Dragon Consultant by Mell Eight #AfternoonDelight

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Dragon Consultant by Mell Eight #AfternoonDelight
Dragon Consultant

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Oh the cuteness! This story was adorable from the moment I caught sight of the cover to the last page of the epilogue. Eight is Enough Paranormal Style! Had to have it. Oh don’t misunderstand, there is an exciting plot and a smoldering romance, but the baby dragon kits bumbling and tumbling their way through things gave it a light top layer.

This was the first book in a new series. It had an urban fantasy feel to it the way Dane’s paranormal consultant jobs and the ongoing issue of the missing dragons played out, plus there is room for more development in Dane and Mercury’s love life.

The story opens with supernatural consultant, Dane, getting a terse call from the government’s Federal Bureau of Supernatural Affairs about a dragon problem keeping all the planes grounded. Dane hates working with the arrogant human, but agrees to find out what’s going on with the dragons before the humans get trigger-happy. Dane is already intrigued because dragons are loners and don’t share territories, but there is clearly three separate dragons in the pictures that are emailed to him. Why are the dragons together and even working in tandem at that?

Time to do some sleuthing.

And what Dane uncovers creates an even deeper mystery and an immediate problem. He has several dragon children, an unhatched dragon egg, and a very sick dragon father. Dane drags the lot back to his place and sets up a temporary residence for the group while he figures out what is going on. It doesn’t hurt that the beautiful male bronze dragon is attractive. Unfortunately, Dane has bad luck with his love life. Most get one glimpse of his magical power and run. Mercury sees him wield his power and doesn’t seem to mind, but is that just because the handsome dragon is ill and weak? Not that Dane has much time to investigate that possibility when he’s up to his hips in dragon kits and experimentation labs.

The world-building of this one isn’t deep or complex, but it was fun. Supernaturals are known to humans and every once in a while things get a little ticklish which is where Dane comes in. He runs his own private agency that deals with all sorts of paranormal matters from pixies possibly destroying a rose garden to baby dragons attacking planes flying over their territory. All in a day’s work for Dane. And if he has to bring home a displaced werewolf cub who chews all his wooden furniture? Why not? He’s assisted by his banshee secretary and a helper on retainer who might be a lizard lady when he has to deal with children.

But as capable as Dane is, he’s lonely. His life gets invaded by a ready-made family who destroy his home piece by piece and bring all sorts of trouble after them and he melts into daydreams that Mercury and his kits will stay. The two guys share the narrative and spend a lot of time thinking they are inadequate for the other and anything they try to start up gets interrupted by one of the kits. Eventually, they figure it out. Sweet more than spicy for this first segment of the story.

All in all, this was full of light, laughter, excitement, and fun. I want more. More of Dane and Mercury and definitely more of the dragon kits and Dane’s office help. Those who enjoy sweet M/M Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance should check this out. And that cover? So cute!

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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