Bash volume I, II, III by Candace Blevins #Review

Bash volume I, II, III by Candace Blevins #ReviewBash #1 by Candace Blevins

Genres: Dark Erotica, Motorcycle Club Romance, Paranormal Romance
Published by Excessica on October 14, 2015
Pages: 189
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
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I have been a fan of Candace Blevins for a while and when Amazon suggest a story from her shifter series, I jumped to grab up the book….only to find out it was the third book in the series, but was also a serial series of 3 books. Confused? Bash is a 3 book serial to get all of his story.

Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club is a paranormal MC romance. Something new for me. For this serial, the two are werewolf shifters in a predominantly werewolf MC. A young Bash as a prospect is assigned to protect and keep the virginity of the MC President’s daughter, Angelica, safe and sound. She’s a teenager in school looking to get into lots of trouble and the two don’t get off on the right foot at first but soon learn to get along. Angelica for her part has a crush on Bash, but she has to keep it under wraps as all these wolves can scent everything from arousal to lies.

One night changes everything. Angelica goes from the wild party girl to a studious girl intent on getting good grades. This one night puts a wedge between Bash and Angelica that is non-confrontational, but more emotional. Angelica goes off to college while Bash moves to a new chapter in Chattanooga along with Brain (Angelica’s first baby-sitter so to speak).

Now that Angelica is back and starting a new job, there are tons of pack, loner and MC things to deal with as well as keeping it from the humans. Bash and Angelica have a past, but Angelica grew up and now is attracted to a man in her apartment complex…a human. Needless to say, they get involved in a one night only BDSM scene that turns Angelica on, but the guy in question is the DA and doesn’t like her family.

Bash is denying all feelings towards Angelica. It doesn’t help that he runs the prostitution side of the MC. Something he had to fight to get the MC to accept. Needless to say he interviews girls. He also has a thing where he doesn’t do vaginal sex because he blows out condoms, so no way is he having a kid. It’s a lot of mouth and ass for this guy and he’s not exactly gentle about it.

Angelica for her part is still attracted to Bash, but she has gotten a taste of sex from college and she isn’t going to stop just because she is in a new town. She meets a guy in her apartment complex and hit it off. The first date leads to a relatively light introduction into BDSM that is painful, but it fulfills something in Angelica she didn’t know she needed. The guy turns out to be a DA, which he never hides from her, but also causes him to be a dick about her family.

Shortly afterwards there is a hit on the club and it can only be traced back to the DA and thus Angelica’s reputation is called into question. It’s was time to break up with the DA, but again something happens that puts the DA in the hospital and Angelica in the protection of the MC.

Bash has to come to terms with his life in the MC and claiming the woman he can’t keep out of his mind. These two have sex in their furry forms which is new to me and a pervy girl challenge moment. But also Bash puts his claim on Angelica along with find out her biggest fantasy is having a threesome.

There is a cliffhanger to this one, but since all the books are out, you should be able to jump right into the next book without any problems.

Bash volume I, II, III by Candace Blevins #ReviewBash #2 by Candace Blevins

Genres: Dark Erotica, Paranormal Romance
Published by Excessica on November 6, 2015
Pages: 190
Format: eBook
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Now Bash has claimed Angelica for his own…and Daddy (Bud) isn’t exactly happy about it. Throw in a DA who is out for them now and a rival MC ready to take out the princess, we get a lot of action, sex, BDSM elements and another cliffhanger to make you scream.

Just because Bash claimed her doesn’t mean they are mated for life, so they go about a threesome with Bash’s MC brother Dawg. This at times is fun to watch, but in the end it is Dawg who helps Bash with the emotional stuff he has a hard time dealing with when he wants to dominate Angelica. At this point is isn’t really BDSM so much as his wolf wanting to be dominant and show Angelica who she belongs too. When I say BDSM, I mean Angelica isn’t a submissive so much as she allows Bash to be the alpha. He does some dark things between these books that even I couldn’t begin to understand, but Angelica wanted it.

Things heat up with the DA who is so single-minded on getting the MC and punishing Angelica for now seeing reason. He sets up stings and lies all around. He might have once been a good DA, but with this he allows his emotions and hatred to overcome logic.

Also the rival MC is pissed at Angelica and are out for blood. This ends up being the cliffhanger point, but I had no fear that Angelica would be strong enough to get through it all.

Now, I can honestly say at this point I am struggling to like Bash at all. He constantly must show his dominance over Angelica. She takes almost all of what he gives out, but some of it I found unreasonable and way over the top painful.

Running in wolf form seems to be a complicated deal. You have to be part of a pack or have a deal with the pack. Angelica being a lone wolf feels a need to either join the pack, which means she has to give up Bash, or become Bash’s which limits her running with the pack.

Oh, and Bash’s fetish for ass comes back into play, especially with added partner of Dawg hanging around. There are rules for this threesome as it isn’t something the MC accepts in general. They can scent anything and everything, so they have to have rules to protect them all and to satisfy Bash’s wolf.

Bash volume I, II, III by Candace Blevins #ReviewBash #3 by Candace Blevins

Genres: Dark Erotica, Paranormal Romance
Published by Excessica on November 20, 2015
Pages: 302
Format: eBook
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The cliffhanger ends and it’s onto the last of Bash and Angel’s story. Things are heating up and some of the BDSM in this story gets downright hard and painful. I mean hop around protecting all your girly parts as you run to hide from your Kindle. Throw in there a scene that royally pissed me off.

So we learn Angelica has a secret. I mean it’s one from her teenage years and she thought it went away. Nothing that she would really think off until it happens again and Bash finds out. It is something his wolf can’t handle and they feel like she lied as well as has a bond to someone else. This causes a very public punishment scene that made me want to bash Bash’s head in alpha wolf or not. Even Bud agrees, so I don’t feel too off about it.

Angelica is a strong character and she weathers all that happens to her through the story. Betrayal, kidnapping, weird magical happenings and more. Would I be friends with Angelica? Nope, just not my type of gal. Would I like Bash? Nope, he is just to much of a sadist with an overriding need to be the boss and hurt people. For all of them, I just didn’t really like them in the end.

Daddy does come running a lot, but I found him to be a good father to Angelica even if he MC wasn’t always good. I also learned that you can change a human to a shifter, that there are vampires in this world and you never know what will come next in the BDSM of this world. I learned a new action that while it made since it was around, I had never thought of in BDSM. Go figure.

The story is very much dependent on knowing the background some and I came in in the middle. My fault. In the end though, I wasn’t in love with the books and ended up not liking the darker elements to it. Overall the story is well written, it just probably wasn’t the story arc for me.

Challenge Info:

Pervy Girl: Shifters–sex while shifted
Literary Pickers: Motorcycle boots
New to Me: Series

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  • I’ve always enjoyed your reviews of her books b/c it gives me the story without me having to read it. I like the idea of a PNR/MC biker story blend, but her stories are way past what I can handle. LOL- protecting girly parts and running from my Kindle.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Oh, Lordy I was in shock having never imagined this happening which is funny since it shouldn’t have shocked me. Spanking is one thing but he spanks everything he can on her. And he doesn’t go easy at all. The punishment he does in public is what finally broke me. Her father agreed. I was ticked off she took it. It felt like abuse. Oh well. It’s over now.

  • That first guy looks like someone…

    • Shari Delighted Read

      The covers made Bash look older than he really was.

  • I’ve read one of Candace Blevins books and I enjoyed that one. I don’t know why I never picked up another. I’ve never read a MC biker story. I keep saying that I’m going to and never get around to it. I do like the idea of mixing it with shifters. Though, this one sounds a little over the top. I’m also not a fan of serials. I wish they would just put the story in one book. I don’t know if I will try this one or not. Great review.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      It was good I waited until they were all out. It is a very sadistic book in the sex department. There was a scene I haven’t even heard of before, but should have I guess. I like the MC/shifter part, just the BDSM sections were less BDSM and more “I am man and wolf, do my bidding.” He whips her because he can and she takes it. She wasn’t really a doormat, but at times I wanted her to tell him to fuck off.