Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning #Review

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Feverborn by Karen Marie Moning #Review

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Series: #8 Fever
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Delacorte Press
Released on January 19, 2016
Pages: 512
Format: Paperback
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After the shocking ending of the last book and the way I felt during most of the book, I picked up this one a tad hesitant, but determined to find out what came next.  This is the eighth book in the Fever series and things are in an interesting place with the world set to literally unravel, the appearance of Jada, the new issue with the Highlanders, and Mac in flux with all that is going on with her.

The story opens with Mac attacked at her store after someone prints a newsflyer with all her secrets in the open about her killing of the Guard officer, her possession of the book, and that she is invisible.  Well she was invisible, but the book decided to reveal her again.  Others are placed in the public’s crosshairs as well when further flyers implicate Jada and the Nine.  Suddenly, Mac encounters her dead sister Alina on the streets of Dublin.  But is it really Alina?  Meanwhile, Christian figures out that the family is not burying his uncle’s remains and goes on the hunt for Ryodan and the truth.  And that truth, whew, does it have huge implications on the future or what?  A motley crew of people come together to figure out how to solve the black holes that are steadily tearing apart their world and consuming everything in their path.  They need the Song of Making that was lost eons in the past.  Are the clues in the black book inside Mac and dare she test it to check.  Ryodan and Barrons think she should.  Mac acquires a new enemy in The Sweeper which the Unseelie King had warned her to fear.  But through it all, she has Barrons at her back and they are as strong together as ever.

Jada is hurt and frustrated by the way most react to her.  She lived five and a half years in the Silvers and yet they act like those years didn’t happen and reject who she is.  It would be logical not to care she decides, but feelings have a way of encroaching no matter how badly she rejects them.  Only Dancer sees her and accepts her.  Ryodan challenges her and both he and Dancer are dangerous to her need for control and logic only.  But she has a job to do- protect her Sidhe Seer sisters, the Abbey, and help stop the danger to the humans.  The Unseelee Prince in her basement grows stronger and has acquired a new ally who is willing to follow his instructions for the promise of future power.  His treacherous work might succeed while the others are occupied with other matters.

Well, well, this one was a refreshing surprise after the last book.  Things are finally back in motion and that includes Mac.  I loved this large cast of characters and pursuing each of their story lines.  There is complexity with plots inside plots.  Things aren’t always what they seem and at other times they are exactly what they seem.  Once again, I was challenged and engaged by the story of this world and the characters.  I wanted to know what was next and how things fit together.  The story started slowly and built momentum as it went until yes, ugh, another cliffie.  This time, I am eager to have at it.

Mac is more herself though also evolving into someone new again.  Mac and Barrons are back to their furious fighting and passion.  Mac is coming to an understanding with Jada/Dani and there are little cracks in the icy Jada facade.  More comes out about how Dani became Jada and a twist about her that may or may not be reality. I liked seeing those peek through the cracks as the author trickles out a bit more about The Nine.  The Sweeper, Alina, and more from Cruces makes things gain in intensity with this one.  It is still building for what is to come and carrying me along with the excitement.

And speaking of excitement.  There are some good action and intrigues going on.  Even what seemed liketoss away elements have meaning.  I really enjoy where the new story arc is taking things.  Ongoing threads are still dangling with nothing resolved, but it was told in such a way that I can be patient about that.

In summation, this was a ‘glad I kept reading’ story as the last one disappointed me.  This one restored interest and all sorts of Fever world elements that I enjoy.  Jada/Dani and Mac share the limelight and I liked that.  I’m back to a can’t wait feeling for the next book and would recommend this one easily though don’t grab it out of order or little will make sense.

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  • I have been debating on whether to start this series. Everyone seems to love it, and you guys have never steered me wrong on UF, so I will see if the first couple are available on Overdrive. It’ll be good to binge read this weekend.

    • Oh oh! Pressure’s on to keep our UF record clean. Haha! If you can get past Mac’s personality and stupid moments then the rest will probably knock your socks off. 🙂 Hope you enjoy them, Lekeisha!

  • I still haven’t made it to this series. I need a vacation just to catch up on all the books I’ve missed out on. lol

    • Oh yes, a book vacation would be the best. 🙂 I need one for a few series, too.

    • Oh yes, a book vacation would be the best. 🙂 I need one for a few series, too.

  • Glad to hear you liked this one. I’ve read several reviews about her books and most are really good and they liked the books they read. I haven’t read her yet but the story sounds good.

    • I think you would like these, Mary. No vampires, but her fae world is dark and dangerous and exciting.

  • I read this series, but stopped and didn’t read Iced. I thought that the previous book was the end of the series and that Iced was more of a spinoff. I would have to do a reread to remember everything that happened in this series. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the next one too. 🙂

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • I had that impression, too, but then Burned went back to Mac’s POV and story line and then this one was a split between Dani/Jada and Mac. I liked this one with the split POV better than the last pair.

  • I read this series, but stopped and didn’t read Iced. I thought that the previous book was the end of the series and that Iced was more of a spinoff. I would have to do a reread to remember everything that happened in this series. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the next one too. 🙂

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  • I’ve been meaning to start this series for so long now! I guess it would be a good time to start now that there are at least 8 to read without much of a wait.

    • This is true. There is more to the series, but at least you’d have 8 to get through before 9 comes out. 🙂 Oh, and it’s tied a little with her Highlanders series so there is another pile of good books to get through.

  • I wasn’t excited when this came out, I didn’t like where the series is going and I felt like I’m already predispositioned to dislike it. Now that it’s settled, I might be objective enough to give this a go. I don’t like “Jada”, but I love Mac.

    • I was a bit on the fence when I started with Iced after the other five closed out that story arc, but then I liked that one, disliked Burned and then liked this one. Haha! Guess the series is a bit of this and that for me.
      Haha, now I’m the opposite. I like Jada, but tolerate Mac.

  • I read these up to Iced and I do have that on my Kindle. I have just read so much bad about Iced and actually this book, although I think this book was tarnished by the narrator getting arrested for touching children. I swore off this author when she backed him up. Since she has now distanced herself from him, I may someday go on with the story. Because Barron’s!

    • Yeah, I found out about all the controversy with her narrator after I read Iced and started Burned b/c I’m not as connected to the audio side of things. Sad news and I can see why it really put folks off.

      It’s funny about which ones you heard bad about. I liked Iced okay and this one even better, but the one in between, Burned, was the one I didn’t like. I just had to be different with my reading tastes. Haha 😉

      No worries, it will be here whenever you want to continue or decide not to if other books are more interesting.

      • I figured you had heard the controversy. I may have made a mistake when I said this one. It probably was Burned that everyone didn’t like.I don’t keep good track of stuff 🙂

        • Haha, no sweat! I get my books turned around in my mind quite often. So many… sigh, and this is what GoodReads is for- copy down my reviews and notes so my poor memory doesn’t have to.

  • Oh it sure sounds like things pick up again in this book, I remember your review of the previous books and how you weren’t too happy with some of the things that happened there, but this one sounds a lot better again. And I like the sound of all those plot twists and things that are happening. It sounds like a lot of exciting plot lines are going on and the ongoing plot lines sound like a good thing instead of getting frustrating. I am still not sure if I will continue the series, but your review of this one does sound very positive, so that makes me happy.

    • Haha, yeah, not sure if I would recommend going on or leaving well enough alone since it’s been a bit of mixed thoughts on these for me. You can take your time and read other stuff and make the decision later. 🙂

      • Yes that’s what I plan to do. I can always continue the series later if I decide I want to, but for now I am in not a hurry to pick them up. And I am glad you’re reading them, so I can read your reviews to know a bit how the later books are 🙂

        • Haha! Yes, I’ll nose them out for you. I like to do that too with series I’m on the fence about or can’t get to right away.

  • Debbie Haupt

    Oh wow I need to get back to this series. Thanks Sophia Rose

    • At first, I was sorry I did keep going, but this book brought back the enjoyment in it for me. Hope you get the chance, Debbie! 🙂

  • I’ve only read the first book, and I keep meaning to read the rest. So glad to see you liked this one! Great review, Sophia!

    • I know that feeling. I have several series in progress right now that I keep meaning to get to. Thanks, Grace!

      • Same here. I only read book one with the intent of going to book two after each release in the series. Good to hear that this one is a good one.

        • I guess it is an epidemic. Haha! We’ll get to those dangling series someday, right?

  • I absolutely love the first 5 books in the series but after Iced I can’t get myself to pick one up again. I am glad that you enjoyed it and hopefully I can feel the urge to continue with the series at some point.

    • Well, out of the last three (Iced, Burned, and Feverborn), Burned was the low point for me so I guess go in with low expectations? Haha!

  • Any romance in this book? I see you gave it four flames. I’ve not read any of the books in this series, or by this author in general! I’m glad this book was great, after the ending of the last one.

    Fabulous review, Sophia!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • This is an UF series so the romance is the darker, gritty slow developing sort over many books, but by book five the couple is established and now there are more than one relationship going on. Yeah, I was so glad that this one was much more appealing for me.

  • Ahhh I’m so far behind in these. I was really hesitant to carry on after the initial ones. I’m glad to hear you had a better time with this one after how the last went. Always exciting to see a series come back for ya like that.

    • Yes, I know several folks decided to stop when it was on a high note and that works. But my curiosity got the better and I kept going. I was frustrated that I did after last book, but this one totally redeemed it for me. 🙂