Beach Reads #7 – Extremely emotional to laughing…two picks to read this summer!

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Delighted Reader Beach Reads 2013

Week 7 of Delighted Reader’s Beach Reads for the Summer of 2013! We are excited to share with you books you should pack up to take with you on vacation!

This week Shari shares two books with us. One that blew her socks off emotionally and another that left her laughing long after the story as done.


The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers

I won The Story Guy on Twitter and the premise intrigued me. A man puts an add on an online site regarding kissing on Wednesdays. Nothing else, no relationship, just kissing. A woman kind of fed up with her love life responds to the ad and thus begins a story that gripped my heart and would not let go. There were so many layers to this story.

If you know anything about me, you know I detest first person POV. Well this is entirely told from the heroines POV and while I didn’t like that, it worked for the story that was told. I highly encourage everyone to read this book for a powerful look at life that isn’t always glossy, but a kiss can make someone’s day.

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Sexcapades by Christine d'Abo

Sexcapades was a delightfully funny story with a little suspense thrown in for good measure.

The hero and heroine are dueling bloggers on sex. They constantly pick at each other online and don’t realize who each other is at first when they meet in public in several locations.

I loved the witty banter between these two. I left me in stitches at times that I just can’t explain.

Not terribly long in length, I think anyone would love this quirky love story of two kinky people falling in love.

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