Happy Father’s Day!

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When I started this post it was so solemn and needing some humor to spice it up. In my life I have two fathers. One is my biological father who has always been in my life. We don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, but we still love each other a lot. The other is my step-father, who has been in my life since the beginning but only became a father figure when I was nine. Both walked me down the aisle when I got married. I just couldn’t choose just one because they both had influenced my life. Both were my father. See, I said I was kind of solemn and heartfelt.

Then there is my own husband who is the most wonderful father to our three kids. One is entering puberty and teenage years, but my husband just keeps being the supportive father he is along with teasing her a lot. That is just him. Our middle child is so much like him. The two of them just mesh. Then there is our toddler son. I wonder why we needed a son since our girls are tomboyish as well as girlish, but I see my husband loves them all equally. He works hard to provide for the family, but he also knows when to be there for his family, especially his kids.

Again…getting very solemn. So let’s have some fun now.

Through romance books, it isn’t every day you get to read a steamy, sexy book where there are parents involved. It isn’t rare but most times there just isn’t any kids. So let’s take a look at some of my favorite father’s in romance books and have a little fun while we are at it.

Starting off is Thanatos from Lethal Rider by Larissa Ione. This poor guy. All he has ever wanted was a family and kids. But he thinks his seal is his virginity. If his seal breaks then the whole apocalypse will end the world as we know it. No pressure there to never have sex, right?

But good ole Regan has other ideas and we learn that it is actually Thanatos’s kid that is his seal. Woooaahh!

So now Thanatos has to get over this whole “you stole my virginity” and embrace the one thing he has always wanted…but wait up, the apocalypse is happening.

Never fear…Thanatos’s is going to embrace this entire fatherhood thing and I think he will do a great job!

And what about Maddox and Ashlyn in The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter? Twins! OMG. While we have waited through many books in this series, we have gotten glimpses of Ashlyn carrying twins! Maddox has got his hands full.

Like been the keeper of Violence isn’t enough? Would you let the keeper of Violence around you child?

Well luckily this is make believe, but Ashlyn does give birth to the twins in The Darkest Passion, Paris’s love story. But OYE! These two little rascals are going to give their parents Hell! Not quite sure what they have in them or what powers they might have, they are going to be fun to watch if the series doesn’t end.

But Maddox does show his softer side with Ashlyn. She is his heart and he was incredibly sweet and attentive during her pregnancy, so I think he is going to make a great Dad!

Switching gears to something now so paranormal and out of this world? How about Mick from The Perfect Play? He isn’t really a father when the book starts out, but grows into the role as he grows to love Tara and her son.

There is a section of the book where Mick has fallen for Tara and her son, but he has to pull out the tough love with teenage son, when he finds out he go drunk.

It was a poignant look at how kids aren’t all fun and sometimes even if you aren’t their biological parent, you have to step in and take care of the situation that needs to be taken care of. He became the father figure needed in this young boys life.

Back up to paranormal again…we can’t mention fathers without bringing up Zsadist’s name? Such an unlikely father! He would even agree.

This dude is one messed up guy and he becomes a father. Through a novella we see him grow more into that role, but it did not come easily, nor will it ever. Bella and Zsadist are thrown into a family group long before Zsadist was ever ready for it.

As this series keeps going, you see little glimpses of Zsadist and I wonder how grounded he is. He was such a total mess in his own book.

But oh, well, he is a father and a damn good one for a messed up vampire!


There are tons more I wanted to put in this post, but I have to cut it off somewhere. Right?

You get the idea…Father’s come in many shapes, sizes and variety’s. None is totally right or perfect, but they are right for us. So for this Father’s Day…let’s end with a bang!

Happy Father’s Day!

So what are your favorite Father’s Day memories…either real or in your fiction? 


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Shari is the Delighted Reader. Married to her Prince Charming and mother to two Princesses and one Prince. When she is not slaving away as Cinderella she loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Never without a reading device and a few good paperback books, because she never knows when she might get 5 minutes to read!

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Sophia Rose

That is a beautiful thing to share about your dads and your husband being a great dad. Dads and daughters have unique relationships I had and have a special relationship with my dad too. I am told and I have observed for myself that many people feel my dad is a scary, intimidating person (tall, dark and quiet). It has always been a source of amusement because he was not like that in the home, around close friends or with the sports teams he coached. It came in handy to use dad’s reputation to scare off a few pesky boys… Read more »