Bassist meets History Teacher – Fully Loaded by Theresa Hissong #Review

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Bassist meets History Teacher – Fully Loaded by Theresa Hissong #Review
Fully Loaded

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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Rock Band Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on March 3, 2015
Pages: 217
Format: eBook
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Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of Pop Evil. When I was going through a hard time in my life, their song 100 in a 55 spoke to me so much. Being a fan on Facebook of theirs, I from time to time watch their Tuesday videos. So I caught one with Matt DiRito where he talked about their new album (some), but also about a book where he was featured in…an erotic romance book. And the big part! 50% of the proceeds goes to his charity, Star Treatments. So even if you don’t want to read this book, buy it for a good cause.

So back to the actual review….

Heather Rose is out for a fun night with her best friend Kiera when she locks eyes with Ares Revenge’s bassist, Donovan Milano. The two lock eyes, flirt with air kisses and generally have a good time without even knowing each other. Not wanting to be a rock stars one-night stand, Heather attempts to leave without meeting Donovan, but he lays in wait. After a meal, they both succumb to the passion driving them, but Donovan makes a rookie mistake and leaves without a note. He does program his number into her phone and vice versa. Being an alpha male, he texts her he is coming over at 8 to get her and expects her to obey. Oh, so wrong.

The two dance around each other as they come to learn more. Heather Rose is a high school history teacher with papers to grade and lesson plans to make. She won’t be the woman who hangs onto the rock start. Throw in she likes a little pain with her pleasure, she thinks she is a freak. Throw in horrible headaches attacking her balance, making her black out and really just hitting at the wrong times. No family to rely on, she keeps putting off going to see a doctor.

Matt DiRitoDonovan is harder to describe as you only see what Heather sees. He looks just like Matt DiRito, bassist from Pop Evil. Long black straight hair that he puts in a cap a lot, rides a motorcycle but also has a restored Mustang, tattoos in all the right places, a nose ring. Donovan is extremely controlling and an alpha male. He likes to control all situations, but he is also hiding some ghosts in his closet that he really needed to come clean on.

The sex scenes while graphic also at times lacked some real heat. Heather needed slight pain from bites, pinching or ass spanks. He often commands her to come, but then has to help her along when she can’t give herself the pain she craves. I wouldn’t say she is a masochist, nor is this a BDSM relationship. It’s probably more normal than people would admit.

When not in the bed (or table…wall, etc.) he takes care of her. Feeds her, takes her to meet his band mates, and generally loves her. Throw in a stalker (not going to say who is getting stalked), you have a little suspense, a lot of worry and a ton of sex. Yep, dirty fun sex.

I didn’t have high expectations going into this book, but it really grabbed me anyway. I cringed when I saw it was written in first person POV and while I got used it, I really wanted to know what was going on in someone else’s head besides the heroine. Heather is amusing to watch, but I wouldn’t say incredibly strong in character. She made assumptions about Donovan without giving him time to get to know her. Donovan has his own issues, but I couldn’t see into his mind to see where he was going with it. Overall, a guilty pleasure that I would never have found without watching a video of Matt DiRito on Facebook.

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Sophia Rose

Loved how you came across this story! I love the charity tie-in too. They sound like a good opposites attract romance.
That song was so touching too.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read

I ended up loving this book. At first I was a little so so, but it got better as it went along. I just wish I could see Donovan’s side of the story more as I got tired of Heather. Great charity and I love Pop Evil. When I need therapy, they are my go to band. Torn to Pieces, 100 in a 55, Monster You Made Me. I would love to see Pop Evil and Shinedown in concert. Shinedown is my other therapy bad. Funny how my daughter chose a Shinedown song for her solo dance and wants to… Read more »

Mary Kirkland

“looked like a walking orgasm” Well if that isn’t the very description of hot, I don’t know what is. lol

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read

He looks like a walking orgasm and sounds like a generally nice guy who knows how to rock out a show. I definitely want to see Pop Evil in a concert some day, but until then I can read about characters that look just like them!

Mary Kirkland

“looked like a walking orgasm” Well if that isn’t the very description of hot, I don’t know what is. lol

Lover Of Romance

I used to not like first person narrative in stories…but its more common now and getting used to it and liking it when its done well. I do love rock band stories…and I think I would be totally down with trying this one out. Lovely review you have here.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read

Still not a fan of first person narratives, but you are right, they are more common. I am reading another one right now. It can be so bad to read I, I, I, me, me, me all the time, but if the author knows what they are doing, you start to not notice those type of rookie mistakes.

Also, do you have a site you blog on? I would love to read your reviews if you do.