Delighted By The Series – Sons of Broad Novellas by Tara Thomas

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Delighted By The Series – Sons of Broad Novellas by Tara Thomas
Shattered Fear

One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Series: Sons of Broad #.5
Released on February 6, 2018
Pages: 86
Format: eARC
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A tantalizing series of prequel novellas set the tone for the Sons of Broad series and whet the reader’s appetite beginning with this first installment, Shattered Fear

Undercover cop, Janie, is trying to catch a serial kidnapper who preys on unattached women working a certain bar.  She encounters sexy Brent Taylor and doesn’t know whether to lose herself in his kisses or cuff him as chief suspect.

I enjoyed the set up.  The suspense is strong where even the clever, unknown villain gets some narration time with Janie.  She’s a determined cop, but she is distracted- more than distracted- by sexy Brent who may or may not be more than he seems (not sure a cop of her supposed caliber would let herself get into this sort of trouble, but I’ll go with it, for now).  She’s up against a lot once she starts to fall for Brent, but women are being taken and never seen again so she tries hard to work her case even while being in Brent’s bed is the most amazing experience of her life.  Whew boy that was some great sensual and steamy interludes, too.

The villain ups the stakes and this segment of the prequel series ends on an ominous note of murder, attempted murder, plans for a new kidnapping victim and Janie right in the crosshairs.

I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Delighted By The Series – Sons of Broad Novellas by Tara Thomas
Hidden Fate

One StarOne StarHalf a Star

Series: Sons of Broad #.6
Released on February 13, 2018
Pages: 57
Format: eBook

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Hidden Fate picks up right where Shattered Fear leaves off with its cliffhanger surprise.

It follows, now couple, Janie and Brent, as they try to keep Janie safe from the person trying to drive up her fear with his chilling gifts and make a grab for her at the bidding of the shadowy man known as The Gentleman.

While the first novella caught my attention and drew me into the plot and the characters (though yes, I had reservations about how Janie was conducting herself as a police officer- they just wouldn’t do what she was easily and quickly doing when it came to Brent and her case), this installment took a nose dive for me.  I was still into it because I was very intrigued by the kidnapper- had my suspicions of who this was, but even more so by the villain in the shadows behind him, but the romance and the side of the suspense from Janie and Brent’s actions was disappointing.

I gave Brent and Janie a pass on the instalove in the first installment because it felt more like beginning attraction and lust and made no overt claims to more.  This one?  Known each other for two weeks and the pair of them are talking moving in together, moving to a new city together and starting a life, and inner thoughts and actions are like a deeply in love and committed pair.  Brent, especially has the ‘she’s the one and we will be together always’ behavior then Janie gives his proposals all of one or two days’ thought while she’s on the run from a creepy person and chides herself for why she has to think so hard about riding off into the sunset with Brent.  I had whiplash from how quickly this all came together.

And, beyond the lightning fast romance, the way Janie handled the stalker/kidnapper was just all wrong for a police officer.  Shoot, Brent acted more intelligent and competent about what she was facing.  She goes around ‘I am a police officer hear me roar’ and then falls to pieces at the sight of a bundle of flowers.  Her best friend is tough and thinks more like a cop, but Janie thinks like an emotional, needy victim.  And that decision in the end to keep going out in public at a picnic in the park where the potential stalker suspect will likely be and all but waving a red flag to her stalker (and not because she was deliberately trying to be bait)?  Going off alone?  Getting mad at Brent because he tries to talk sense into her to stay home until the stalker can be caught?  And so guess what was the cliffie for this installment?

I’ll keep going just to see if I’m right about the stalker-kidnapper and maybe learn more about the Gentleman and get more of Alyssa and Brent’s sister, Bea- just who is she hiding from her brother?  But, the rest with Janie and Brent had me muttering badly.

Delighted By The Series – Sons of Broad Novellas by Tara Thomas
Twisted End

One StarOne StarOne Star

Series: Sons of Broad #.7
Released on February 20, 2018
Pages: 75

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We come down to it.  Things have now come to a head and the danger is intense.  This final novella has the face down it was building toward.  It was fast-paced and exciting.  I will deliver no spoilers for the first two novellas, but I am happy to say that my suspicions about the stalker were right.

Janie and Brent both got tough for this one and I liked seeing that.  Alyssa still remains my favorite character and I can’t wait to see more of them.

Yes, that is a broad hint that I will be continuing forward into the main books of the series.  This series of prequels did their job leaving me curious to about Bea and Alyssa’s further story and most of all, I need more villain The Gentleman.

I’m counting on the fact that the rest of the series are novel-length so development will be stronger and characters and relationships deeper developed.  I suppose one could leap into the main part of the series without these three prequel novellas, but I for one enjoy all the background I can get.

My thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • RO

    This author is really getting around, but I think the first I heard of her was as Tara Sue Me over at Ann’a site a little while ago. I have a hard time with novellas, because they don’t seem to be as developed, so I’m not sure I would grab these Super Sophia. As always, love your reviews! Hugs…RO

    • I’ve read some that are pretty good, but yeah, there are many that need some more pages to give some development time. These… would be those kind.

      Have a great day, Radiant Ro! 🙂

  • Haven’t heard of this series, but definitely sounds worth checking out! I’m intrigued by the villain, and I like the sounds of the Charleston setting! Lovely review, Sophia Rose!

    • Thanks, Cyn! Always happy to bring attention to books people might enjoy. Yes, a great villain and Charleston sounds like a town with some variety and uniqueness.

  • Debbie Haupt

    Wow from 2.5 to 4 hearts that quite a range Sophia Rose. I didn’t know there were prequel novellas for her Sons of Broad series, I have books 1 & 2 on my pile so this does interest me. Thanks

    • Yeah! I was a bit all over the place with my liking of these. The first one was a ‘give the benefit of the doubt’ and then the second one was ‘well, I guess that answers my questions’. LOL I think you could get by without these, but a few times in books one and two I did feel like stuff made more sense or a connection because I’d read these.

      • Debbie Haupt

        I don’t remember – how did you like books one and two?

        • I didn’t care for book one, Darkest Night, development again, but I liked book two, Deadly Secret, better. My review for Deadly Secret isn’t up yet. I think its scheduled for first week of April.

  • Those sound good. I haven’t read the series or these books but it sounds really good.

    • It’s all brand new and I think the series premise is strong and she writes a great villain. 🙂

  • Hmmm I was all intrigued when it said Tara Sue Me, but I don’t think I’d enjoy 🙁

    • I’ve seen great reviews on the Tara Sue Me books and how wonderful the characters and the story are, but this series is just a mixed bag for me.

  • I haven’t seen this series. I was wowed with the 2.5 to 4 range. I guess you would want to read them in order to know what’s going on. Sounds like a good series sorry one of them wasn’t a good read for you. I have had that happen to me also. Thanks for sharing these!

    • There is a brilliant premise underlying the stories and I felt a superb revulsion and admiration for how the villain is written, but the romance characters were just flat and hurried for my taste. It left me with up and down moments just as you’ve experienced.

  • I was offered these novellas but passed due to time issues. I am okay with that decision after reading your review. The full length book in the series may be worth a look though.

    • LOL, yeah! I’ve had to make decisions like that and sometimes, later, the regrets are gone. The series can be jumped into without these. There are a few moments when characters or a prior situation is mentions in the novels, but its done in such a way that you don’t feel like you completely missed something.

  • I don’t feel so bad about skipping this now. I do enjoy her Tara Sue Me ones, though. I’ll be curious to see what you think on a full length in the series. (and man it irks me they didn’t just put these all together in one lol) Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hmm, what to say… I don’t want to discourage you from reading the first novel, Darkest Night, since you love her others, but I will say that it wasn’t a vast improvement. Seriously needed more development across the board and I kept getting struck by how people in those situations wouldn’t have made those choices. Book two was a little better with the development and the plot tightening up.

      • Oh erg. 3 novellas/shorts and 2 full lengths before getting better development. I just… I think maybe no unless I get everything else done. It is curious since her erotic ones have been so good overall.

        • That’s a good plan and see what others are saying, too. But hey, it might just be me so if you’re feeling it, go for it. 🙂

          • I’ve seen mixed on them so far from multiple places. Hopefully she’ll settle in since this is a new genre for her.

            • Yes, I think she might just. It’s actually happening within this very series. I’ve read through book two. If this book had been like book one I would have stopped reading, but I noted differences in the development and the plot is tighter. I’m definitely going for book three.