all of your emotions and leave you a puddle mess on the floor. So get your big girl panties on and tackle this series!


Want to get caught up on Adam and Mia’s story?

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Sophia Rose
6 years ago

Oh man! Heartwrenching! Just reading your review has me so sad for both of them.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
6 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

I felt like I was them as they wrestled with everything. I cried and wanted to scream at them. It brought so much emotion that the lack of sex didn’t register unless Mia was trying to seduce Adam. I totally recommend this series! The first book is free.