Blindsided by Shirl Anders #Review

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Blindsided by Shirl Anders #Review

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Series: Just A Couple of Ex’s #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on July 15, 2013
Pages: 129
Format: eBook
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I saw the blurb and was curious because I have never read a scenario like this before- a romance that develops when two people find their respective spouses are cheating on them with each other and then they fall in love. Naturally, this was not a sunshine and daisies romance story, but it was touching, bittersweet and sensual.

The story opens when Liv is out on an errand for her business and notices her husband’s car parked near a business at which he would never shop. He’s supposed to be out of town on business so she is curious enough to see what he’s doing in case he broke down or something. Only the answer hits with great pain when she and Axel, the owner of the business, discover that their respective spouses are conducting an affair on them. She doesn’t want to believe it, but seeing her husband lay out Axel’s wife on the hood of his car and do what they did are too much to ignore.

Axel watches his wife welcome the attentions of Liv’s husband and the anger and pain are only held in check when he witnesses Liv’s pain. As much as he would like to cut loose on the two cheaters, he chooses to stay with Liv and they begin making plans. Together. What should have been devastating still hurts, but not completely because Axel and Liv find consolation and hope for something good when they get through this awful situation.

This one wasn’t very long and it was pretty focused on the situation of going from discovery to done on a cheating spouse situation. For the most part, I was into the story. I liked both the main characters and loved to hate on the cheaters.  This is an interracial pairing, but that doesn’t factor in other than their descriptions. Focus stays on the situation.

Little niggle was a word choice, ‘whined’, when the author had Liv or Axel display emotion in their voices. It has a negative vibe to me.. Now the cheaters, they could whine.

I was a little worried that because of the situation the romance would have an angry sex or rebound romance feel, but it didn’t. Not that the two weren’t tempted and it was part of the tension between them to resist that temptation. But in the end, they were two people who found common ground, a friendship, and a budding relationship in the middle of some ugliness.

The epilogue was a nice touch. It wrapped things up in a good way leaving no doubt what was on the horizon for Liv and Axel. My vengeful, bloodthirsty nature wanted dark, ugly things for their exes, but the author kept that all real. I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the fact that Liv and Axel are deliriously happy and the other two aren’t.

Oh, and apparently I waited too long to read this one because I got it at Amazon a few years back (yeah, yeah, we call my Kindle ‘the graveyard of books’ hear around the house) and now it is no longer available. I checked all the sellers I could think of and its just not there. So I guess its one of those things where you’ll have to pester the author if you have an interest in reading it.

UPDATE: We found a link for it in ebook format on Amazon!

To wrap it up, this curiosity read ended up being engaging even if the cause for the romance was an affair that broke their marriages. I would definitely recommend this one to Contemporary Romance fans who want a fast, slightly spicy read.

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  • Hmm, I hate cheating but at least these two people were able to make it out of that toxic situation and find something positive! Great review hun:D

    • That is exactly why I was curious about this story. I wanted to see a romance after they caught their spouses cheating.

    • That is exactly why I was curious about this story. I wanted to see a romance after they caught their spouses cheating.

  • I think I’ve seen a few books around with this trope, but haven’t read any of them myself. Although I have read quite some were one of the main character has a cheating spouse. It seems nice that at least they have each other to get throguh that hard situation. I am happy to hear their romance was done well even with the situation they are in. I like it when epilogues wrap things up nicely. Great review!

    • I was very curious and not sure I would like it, but it took things slow and kept the focus on the right stuff. Yes, the epilogue was a nice touch so I could see how things finished up.

  • occasionally you see this trope around, most I have only read it in historical’s actually. But this does sound like a wonderful read though, really emotional so I will have to go check it out.

    • I’ll need to pay attention for it in the historicals. This was my first time with this one. It did make for emotional reading, but I was just happy that they had each other for support through such tough times.

  • Lindy Gomez

    I like that the two characters that we cheated on find friendship, and a sexy romantic love together. I’m like you, I would want the cheating ex’s to get their comeuppance. However, if they end up miserable than that’s getting exactly what they deserve. I wonder why the author would describe the character’s that you’re suppose to like as ‘whining?” That is an annoying trait! Great review Sophia 🙂

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    • I can’t imagine a worse feeling than finding out the person you love is cheating so I liked the idea that they had each other through this. And yes, I was angry that the cheaters got all the usual split of stuff in the divorce and no real repercussions though Axel and his Marine friends did something to her husband that had me cheering them on.

      If they got emotional, she said they talked with a whine in their voice and to me getting whiny is bad.

  • I love the idea that that found each other while discovering their cheating spouses and were able to garner a relationship out of it…that is a rare story to see. I haven’t come across it yet. Great review Sophia, I added it to my wishlist.

    • It was new to me, too. I liked it. Glad I could point you toward it. Oh, and I think she lists it under S. Anders now and not Shirl Anders which was why I couldn’t find it at first.