Beyond the Darkness by Katie Reus #Review

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Beyond the Darkness by Katie Reus #Review
Beyond the Darkness

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Series: #3 Darkness
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Released on March 3, 2015
Pages: 350
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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The two leads, Bran and Keelin, met in the last book. Bran recognizes Keelin is his mate and though attracted, Keelin resists because she wants independence above all things. Her parents smothered her and she doesn’t want to switch one set of prison wardens for another. Bran doesn’t understand her attitude, but bides his time even though his dragon side is impatient for their mate.

Keelin moves to New Orleans and lives with the wolf pack there while working at Bo’s bar that catered to paranormal races. She is content with the friends she is making and her new independence, but then strange things start happening around her and Bran comes to town. She knows what he wants and she plans to resist even if her dragon side wants Bran. Then Bran makes her mad with his over-protectiveness even while she acknowledges that she is glad to have him when she is attacked more than once.

Bran is in New Orleans for Keelin, but he also promised his former boss that he would look into the disappearances of dragons from the local clan. He suspects the arrival of demons that attack Keelin and the disappearances may be related. He wants to keep Keelin safe, but she insists on helping. Then she seems upset when another female dragon shows interest even though she insisted that she didn’t want him, not that he wanted anyone, but Keelin.

Alongside, Bran and Keelin’s story, Bo slowly draws closer to the mysterious female, Nyx, who works for him and seems to have troubles of her own. She doesn’t fit any of the types of races to which he is familiar, but he doesn’t care. She soothes his wilder demon side and he wants her. Nyx is the key to figuring out who is after Keelin, but will the group figure it out soon enough to help Keelin and find the other dragons?

This was exciting, intriguing, passionate and fun as it told the story of Keelin and Bran’s turbulent romance and the secondary romance of Bo and Nyx while figuring out who is after Keelin and why. Keelin’s need to feel some control in her life and Bran’s need to be with her took some sorting, but I was glad that it didn’t descend into that ‘no, I don’t want you, but really I do’ game for very long. I enjoyed the inclusion of familiar characters from the previous story. I love the blend of the paranormal races and most of all that Keelin and Bran are dragons. There was some dragon shifter action, but I’m always game for more. The romance was passionate, but developed at a goodly pace. Probably not one of the heaviest hitting PNR series out there, but still good. I can’t wait to see where things go with Bo and Nyx. They are both mysterious figures and I want to know more about them.

It moved along quickly, but still gave a nice entertaining read. I would recommend the series to Paranormal Romance lovers who like a bit of spicy it the romance and some variety in their paranormal.

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  • Looks like a good series ! It’s funny, I thought I’d already read a book by Katie Reus that I didn’t like, but after checking, it seems I haven’t – maybe a similar cover… Anyway, added this to my list ! That mouth on the cover is tantalizing…

    • I’ve seen others use these guy in suit covers and even have ‘darkness’ in the title so I can see why you’re confused. I said how these covers really don’t do it for the series when I read the first book with a werewolf and vampire. I still don’t get the guys in suits for the cover, but I enjoy the series so I just go with it. haha!

      • Guys in suits can be evil ^^

        • Haha! A fair amount of them certainly are. Good one, Iza!

  • I want to try her RS series. The covers for this series do not scream PNR. I will have to try this series too. As I love wolf and Dragon shifters.

    • I read her RS series too and I actually love it more than this one. Yeah, I’ve been shaking my head over the covers since book one. Somehow, I’m missing the connection between the guys in suits and werewolves, vamps, demons and dragons. 😉

      • Sweet I will start with her RS series then. Love the covers and blurb for those. How a RS should look like. I actualy will be posting the last novel as my lusting for covers meme soon. I see the this cover and the first and think CR. The second cover is better and can see using it a PNR. Tattoos shirtless sexy.

  • Love dragon shifters, cant stand the back and forth though of love games. I wouldnt have ever guessed this was PNR, I figured it was a thriller or something.

    • Me too! Dragons! And yeah, I don’t like it when the characters play games in the romance.

      Oh and yeah, the cover choices for this series leave me scratching my head.

      • I always wondered what runs through someones head when choosing the covers. Like what are they going for, ya know?

        • No idea! Nobody actually wears suits or dress shirts in the books or are businessman types so I haven’t figured out the tie-in even after three books in this one.

  • Lindy Gomez

    I love a good shifter story. Have you read any books by Shelly Laurenston? I love her shifter stories! The push-pull between Bran and Keelin sounds interesting! I can tell from your review that they must have some very steamy chemistry! Plus the danger lurking with dragons disappearing sounds like it added to the suspense of the story! Awesome Review Sophia 🙂

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    • #ReaderGirlShameMoment I have not read Shelly Laurenston yet and really I have no excuse b/c I know that I will like them after reading so many positive reviews on them by folks with similar tastes.

      Oh these were a pair. 😉 I enjoyed their story. The suspense element is a good one. Each of the stories has one to go with the romance.

  • I need to give more of hers a try. I’ve only read in her rom-suspense series so far. Sounds pretty good. Hope the next two characters turn out to be a good time. I love when they’ve got a little mystery to them that gets you curious 😀

    • I love her rom-suspense too. I like it better than this series, but I do like this series. The next set of characters have been really interesting through the series so far so I can’t wait to get their story.

  • The fact that this story takes place in New Orleans is enough to make me want to read this book. Plus I’m glad that this romance wasn’t one of those insta-loves. 😉

  • I just love paranormal romance and this is a author I have been meaning to try…so after reading your thoughts on this one, I just have to try this author out now. Going to bump the first book up my list.

    • I loved her romantic suspense series so decided to try this series and had a good time. The first one is a were/vamp romance, but the next two have dragons in them. I love how she brings together all the paranormal races.

  • Demons, Dragons and Wolves…oh my! lol I love paranormal romance and this so many different creatures in it. Sounds like a fun read.

    • These do have a bit of everything paranormal and they’re pretty fun. I think the next one even has a demi-god in the mix.

  • This sound like a fun dragon shifter series and I like how there are also some other paranormal creatures thrown in and the second storyline and romance sounds like a nice change of pace while still fititng into the main story as well. I am glad the romance is done well and the female doesn’t keep saying no too long as that trope can annoy me sometimes. Great review!

    • It is a fun series. The first book had a vampire and a werewolf romance, then a werewolf and dragon in book two and now this one two dragons. The next one is a half-demon and a demigod. There’s a bit of mystery and some trouble in the romances, but as you say, they don’t carry things on too long.

  • Love the NOLA setting and think I would enjoy these paranormal romantic suspense,

    • The focus is mainly on the conflicts, but the setting is there. I like the blend too, Kimberly.

  • I don’t read much PR, but this sounds HOT!

    • I love it, but I want a strong story or creative paranormal mythology so I was happy to trip over this series, Sabrina.