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Thank for having me here today to talk about my newest release, WE’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.  The book just came out and I’m really excited about it. It’s the third in my “Holloway” series, which references the fictional town where the book is set, Holloway, West Virginia.

With each book I write there is something about it that really stands out for me. It’s that almost undefinable thing that makes it special and sets it apart from other books I’ve written. Sometimes it’s a character. Sometimes it’s the tone or the plotting.  Sometimes it’s my love of the genre or a character’s backstory. And, honestly, it’s not always easy to pinpoint what “it” is.

Thinking about this topic, I realized one of my favorite things about this book is the hero, Spence Thomas.  He is book smart, has numerous degrees and runs a successful business.  He’s an off-the-charts IQ type. He also works with his hands and is also a little rough around the edges. He’s not a pretty boy or the kind who never gets dirty (and feel free to read more into that). In fact, he often does and says what he shouldn’t. And, well, he is a tad clueless when it comes to interpersonal relationships.  Probably more than a “tad” but I’m being nice here.

As with all of these things, his messed-up view about relationships comes from a serious history. His mom left when he was a kid. All around him are examples of women leaving.  Despite his big brain, he develops this sense that relationships with women are temporary. Not that he wants them to be temporary – he’s not a commitment-phobe – but that they are and that’s a fact and there’s not much a guy can do about it.

Poor Spence.

Nora Roberts had a hero with some of those characteristics (not all), Ethan in RISING TIDES (part of the Chesapeake Bay series). He was a good guy, a little gruff, in love but twisted around by his upbringing. I’ve been hooked on this type of hero ever since. So, I thank Nora for inspiring me to write Spence. There’s just something really appealing to me about the guy who is sitting back watching life unfold and not totally getting it. It feels real and complex. But, to be honest, I like many types of heroes. I’m thinking one of my favorite things about writing and reading romance is the men. 🙂

We’ll Be Home For Christmas
by HelenKay Dimon



No man likes having his bedroom skills described as forgettable, but that’s just what Lila Payne does when she runs into Spencer Thomas again. When she discovers that he’d lied about his name during their brief three-day romp a few months before, she’s so angry that she pretends she doesn’t remember him.

Spence regrets his deception, but not as much as he regrets that their time together didn’t last longer. When she shows up in his town, looking to revitalize her uncle’s mountain resort, Spence is determined to help. Maybe rescuing Lila from a hopeless renovation project will get him in her good graces—and back in her bed.

Lila has no interest in being rescued, and Spence is insulted by her stubborn rebuffs and her “faulty” memory. But when rehab work turns into an after-hours meeting, the two of them are in for a night that just might prove unforgettable…

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HelenKay is offering one ebook copy of We’ll Be Home For Christmas to one lucky commenter!

*Giveaway ends December 19, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST.

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  • Judy-Ree

    Oh, this sounds like a fun read. Nora Robert’s Ethan was one of my favorite characters too. I also like that Spence is smart but not afraid to get dirty working with his hands. Too many authors don’t let the “smart” guy work doing manual labor, it like if they are “brainy” they can’t be “physical”. I will definitely be on the look out for this book.

    Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway..

    Bookworm (dot) judy (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Joanne B

    Congrats on the release. This book sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. I love Lila’s “faulty” memory. She should be made at Spence for lying. He really needs to grovel. Thanks for the giveaway.


  • TrishJ

    Yay! Love your stories. I also like the “smart” guy. Nothing says he can’t be a hunk, fearless, alpha AND smart. 😉 . Gosh, I want it all, huh? Love to win a copy. Trishleroy49 at gmail dot com

  • Great Post!! I can’t wait to read this book~I have heard so many great things about it and I am a huge fan of HelenKay. I have had it up on my blog to remind me to read!! lol Thanks for the chance to win and have a great day!!

    mariann297 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  • Natasha

    Sounds really good!! Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  • pc

    Sounds like a lovely book! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway chance!

  • Mary Preston

    It is the men in romance reads that more often than not stand out.

    I look forward to reading more about Spence.


  • CrystalGB

    Sounds awesome. Love Christmas stories.

  • flchen1

    Awesome–I’ve enjoyed HelenKay other holiday and non-holiday stories–can’t wait to read this one, too!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  • bn100

    Sounds like a nice book to read for the holidays.