Harmonized by Mary Behre #Review

Harmonized by Mary Behre #Review

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Series: #2.5 Tidewater
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Intermix
Released on July 21, 2015
Pages: 125
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

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Well look-it what we have here! A nice little tide over pressie from the author while I wait for the next book in the series. I was tickled to see this novella with Zig’s story. He was a favorite character from book one and his quick.

This is part of the Tidewater series and falls after the second book. It could standalone or be read to check out the series, but I think it would be best to get it in order so back references would make sense.

The story opens with police officer, Zig Harmon, stuck on desk duty because of the injury he got and wishing for any excitement to happen to break up the monotony. Be careful what you wish for because into the station whirls the woman he hasn’t seen for eight years. He loved her and thought he would marry her until she disappeared without a word. Zig’s old anger and hurt rear up, but also the unwelcome feeling of attraction. He doesn’t want to want her and would rather walk away to protect his heart, but Karma’s troubles involve a lost little baby and she needs his help.

Karma De La Cruz is desperate to help her friend who is in a coma wrongfully accused of trying to kill her baby. Karma’s psychic gift to read auras helps her know that the baby is still alive and he needs to be found. She doesn’t know how to go about finding him so she has to convince the police to continue investigating the case. Her resolve is strong until the officer on duty turns out to be the man she left and she sees by the cold flat stare in his eyes that he hasn’t forgiven her. But he eventually agrees to help and does. Karma realizes that she made the biggest mistake of her life leaving Zig behind and now hopes for a second chance with him as they partner on the case.

The story by necessity clips along quickly, but it is well-developed and has an engaging plot. The plot is split between their race to find the baby and the romance conflict. I had a good time with this one and liked both characters. At first, I was inclined to see Karma as a disappointment for hurting Zig and admittedly, the eventual explanation did defuse my issues with her. Poor thing definitely had worthy reasons for disappointing them both when she left.

As with the others in the series, the author gave a fun psychic gift to her heroine and made the hero a hunky, exciting cop to team together to solve a mystery. I loved the build up of tension between the pair and then the resolve. I hope to see more of them just as it was fun to see more of the pair from the first story in this one.

All in all, this did the job of tiding me over nicely until the release of book three. I would recommend this book/series to those who enjoy lightly humorous, slightly psychic romantic suspense.

My thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. It really was a fun little tide me over 🙂 I’m with you. I was a little worried with how she’d hurt him but was pretty satisfied with how things played out and the explanation. Behre handled it nicely I thought 🙂

    1. Now, onward to Energized. I’ve purposely avoided everyone’s reviews until I get to read it. I did peek long enough to see its a good one too. Yeah, Karma had me worried, but all’s well. 😉

    1. Me too! I know this is the third sister, but I’m good with branching out. Her name is fun especially since it’s short for this huginormous birth name.

  2. I really need to try out this series. I really like the psychic elements, you don’t see that too often, and its always different to read it. I will remember to read these books in order though.

    1. I like getting the killer’s perspective so long as I don’t know who the killer is. I love figuring it or being surprised. These manage to surprise me. I can’t wait to start Energized.

        1. Haha! I wondered since this was a kidnapping if you actually meant one of the novels. They have similar names. Good to know there is a cunning killer in Energized.

  3. I have the first book in this series on my to-read list, I heard so many good thigns about it and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the first book. This novella sounds really well done, I like it when novella’s add something to the series. And sounds like there’s a good balance between the romance and the finding the baby plot. Not every author can manage that. Great Review!