Hunted by the Cyborg by Cara Bristol #TGPUL #Giveaway

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Hunted by the Cyborg by Cara Bristol #TGPUL #Giveaway

The Great Pick Up Line

Welcome Cara Bristol as they share their Great Pick Up Line from Hunted by the Cyborg.
Take it away Cara!

“I can’t let you leave.”
“You can’t keep me here.”
“Yes, I can. I can keep you for as long as I want. You’ll”—he snapped his fingers—“disappear.”
She was a prisoner? Her chest tightened. How had this happened? All she’d desired was a life of her own—and a job. She could die here, and nobody would know—or care. The O’Sheas would eventually realize she’d fallen off the grid, but that would solve their problems.
The door slid open, and two mean-looking, beefy men strode in.
“Take her to a holding cell,” Carter barked. “She’s allowed food, water, and medical treatment—nothing else. When she’s ready to talk, let me know.” He stepped away.

Hunted by the Cyborg by Cara Bristol

Billionaire Carter Aymes, director of Cyber Operations, a covert cyborg force, devotes his wealth and time to saving lives, rescuing hostages and other victims from desperate situations. His ultimate mission is to hunt down and eliminate Lamani, the alien terrorist mastermind, before he conquers the galaxy.

When Carter hires Beth O’Shea, a vulnerable yet courageous woman with connections to his past, their attraction is immediate and strong, but he knows getting involved with her is a bad idea. He’s her boss, and he has way too many classified projects to risk letting someone get close.

Rejected by the progenitors who cloned her, Beth is determined to live a normal human life, beginning by getting an ordinary job with a security firm. But, from the start, she questions the extraordinary secrecy surrounding the organization. She can’t help but wonder about the tall, muscled, larger-than-life director who gave her a chance when she desperately needed one. Could he ever be romantically interested in a woman like her, in a clone?

When Beth is attacked, they both realize how short and tenuous life is, and their mutual attraction becomes too powerful to resist.

As their relationship heats up, so does the urgency to capture Lamani before he can unleash a stealth weapon at a critical planetary Summit meeting. With time running out, Carter discovers that stopping Lamani may require sacrificing Beth’s life.

Will Carter be able to rescue her, or will his new love be the one person he can’t save?

About Cara Bristol

USA Today Bestselling Author Cara Bristol writes character driven science fiction romance with humor, heart, and heat. She loves introducing new readers to science fiction romance, and likes to say she writes sci-fi for readers who don’t like sci-fi. She has three science fiction romance series: the action-packed Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance cyborg series; the dark, intense Breeder series; and the new light and funny Alien Mate series. When she’s not writing (ha ha ha – she’s almost always writing) she enjoys traveling to exotic destinations and chillaxin’ with her favorite reality TV shows. Cara lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.



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  • Yes! Can’t wait to read Carter’s story. 🙂

  • Hmm I don’t know it’s usually not really my genre

    • That’s okay, Melliane. Sci-fi isn’t for everyone. 🙂

  • Debbie Haupt

    oh this sounds good. Thanks!

    • It really does, right, Debbie? If you want to test drive the series, book ones is a freebie. 🙂

  • This sounds so good.

    • I’m really looking forward to it, Nadene. If you are interested, book one is a freebie. Love this series.

  • I still have not tried a cyborg book..this looks good 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • This sounds interesting! I’ll grab book 1 😀

    • Good plan! 🙂 It will give you a sample of the series.

  • cyborgs, oh my interesting

  • I signed up for her newsletter a while back and have enjoyed a couple of her books.

    • Which ones did you read?

    • Yes! It was fun to get the freebie Married to the Cyborgs one to follow up on this story. I read it and loved it, but I didn’t do a blog review on it. 🙂

  • I loved this story.

    • It was a hoot. I think my favorite is the one that comes next, but I’ve enjoyed them all for the banter and spice with the sci-fi adventure. 🙂

  • This sounds really interesting!

    • These are great. I think this one will have more suspense that some. I’ve been so curious for Carter to get a story.

  • Oh…I need more cyborg romances in my life!!! Need to try this author out soon though.

    • Oh yes, you do, Renee. 🙂

      The first one in the series is a freebie if you want to give the series a go.