Forsaken Realms by Katalina Leon #Review #AfternoonDelight

Forsaken Realms by Katalina Leon #Review #AfternoonDelightForsaken Realms by Katalina Leon

Series: #1 Bounty Hunters United
Genres: Sci-Fi Romance
Published by Fated Desires Publishing LLC on January 13, 2015
Pages: 132
Format: eARC
Source: Book Tour Provided
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I was captivated by the blurb and so was eager to read this Sci-Fi Romance about a woman bounty hunter, her quarry that declares he is not what she has been told, and a survival adventure full of intrigue and passion. It’s been a while since I picked up a Sci-Fi Romance and I had never read this author’s work so I was ready for an engaging read and I got it.

The story opens with Bounty Hunter Gemmina Nayar responding to a request for her services from the enigmatic and reclusive wealthy businessman, Jason Naveen. Naveen has captured a man from another race who was trespassing and done despicable things to another planetary race. It seems an easy enough job- a hunt and retrieval. Then she starts to suspect all isn’t what it seems particularly once she meets Naveen and the prisoner, Syan. Too late, things go bad and it is too her prisoner that she must turn for help to survive.

Things get off the ground quickly and continue to move along at a rapid pace, but this makes sense with it being novella-length. The backdrop is established briefly and effectively, the situation, the characters, and the plot do not suffer. I enjoyed the establishment of Syan’s alien-ness and the cultural differences along with the personal issues that Gemmina struggles against. She had a rough life and trust isn’t easy for her. The intrigue portion of the plot was a nice addition too. What is going on and why are ongoing questions through to the final surprising twist. I figured out some, but still enjoyed the whole.

The romance is a cross between slow developing and fated mate. Syan comes from a race that recognizes their life mate on sight, but Gemmina is human and leery so things are slower. They have attraction and there is some heat. Syan is truly heroic and impressive, but I loved how he respected Gemmina’s strengths and good qualities too.

So, in conclusion, this shorter, exciting and engaging story makes me want more from this author and the series. Sci-Fi Romance lovers should try it.

My thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • I would never have guessed this was about a woman bounty hunter from the cover! Love the way this book sounds, thats so cool its a chick in charge and getting down to the knitty gritty. Glad you liked it!:D

    • True! Another tricksy cover. 😉 I thought it was cool about her role too.

      • I’m waiting for one of these covers to show a guy who actually has hair on his chest. Lol

        • You’ll wait a while then. Its a rarity these days. I confess I like some hair too.

          • My dad always tells me to never trust a man who shaves his chest. lol. Great fatherly advice, right?

            • LOL! I’ve gotten some pretty stellar advice from my dad, too. But that is definitely some fun advice.

              • That’s the only advice he’s ever given me about guys, never got dating advice But my favorite is “Your face looks better without the makeup cause its less smudgy”.

                • I got lots of advice when I was dating a guy all wrong for me and then more when I was dating the guy he wanted me to date which incidentally worked well b/c I wanted to date him, too. As to make-up, I got the ol’ chestnut, ‘if the barn door needs painting, paint it.’

  • I kinda like the whole fated mate story lines that I’ve been seeing in books lately. Thanks for the great review.

    • This one was good. It was there, but still allowed for romance development.

  • I have read a few sci-fi romances and I think it’s a fun combination of genres and the female bounty hunter plot also would’ve gotten my attention. Although I agree with Lanie, that the cover doesn’t really scream female bounty hunter. I like it that the love interest is actually an alien and it sounds like the author handled that well. Great review!

    • Yes, to all that, Lola! It was a quick one, but it had some good strong elements.

  • Slow developing & fated mate. I like that. Usually it’s fast and the furious because they’re fated aka insta love.

    P.S. Sorry I’ve been MIA, I had technical difficulties

    • Ah, I saw that post. You have been through a time of it. Yes, I thought the slow develop was a big plus, too.

  • I can get with the fast past because of the novella length and I don’t mind that at all. I really need to pick up a sci-fi romance soon…great review Sophia!

    I may have to try this one out 😀

    • Yes, that’s exactly me, too. It was a long time since I grabbed a sci-fi so I was glad this one worked for me.

  • Lindy Gomez

    That’s great how the story was fast-paced and didn’t suffer despite its being a novella. I enjoy a good sci-fi romance filled with intrigue and twists. The whole fated mate and unique alien culture aspects of the story sound fascinating 🙂 Great Review Sophia!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    • Oh yes, the mate thing and alien culture was a huge hit.

  • oh I am So adding this one to my list…it sounds superb!! I just love sci fi romance and I have been meaning to get back to that sub genre. And I don’t know if this sounds odd…but I love the “fated mate” trope. it always makes for a good love story.

    • Hey, glad I could I could point you to a sci-fi rom option. And no way is fated mate odd. I like it too just so long as the rest of the story develops.

  • I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, Sophia! That’s interesting having the combo of fated mates but slower going since she’s human too.

    PS–thanks for featuring Katalina and giving her a try!

    • I’m glad I gave her a try, too. I would definitely grab her next in this series. I thought that combo was interesting too b/c usually you don’t get them both together.

  • I jumped on your review because I’ve just read Portrait of a lone wolf by this author and I’m thrilled to see her other series are good as well !!! 🙂

    • Oh yes, I felt the same way when I read your review. Looks like a new author to stalk!

  • Love the sound of the hero.

    • He was really great. He was totally alien and had his mission to stop the villain, but he was so good with the heroine, too, and didn’t run rough-shod over her just b/c he had the fated mate thing going.