DNF Review: Elsker by S.T. Bende

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DNF Review: Elsker by S.T. Bende


Series: Elsker Saga
Genres: New Adult Romance, Urban Fantasy
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on May 16, 2014
Pages: 305
Format: eBook
Source: Free Book

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This was one of my To Be or Not to Be…Read winners.  And, by the way, I’m so grateful you all are helping me get through my huginormous pile of books so no worries that this one didn’t exactly grab me.

I was all pumped to like this one since I love books that mash up modern with mythology.
This time a small town, naive girl who has visions is matched up with a real Norse god when she goes to Wales as an exchange student.  Kristia trips all over herself and is enthralled.  She’s the plane Jane and awkward duckling of her flatmates and other girls and yet she catches the eye of the hot and perfect Ull the instant they meet.
I’ve seen this set up before in so many other books that my excitement dimmed- I will take this on me as being tired from the trope rather than the author’s writing- so I read on further.
It  continued to read like Young Adult and not in a good way (too sweet, naive, with huge emotional swings and a string of stilted encounters of classes and dates that are meant to show a romantic relationship build, but never got there for me) rather than perhaps a more raw, authentic New Adult set up.  The characters were immature and then the story ‘s pacing slowed way up and the plot was lost under- well little nothings- it seemed like.
I still think this one has great potential and I loved the overall world that the author created with the Norse gods involved and Ragnorok on the horizon.  I didn’t hate the characters, but I couldn’t get into the characters or their romance so… I’ll call it quits on this one and will move on.

Incidentally, its a freebie at Amazon if you wish to try it.  Many others have loved it so it might tickle your fancy.

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  • RO

    Even though you weren’t able to finish this, you give some really good reasons of why it didn’t work, and I love that. Your review also gives some feedback too. These days, I literally can’t get past more than 2 chapters if the pacing is slow, the dialogue doesn’t work, or I can’t connect immediately with the characters, so this sounds like it wouldn’t be a good fit. Great review! Happy Saturday and Hugs…RO

    • Yes, it was definitely one that didn’t grab me and I just didn’t feel the push to keep trying. I’m doing better about that. Thanks for appreciating what I said. I do try to explain why I need to put a book aside so others can make an informed decision for if it will work for them even if I didn’t care for it.

      Merry Christmas, Ro! 🙂

  • it’s complicated when you can’t connect with the characters or the romance so I get you for that

    • It sure is. I need to be right there in the moment when it’s a romance, but I felt like I was watching from a distance and kept getting distracted. 🙂

  • Thanks, Geybie. It was one I wanted to love, but just couldn’t. 🙂 Oh well.

  • Too bad this one didn’t work for you. I can understand why you decided to put this one aside.

    • Yeah, I was all excited to enjoy some Norse gods and mythology, but it just didn’t get there with the pair of them locked on each other and stumbling through a youthful instalove.

  • That’ too bad. For the record, I didn’t vote for it. lol.

    • LOL, yeah, no grudges are held. At the very least, I moved one more off the pile. 😉

  • Sorry this didn’t work for you. And really they can’t all I guess. I did used to hate a DNF, but now it doesn’t bother me as much as it did. Better than having to struggle through. Good reasons given too.

    • That is where I’m at with DNFs. I don’t feel like slogging through when a book is just not my jazz. 🙂

  • I have this one on my kindle, and I keep putting off reading it… As a Norwegian, I’m a huge fan of Norse lore, and I have read so many mixed reviews of Elsker.
    I’m not sure if this would work for me either, and I think you made the right call on quitting it…

    • Oh, yes, I could see why that would definitely draw you in.

      I’m learning to set aside stories that don’t really grab me.

  • It did sound like it had quite a few bits of potential with the set up but ugh on the immature characters and typical NA-ness.

    • Yeah, I was definitely looking for more depth and a stronger plot and instead it was insipid. Bummer.

  • I have read this one and while I did enjoy it, I can totally understand why you DNF’d it. It did have a lot of typical elements for this type of read. I did feel like it got better the further I read, from what I remember. I am also not sure if I would enjoy it as much if I would read it now as I can’t remember much of the book now and despite enjoying the first book I never continued the series. Too bad this one didn’t work for you. I hope your read after this one was better.

    • I’m glad to know that it got better toward the end. It can be a tough call knowing when to stop or when to keep trying. I think if it had caught my attention at all; I might have kept going, but nothing was really standing out so I let it go.
      Funny, I’ve often wondered how many books would be as good to me/as bad if I read them at a different point in my life. 🙂