Dead Girl Running by Ann Noser #YoungDelight

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Dead Girl Running by Ann Noser #YoungDelight
Dead Girl Running

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Series: #1 The New Order
Genres: YA Dystopian Romance
Published by Curiosity Quills
Released on October 26, 2016
Pages: 225
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

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I first encountered this one through an engaging review posted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reader blog and put it on my list, but then I got the opportunity to snag it up.  I’ve come to enjoy YA Dystopians with government conspiracies, independent characters hunting for the truth, slow build thriller excitement and a dash of character and romance development for good measure.  This book had all that in spades.  I think I only set the book down once and now I am anxious to find out what happens next.

The story opens with young Sylvia Wood working as a mortuary intern to an eccentric man who is her only friend.  She is stable and content, but her widowed mother wants more for her.  Eight years before, Sylvia’s dad died in an industrial fire and Sylvia went to pieces which marked her as unstable so she wasn’t assigned to the botany job she wanted and her friends fell away.

After WWIII, a New World Order government took over and regulated everything and watched over everything so that ordinary citizens have no privacy and no say.  Most people seem to be content and have drank the Kool-Aid because the government cares for all their needs and protects them from all the scary world outside the safety of the cities.  But Sylvia isn’t like most.  She privately observes and questions.  There are things that don’t make sense and unlike many, she has been harassed by her so-called protectors as they tried to shake her down for info on her dad after he died.

Sylvia learns of a foot race from a young guy at her gym and the benefits of participating in the race will allow her extra rations, time outside, and potential advancement and glory.  While her new running buddy is into the advancement and glory part, Sylvia is only interested in doing something to make her mother proud.  Plus, Liam is nice and it gives her contact with his mysterious brooding cousin who warns them that all is not as it seems.  Entering this race might be a huge mistake for a girl who doesn’t want to draw attention from the government ever again.

Alright, so this one was engaging from page one.  I enjoyed the slow introduction to the dystopian world and the colorful deft descriptions of setting and backstory.  The main character is Sylvia and she narrates in first person point of view which kept me right in close to her thoughts and the action.  She’s a great heroine and I enjoyed following along with her story.

The pace is steady and I enjoyed how the author infused a tone that had me as the reader well aware that things are getting more ominous and dangerous by the minute even as Sylvia engages in daily activities and interactions with the people around her.  She has to keep up the facade 24/7 and knows that she is always watched.  She has had to grow up fast after her dad’s death.

The relationships were also a strong element and not just her romance interest.  Refreshingly, Sylvia is no lovestruck girl and the focus of the story was broader than that.  Sylvia interacts with her mom, her friend at work who is probably my favorite character, her new relationships with Liam and finally with his cousin to whom she is drawn, but also is wary of.

The ending brought answers in a stunning finish, but also did the job of opening up more questions for what is to come.  I was left eager to continue on with Sylvia and her quest.

All in all, this was one fantastic read that I can gladly recommend to others who enjoy a blend of thriller and dystopian with their YA and a mild romance.

My thanks to Curiosity Quills for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • This sounds like a great story. Kimberly is always adding to my TBR list. So glad you enjoyed it. I do love a good dystopian.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • Yes, my piles grows every time I visit around the blogs. 😉

      This one kept me interested and that last part…Whew, I was riveted.

  • Shari Delighted Read

    Not my kind of book, but I love your review.

    • No, the first person would be the first hurdle. 😉
      Glad you enjoyed the review..

  • I love dystopias, but I’ve tried to stay away from them for a while because I could never find anything fresh in the ones I was reading. I think I have one coming up next week that I need to review for release. Glad you enjoyed this!

    • We you made that remark I had to chuckle. It’s hard to find ones that don’t have a Hunger Games vibe. I’ll have to check out your review when you put it up.

  • oh this sounds very good. I love a story with good world building.

    • Yes! Somehow the author worked in the tension and atmosphere as she described the world of the story. It was great.

  • *listens to music*

    • Haha! Yes! There was lots of music in this book. They played it in the morgue. Couldn’t resist picking a song from their list.

  • Probably not my type of book but thanks for the review.

    • Yeah, the dystopians are a niche and definitely not a universal like. 🙂

  • Nice song choice! Yup, I initially wanted to read this because of Kim, too, so I glad to see you enjoyed it so much.

    • The song was one that played a role late in the story. She and her co-worker friend were always playing music.

      Haha! Yes, so many tempting books when I do blog visits and discover them.

  • test

  • Oh I love when you get the other relationships like that. Always makes it a little more real to me.

  • I like a good YA dystopia, but I really have to be in the mood for one. I’ve only read one YA dystopia/ post apocalyptic book so far this year. This sounds like an exciting and action packed book. It’s great when you’re so into the book you don’t ant to put it down. The slow set-up and how it’s told from first person point of view sounds like it really fits the story. And I am glad to hear she wasn’t a lovestruck girl and the relationships were a strong element. I love a good romance, but sometimes in dystopia books it can be just a tad weird if it isn’t handled right.

    • I like dystopia, but I can’t do it all the time. I liked how this one was written. The pace and build up was good. I think the barely there romance worked well and made sense. I’m like you and think getting all lovey during a dystopia can get weird. 🙂

  • I haven’t read a good YA dystopia novel in a long time. This one sounds really good. I really like that it isn’t completely focused on romance. I like to see more to a character than that. Great review!

    Carole @ Carole’s Random Life

    • Yes, that was a refreshing bit about it. There wasn’t much romance, but this story didn’t need it. Maybe it will come later which is alright. Right now it wouldn’t fit with all that is going on with this one.