The Great Pick Up Line with Code Name: Nina’s Choice by Natasza Waters #TGPUL #Giveaway

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The Great Pick Up Line featuring
Code Name: Nina’s Choice by Natasza Waters

A scene between Nina and the hard to resist Navy SEAL Petty Officer Mace Callahan.

A sexy smile tightened his jaw. The moonlight caught the craving in his half-lidded eyes and told her she wouldn’t be disappointed. His fingers drifted beneath her shirt with a slow, sensual crawl and she wanted to rip it off, but his warm hand engulfed hers, thwarting her impatience.

Eyes too beautiful to be legal, dazed her. “Slowly, baby. I want to remember our first time. All of it.”

She wasn’t known for her patience, and his seductive order just rammed her pistons into carnal overdrive. “I want you to take me now, hotshot.” She leaned over him, speaking her words against his lips. “How does a warrior make love?”

His hips pressed against hers and the bulge nudged against her core. “Until we both forget who we are, Nina.” His voice paralyzed her, allowing his thumb to follow the contour of her breast. Skirting her nipple, it ached to be caressed. “Until I’ve memorized every beautiful curve.” Mace inched closer. “Tasted all of you.”

Her breast became heavy with need as the evening shadow on his jaw grazed its soft skin. A tremor of pole-shifting proportions turned her inside out with desire. A pyroclastic blast of passion blew her mind as his full lips circled her nipple and he sucked it deep into his mouth with a low moan of satisfaction.

CodeName_NinasChoice_MED (1)Code Name: Nina’s Choice
by Natasza Waters

Nina Samson, an analyst working at Coronado Base Command, lands in Navy sniper Mace Callahan’s lap like an I.E.D. Two weeks of fiery passion with the lithe redhead, and the self-proclaimed bachelor raises the white flag.

Arriving in San Diego, Nina, a single mother with an eight-year-old daughter, spots danger ahead. Mace’s Hollywood goods looks and wicked smile makes her heart run a zip-line of crazy. Lust for the sexy SEAL swiftly turns to fear when he deploys to Syria for a mission.

Mace returns home angry. Believing his injury destroys their future, unable to pleasure any woman, especially one like Nina, he tries to sever their relationship. She deflects every round Mace fires at her heart, determination controlling the helm. Just as the seas calm, fate advances. Another warrior sets his sights on her. Mace will wage war for her heart, but it’s “Nina’s Choice”.

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24 responses to “The Great Pick Up Line with Code Name: Nina’s Choice by Natasza Waters #TGPUL #Giveaway

  1. Kim M

    Oh my gosh. I love the sound of this book. I’ve never had a guy mention his goods in a pick up line.

  2. Nancy Huddleston

    I have been out of the dating pool for 25 years and according to my daughter, they use cheesy lines. So I say yes.

  3. RO

    OMG – I love witty conversations in a book, and found myself actually laughing out loud as I read this. It reminds me of a single friend years ago as we visited a pool hall, and it wasn’t long before a stranger sauntered over and asked to buy her a drink. I’m not kidding – she looked him up and down and told him to “pull it out”! My jaw dropped in shock and couldn’t believe what she’d said, and I was even more surprised to see the embarrassment of the guy as he slowly went back to the bar with his friends. She was quite a character, and wildly fun! This is a book I can’t wait to check out! Hugs…

  4. A pick up line with rats in it. You just know I loved that.
    But men using their penis size or whatever in a pick up line to me just seems like they are creepy weird.

  5. Brittany Strickland

    I think it depends on the guy if he uses his penis in a pick up line but I would just think he’s not going to be able to back it up. In my experience the ones who do that kind of talking, don’t have a lot to back it up with.

  6. RO

    Whew! We’ve got lots of heat going on here! (lol) I like what this writer has to say and will definitely pick the book up. Thanks for passing on this new to me author. Hugs…