Conquer the Mist by Susan Kearney #Review

Conquer the Mist by Susan Kearney #Review
Conquer the Mist


Genres: Historical Romance
Released on November 28, 2014
Pages: 242
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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I chose this one because the blurb sounded good, it was set in historic Ireland and it was a new to me author to try. A big plus was that it was right around St. Patrick’s Day for me and I had my traditional Irish-themed read for the day.

So with eagerness, I dove in and…lasted a chapter. This book might contain one of the best written historical settings, plot, and even characters for all I know, but I couldn’t get past the heroine who made Shakespeare’s shrewish Kate seem like a honeylamb. All the advantages of being a princess and she’s just a spoiled brat with a murderous meanstreak.

The book opens with the heroine haranguing her father the king because he hired a Norman knight to train the men and analyze the castle’s defenses. All she has against him is that he’s Norman. He stands there and takes her insults, digs, and attempts to rile him with patience. Then they find out a local village is being pillaged so all- including Her Prissiness- race to stop the brigands. The princess races her horse ahead of the group and the Norman knight tries to get her to be reasonable and wait for reinforcements. Her race into the danger of a huge group of outlaws forces him to charge in behind her and protect her. She gets grabbed with a knife at her throat- surprise- and the knight shoots down her attacker. His thanks? No, there was no thanks. When her father and the other men got there, she accused the knight of trying to kill her and refused to refute the lie so that the knight would be sent away or even killed by her family’s loyal men as she road away dusting her hands of him.

That was it, I was done. That is not a character I want to read any more about.

Maybe the blurb sounds good to you and you want to give it a try. I couldn’t read anymore, but maybe others can and will find things take a twist and make for a good story.

My thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.

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    1. I have no idea. Her people are Irish and she has it in her head that all Normans are in Ireland to conquer everything they see and all of them need to die. Even after he protected her, fought for her and saved her life, she lied to her father and the men hoping they’d kill him. A real piece of work that one. I liked the cover too and I was looking forward to a medieval romance set in Ireland.

        1. I really had to work not to rant since one chapter is definitely not enough to judge by, but it was plenty for me not to want to read more. 😉 Yeah, next time…

  1. She sounds like a characters that would get on my nerves. I have read this author before and enjoyed her work, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t care too much for this one. I do hate it when you hope a book is going to be a good one and you can’t even finish it. Hope your next read is more enjoyable.

    1. Ah, yeah, I couldn’t get past her lying and trying to get the poor man killed after he saved her life. I was very upset so decided to stop. I don’t judge an author by one book especially if it was just one character that bugged me so I would give something else by her a try. Glad to know you read some good ones by her.

    1. Yeah, it was best that I pack it in. I got pretty mad and didn’t think I would get past the stuff she did in this chapter even if she turned her behavior around later on. Like I said, maybe the rest of the book is really good and I missed out, but yeah..too mad at her to keep trying.