DNF Reviews – The uh ohs and oh no’s!

DNF Reviews – The uh ohs and oh no’s!Dear Emma by Katie Heaney

Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance
Published by Grand Central Publishing on March 1, 2016
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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DNF at Chapter 4

I picked this one up because the cover, the title, and the blurb- especially the blurb- caught my attention.  I loved the idea of a college student advice columnist who is fab at giving advice, but then struggles with her own life and this is particularly when the boy she is crushing on isn’t interested and finds a new girl who actually writes to Harriet’s advice column, Dear Emma.  See?  Fun plot, right?

I started out chuckling and enjoying this peek into a college girl’s life.  Harriet is a harmless, sweet, ordinary girl who majors in English Lit, works at the library, and spends every waking moment obsessing over a guy she met through class, did some studying with, had a few laughs and he’s moved on.  Not so with Harriet.  She spends an hour analyzing a few innocuous texts and whether her decision to go with four instead of three exclamation points drove him away or maybe it was because she responded in six minutes instead of a half hour to a message that gave the wrong impression. She cruises Facebook religiously watches other social media, scouts for him on campus and has her supportive roommates doing the same.  Then the moment comes when the new gal sharing her shift has recently become a person of interest because she posted a linked YouTube post on Keith’s Facebook page.  The frenzy and over- analysis goes into overdrive.

Alright, so by this point, I still found it amusing, but in the ‘This girl is driving me insane’ sorta way.  I decided to scope out far ahead and see if I just needed to stick with it and things would change.  I tried at about fifty percent and seventy-five percent- nope, she’s still obsessing and still got me a bit crazy and at the half-way point I don’t think much is different from when I stopped earlier.   And after reading a few pages and seeing her still obsessing and still going loco over a boy she barely knew other than a classmate and occasional study buddy who never gave her real encouragement that he wanted more during the off and on time span of two weeks, I just couldn’t make myself read more.

I can appreciate the cute plot, the quirky recognizable characters that I liked from the beginning and even the humor while acknowledging that it’s really not my thing and was driving me a bit nuts.  It’s a case of ‘it’s me and not you’ because I think many people will adore this one and connect with the college setting and characters and even Harriet’s quirkiness or even with one of her friends.  It has a nostalgic tone to it with its little college every day life activities.  It’s not sensational or emotional, but it’s funny, sweet, and cute.

So even though I’m DNF-ing, I’m still going to suggest that others might want to give it a go if the blurb sounds their thing.

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

This was an impulse read. I saw an ad on FB for it and it was on Kindle Unlimited. I made it maybe 15% in before I chucked it to the door.

The heroine is egotistical, but needs money to take care of her baby girl. Total bitch. She’s too good for most jobs, but feeding her daughter and a roof seem to be too much for her to put up with crappy jobs for. Go figure.

The hero is a billionaire and is losing his sight. He needs and escort. His attitude isn’t much better. He throws money at her and expects all of his wishes to be obeyed.

After putting up with the heroine for 15% of the book, I was done. I didn’t like her or the hero and felt there was no way to redeems this story.

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  • Sorry these two didn’t work out for you. I don’t think they would’ve worked for me either. I hope you have better luck with your next book.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • Yeah, them’s the breaks. 😉 Onward to the next book.

  • The plot of Dear Emma sounds so fun, that would’ve gotten my attention as well. And while being a bit obsessed can be normal for teenagers, it sounds like it goes a bit too far in this book, especially when she spends so much time obsessing about that boy. It does sound like a cute read overall, but I don’t think I would enjoy it either.

    And Closer sounds like one of those books where you don’t like their character and can’t enjoy the story due to that. No one likes doing crappy jobs, but sometimes you just don’t have a choice.

    I am sorry to hear these books didn’t work for you! I hope your next reads are better!

    • Thanks, Lola!

      I did hope to enjoy Dear Emma because it sounded fun, but the obsessing drove me crazy. I couldn’t relate for one thing, but then it was the whole point of the story for over a hundred pages. Whew! 😉

  • When I do not like a hero or heroine it is soooooo hard to read on

    • Yeah, tough slog through the book when that happens.

  • It happens, we aren’t going to always like the books we start to read.

    • So true! I’m glad my DNF’s are a really small percentage of the books I do end up loving.

  • That stinks. Sucks when you just aren’t on board with a lead character.

    • Yeah. Sometimes you can keep going b/c the rest of the book can carry it, but sometimes…not.