Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs #Review

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs #Review
Fire Touched

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Series: #9 Mercy Thompson
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Ace
Released on March 8, 2016
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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Anticipation was high when I took up this latest Mercy Thompson story.  The last one left me wrung out after all the intensity and excitement.  I was a little suspicious and surprised with this one because it’s pacing was different and had a more drawn out tension to it.  I was cautious because I was waiting for the inevitable to happen the way Mercy ends up in deep troubles even if she didn’t intentionally put her foot along that path.

As can be surmised, this is part of an ongoing series and needs to be read in order.  I would also recommend that the reader would really enjoy the Thomas and Margaret storyline of this story better if they have read or pick up after the shorter story ‘Faery Gifts’ which I read as part of the Shifting Shadows anthology.

The story opens with Mercy and the pack attempting to adjust to the changes that their battle with the volcano god wrought on them.  Adam is less sanguine about her safety and works not to fuss.  Joel tries to adjust to his new status as part of the pack, but not being werewolf.  The pack adjusts to the way Mercy’s magic changes things for them and several do not like it.  Adam’s ex is still around which makes a few people including Mercy twitchy and Mercy must rebuild her garage after the volcano god decimated it.

But issues with the fae set them off on a new adventure beginning with a troll eating cars on a bridge and a fire touched human boy who was lost Underhill seeking asylum after Mercy with the aid of the Walking Stick stuns the world both human and supernatural when she draws a line in the sand.  What has she done?  Mercy made a momentary decision with lasting repercussions even to her own mating with Adam, but it ripples well beyond and changes everything.  She isn’t the mischievous Coyote’s daughter for nothing.

Alright, as I said, this one was different.  There is excitement and danger and twists and surprises- this is a Mercy story and could have no less.  But that said, it didn’t carry the punch of the last few.  Instead of going full-throttle, it took a different tone and pace.  The book opened up a new story arc with a few game-changing twists.  I like where it’s going.

In the midst of the issues with the fae, there were some satisfying Adam and Mercy time and some good scenes with the pack.  And yes, some Christy drama, but nothing that detracts from the story.  Mercy also gets a reunion with friends, encounters some new interesting characters, and gets to go toe to toe with the dangerous, dark fae Gray Lords.

In summary, this latest installment hit the spot and left that oh-so familiar aching need for more and knowing I must wait.  Fans will love this transitory book and I can’t urge Urban Fantasy lovers on enough to read this series if they haven’t.

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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  • I really enjoyed this one too. I think a lot will be changing for the werewolves in the future. I’m excited to see where it is going to go. Great review.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • Yes, Mercy’s line in the sand and that announcement from Bran. Ugh, hard to wait. Hopefully the new Alpha & Omega will mentions stuff, too.

  • Woohoo! Yay for loving this one. I liked the feel of it even though a spot different. Were you as bummed as I was about the loss of a certain pesky object that follows Mercy around randomly?

    • Yes!!!! I was in denial at first. Surely not…and then, but it was like killing off a character.

      Love how she keeps infusing more life into this series and keeping me wanting the next one.

  • I’ve never read these books, but I have heard AMAZING things about the Mercy Thompson series. I’m so glad you are still loving this series.

    • Oh, I am a little envious to have the chance to start fresh and enjoy them for the first time. 🙂 Hope you get the chance, Quinn!

  • Oh I can’t wait to dive back into this series and your review got me all excited, lols. Love me some Mercy and Adam…why is his ex still around? ;(

    Great review Sophia!

    • Yes, you really must dive back in. Canonball it, in fact!

      Well, she’s got more of a cameo scene in this one. It was fun for those of us who needed a bit of pay backs for her meanness. And Adam, he drew a line in the sand with Christy and his pack in this one. You’ll love it.

      • okay cool! I don’t have that many to catch up on…think I’m like 2 books behind so that ain’t bad. I wouldn’t mind the cameo scenes because I love this dang on series, lols. Thanks Sophia!

        • Oh, no, two is definitely do-able. I’ve got a few series that I’m not far behind.
          Christy is big in the book before this one, but yeah, it settles down and goes on with the good stuff for this book.

  • I’ll be glad to get this far in the series. I like the first 2 books, but I’m hoping that they get more awesome as I read on. Great review!

    • There are definitely some that are big favorites in the series, but it definitely stays strong all the way through. Are you reading the Alpha & Omega series alongside? They are parallel series that work well when read as one.

  • oh great thoughts on this one. I definitely need to read this author, just deciding where to start.

    • Definitely start with Mooncalled, Renee. It really must be read in order. Oh yay, I’ll look forward to getting your thoughts when you get the chance to read these.

  • I do love these

    • Me, too! The highlight of my year when the new one comes out.

  • This series has been on my to-read list for ages, I really should get the first book eventually. So I skimmed your review a bit so I don’t spoil myself too much. It sounds like an exciting series and one that is still going strong even though this one was a bit different. I love a good urban Fantasy series so I think I might enjoy this one.

    • From what I’ve observed from your reviews of books you’ve read, Lola, I really think you might like this series, too. It’s exciting, but the characters develop over the series as does the rich worldbuilding. It will definitely be fun to see what you think when you get the chance to start. Oh, and if you do end up liking it, it’s best to read the Mercy Thompson series with the Alpha & Omega series blended together as one series. 🙂

      • I heard that before how those two series blend together and I think it was Melanie who gave me the link to the author her site with the reading order or the two series. I still have that page bookmarked for when i eventually will start reading them.
        I have the first Alpha and Omega book, but as I didn’t read the novella before it I was really lost and didn’t enjoy it as much. So I definitely plan to go read those two series in order once.

        • I stared with Mooncalled and then read the novella for Alpha & Omega. At first, I greatly preferred the Mercy Thompson series, but in the later books I’ve gotten to where I like the A&O ones almost as much.

  • I really enjoyed this installment and I am glad to see you did as well. What I need now is more Alpha and Omega!!

    • Oh yes! I love A & O, but I’m also hoping for a scene or two to discuss from that end what Mercy set into motion.

  • I have not read a single book by this author! I really want to read more UF in the future – it’s definitely a genre I’ve enjoyed in the past, but I’ve not read many books. Several blogger friends really like this author’s books, so I figure this series is safe. Although, I wish the heat rating was a bit higher. 😉

    Great review, Sophia!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • Definitely one of the best of the UF series out there. I think the heat being on simmer much of the time is a trait of many UF series. This one does everything else so well that you might not miss the spicy heat. 🙂