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Welcome A.L. Goulden as she discuss
Chasing The Jams With Chasing Swells
with their book Chasing Swells.

Take it away A.L. Goulden!

Recline that lounge chair, turn up this soundtrack, and flip open Chasing Swells. You don’t have to surf, or even live near the ocean to enjoy the sandy, passionate escape inside these pages. Maybe it’s the filmmaker in me, but my soundtrack for each book is almost as important as the words. It sets the tone and pace of so many scenes as I write. I start compiling songs from the very beginning and add throughout the process. That usually means the list gets really long. It’s always tough to choose the top 16-20 tunes, but building a final soundtrack is part of my final process. This playlist will always take me back to these pages. And I hope it’s the same for you. As with all my books, I put together a Soundtrack through DragonTape, but you can find the full song rotation on Spotify.

DragonTape – Chasing Swells Soundtrack!/5155672723292160

Spotify Link (for full Chasing Swells playlist)

Chasing Swells Soundtrack (DragonTape Song List)

Inspiration is in the melody and lyrics. Dean is mellow most of the time. He’s in sync with the rolling tides and laid-back lifestyle of island life. But his career also throws him into intense moments of split-second decisions in competition as well as the constant spinning wheels of traveling the globe. Black_Flies_Teaser-01

  1. “Black Flies (Nixon ReMix) – Ben Howard (video of Kelly Slater winning his 11th World Title)

The perfect representation of the glory and building intensity in Dean’s pursuit of the World Title.

  1. “Follow The Sun” – Xavier Rudd

The song that reflects the peaceful simplicity of an island life. 


  1. “You And Your Heart” – Jack Johnson

Dean travels the world with a crew of characters who add support to his competition efforts. Aside from his coach and personal trainer, his cousin and best friend are always by his side, sounding off and cheering him on. Jack Johnson is “da kine”, the ultimate fun in the sun artist who adds the playful sound that represents Dean when he’s with his crew. 

  1. “Sail” – AWOL Nation

This song is just a must when it comes to the pace of actually surfing a wave.

  1.  “Mr. Mellow” – Anuhea

Azure has her own rhythm that is 100% real. She’s not like the beach bunnies Dean’s used to, yet she slides into the mode with easy… and a catchy beat.

  1.  “Cruel Summer” –

Okay, I know this is totally a Blue Crush moment and there are no female surfers focused upon in this book… but who cares. It’s a great jam that sets up a competition on a surfboard, and during a cold winter, it brings the summer vibe.

  1.  “Drive Desperate” – Cold War Kids

This was mentioned in the book as one of the songs Dean listens to when he’s psyching himself up for competition.

  1. “Waves” – Young the Giant

This song makes me think of the confusion and excuses Dean and Azure both encounter as they’re trying to sort out their missed connections.

  1.  “Pumped Up Kicks” – Foster The People

The summer song that was always on when I came up with this book. It’s become sentimental, despite the lyrics.


  1. “Face The Sun” – Miguel

This is THE song. Once you read the book, you’ll understand.

  1.  “Paper Aeroplane” – Angus & Julia Stone

I can honestly say that I listened to more Angus Stone and Boy & Bear during this book than anything. It was impossible to cherry pick from their albums. This one has a sadness that reflects the longing and loneliness in both Dean and Azure’s life. 

  1. “Waves” (Tame Impala Remix) – Miguel

Another Miguel because his music is sexy hot and the subject is perfect. This is one of the many remixes, but I listened to the original song as much as this version

  1. “Wade In Your Water” – Common Kings

I love, love Island Reggae, which is reggae produced in Hawaii. It’s more mellow than Jamaican reggae and occasionally has ukulele.  

  1. “Jammin” – Bob Marley

Because no day, in my opinion, is complete without at least one Bob Marley song.

  1.  “Love Song” – 311

This was mentioned in the book as 

  1.  “Oceans” (Live) -Pearl Jam

This throw back is the ultimate surfer song. It swoons you into the currents and makes you want to bob on a surfboard watching the sunset next to Dean.A Moment's Grace-01

  1. “A Moments Grace” – Boy and Bear

This song was playing in the background when I wrote the first love scene at Dean’s Santa Barbara home.

  1. “Big Jet Plane” – Angus and Julia Stone

Since travel is a way of life for both characters, this song is so fitting.

  1.  “Black Water” – Of Monsters and Men Lyrics

This one makes me think of the dark, scary moments in the book. That’s all I’m going to say… no spoilers.

  1. “Waves That Rolled You Under” (backstroke remix) – Young Summer

I listened to her original version of this song a lot too. Young Summer is awesome. This song is about letting go and letting someone in once you understand what “waves” hold them down. I loved that Dean and Azure discover the darkness underneath, but continue to paddle into the deeper waters. Sharks and all.

YouTube share link –

About the Book

HERO_Chasing_Swells_Cover_705x1125When he won his first World Title at eighteen, they said he’d be the greatest professional surfer to ever compete. Fourteen years later, Dean “DeBaz” Bazner is inching towards retirement having never clinched another Title. This year he’s pushing limits to prove his beginning wasn’t a fluke, and it’s working. Until she comes along.

You don’t have to know anything about surfing for it to change your life. Travel writer, Azure Thomas, can attest to that. She was navigating the changing world of freelance journalism when she took this gig. She wasn’t prepared for a man that connects to her profound loss and sacrifices everything, except his soul, to live his dream. He’s more than a hot magazine cover, and surfing is more than a hobby. The dangerous diversion, in and out of the water, forces Dean to accept there’s more missing from his life than another trophy.

Amongst tropical breezes, in the most beautiful locations on earth, CHASING SWELLS is an absorbing journey about riding the waves of life, overcoming childhood loss, and letting go of the mistakes that barricade us from our potential.

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About A.L. Goulden

A.L. Goulden has a BA in Production Design for Film and Television, and is currently the Art Director on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder. Nearly eighteen years of storytelling through design has spun a unique perspective on life, love, and the pursuit of painting vivid characters and their surroundings with words. In 2014-15 she self-published an erotic trilogy, AUGUST FOG, DECEMBER RAIN, and APRIL SNOW, that approached the tricky subject of infidelity so realistically, sobbing readers asked if it were based on a true story.

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Sophia Rose

Sun and Surf. Definitely shouts summer to me. Amazing music line up. 🙂 And Marley and Pearl Jam are the only ones I recognize so I’ll have to check out the rest of the play list.

A.L. Goulden
A.L. Goulden

Definitely worth checking out. Many of the artist are lesser known, but the surfing sub-culture has a definite sound that makes me want to be on an island, lounging. I hope you enjoy the book and the playlists!

Mary Kirkland

I grew up in Redondo Beach, Ca. As a kid the weekends were filled with sun and surf and it’s a lot of fun to watch other surfing. Great list of music right there.

A.L. Goulden
A.L. Goulden

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the playlist link.

Annie Marie Riquelme
Annie Marie Riquelme

i love country music


I am not really a musical person and don’t listen to music often, but I do get how music can remind you of other things. There are games I played as a kid and when I hear music from them i still get that nostalgic feeling.
I have heard from multiple authors they listen to music while writing and it sounds interesting how those songs get connected to their book that way. None of these songs sound familiar to me, although I recognize a few band/ singer names, like Bob Marley.

A.L. Goulden
A.L. Goulden

I can understand that. Many of these artists are newer, lesser known on an international scale, but the tunes are very beachy and make me think of summer.


“Jammin'” a song that inspires one to kick back and enjoy the beach life


A.L. Goulden
A.L. Goulden



Smooth is my favorite beach song.

A.L. Goulden
A.L. Goulden

I love that song too!