Dragon Dilemma by Mell Eight #AfternoonDelight

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Dragon Dilemma by Mell Eight #AfternoonDelight
Dragon Dilemma

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Series: #3 Supernatural Consultant
Genres: M/M Romance, Urban Fantasy
Published by Less Than Three Press
Released on June 1, 2016
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

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It has been a year since Dane, Mercury, and the Dragon kits had any unusual excitement, but that is all about to change.  Houseguests- unexpected and possibly unwanted, but most definitely dangerous- invade their home.  It takes family togetherness to meet the new challenge.

This is the third installment in the Supernatural Consultant series and I get so excited now to see the latest release because I know the fun, excitement, intrigue, and a bit of passion I get with each book.  I wouldn’t recommend taking these out of order as there is a back history and assumption that the reader already knows the ongoing situation.  Besides, these are fantastic, why miss out.

So, Dane and Mercury and the kits are going along the usual lines with family chores, togetherness, household accidents, and fun in the snow, when their peace is broken by an unexpected visit from Dane’s mother.  He has been estranged from her for a long time mostly because she is a controlling, manipulative witch who preferred him under her thumb.  Uh, I did mean that all quite literally.

Mercury and the kits aren’t sure what to think of this.  Dragons aren’t used to having extended family connections like in-laws and grandparents though Mercury is doing his best to change things for his own family of kits.  Dane has never spoken of his mother and Mercury is pretty sure he knows why now.  It’s like armed neutrality in their home though the kits teach dear grandma a lesson about dragons and it is fun to watch.  Mercury gets the opportunity to train another in dragon parenting even as he ponders the dynamics in his relationship with Dane as his partner and lover and as they share parenting.  When the danger threatens, Mercury is more than ready to protect the home and family that mean everything to him.

A group of unexpected visitors arrive that leave Dane, Mercury, and the kits on edge.  Someone has tried to set Dane up and their plotting continues forcing Dane to figure out what is going on quickly.  Is it a rival territory leader?  Is it the scientists who want the dragons?  Or is a whole other player on the scene now?  His family is in danger and the usual calm Dane shows a side that is terrifying to anyone seeking to hurt what is his.

I love how each book focuses on this group as a family.  It is one of the most unique Urban Fantasy series that I have seen.  The world has all sorts of supernaturals, but these stories focus on Dane, a demigod and the dragons who are his family.  There is action, there is intrigue, but there is mostly humor, family life, and the occasional private moment for the guys (if the kits are out of trouble long enough).

Dane and Mercury both work in supernatural policing with Dane’s work being private consulting and Mercury for the governments’ department.  But this one didn’t spotlight their work so much this time until the second half of the story.  The trouble starts out in-house so to speak and eventually leads to trouble from without as well.

The seven dragon kits are growing up and the oldest three are teenagers with the youngest now five.  I like how the author advances the story so it’s another place in the family’s life when the next installment comes out.  This particular installment focuses on the mother in law visit for Mercury, troublesome mother-son relations for Dane, and the kits delight in having a grandma and teaching her how to behave around dragons.  I couldn’t keep back the chuckles when this stern, cold, controlling witch meets her match in the young ones and gains an appreciation for her son by watching him and his partner in action.  Wonder if the father in law will drop in next or maybe Mercury’s side of the family will make things interesting…

It was a fast and fun read.  Can’t wait for the next story.  I just love the warm, light, heartwarming these stories are told.  I would recommend them to M/M Urban Fantasy lovers, but it has to be those who can appreciate something light and full of family, too.

My thanks to Less Than Three Press for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Mary Kirkland

That really does sound like a great series.

Sophia Rose

It is! I smile through the whole thing if laughter doesn’t interfere, but it’s got exciting parts and mystery as well.

Braine TS

I’m surprised to read this is UF! It’s so… Down home

Sophia Rose

I know! It’s like a ten on the cuteness factor, but yet it has all the marks of an UF. Love it!


Alright, I had the first book marked -probably because of you..but after reading this I am totally bumping things up!

Sophia Rose

Tricksy, tricksy me! But yes, I think you’ll get a good chuckle out of these, Kimberly!


I almost wish I had gotten the first book when it was up on netgalley so i could’ve followed this series, although I already have way too many books to read. It sounds like a fun one. When I saw this one on netgalley I was wondering whether you would get it and review it on the blog, guess you did got a copy indeed. Sounds like his mother stirs up some trouble in their household. It sure sounds like an original and fun series with the focus on them as a family and the whole way the dragon topic… Read more »

Sophia Rose

Oh yes! I wish there were ways to get alerts when a favorite series or author pops up on Net Galley. I am on this series like a flash. 😉
I don’t think there are any others like this that are Urban Fantasy with a cuteness factor and heartwarming family scenes. It is lovely to follow the progression through a series, you’re right, Lola!


Where do you find these books? Most of the books you review are new to me.

Sophia Rose

Buahaha! You do it to me, too, lady. 😉 But usually I see them on Net Galley or the author/publisher/promoter finds me. In this case, I like to browse a small publisher on Net Galley, Less Than Three, for their unique LGBTAQ offerings and noticed the cute cover of the first book in this series and had to investigate, saw ‘baby dragons’ in the blurb and I clicked so fast. 😉

Anna@herding cats&burning soup

That is neat that it has the whole family in the UF. Trying to think back I don’t know that I’ve read any UF that involved kids. Huh! (see there? lol)

Sophia Rose

It’s a gamble whether they will distract or not in a story, but this author just tosses the whole ball of kits and guys out there and makes it a family thing. 😉

Yep. LOL