Interview and Giveaway: Tigris Eden, Author of Enslaved in Shadows

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Interview and Giveaway: Tigris Eden, Author of Enslaved in Shadows


Today I am delighted to have Tigres Eden with us here at Delighted Reader!

Hello Tigris and welcome to Delighted Reader!

Hi, thanks for having me on the blog!

For readers who don’t know you, can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Tigris I am eternally 29 years old. I love to write, read, listen to music, and watch movies. My biggest goal right now is to be waited on hand and foot. Possibly a group of hot cabana boys, maybe two or three door men, a butler and personal chef and driver, for now. I adore oatmeal crème cookies and long walks to my pillow. I’m pretty laid back and I love to laugh.  

What was the spark that made you decide it was time to write a book? Has it always been in your blood to be a writer?

 I’ve been writing since the 6th grade. Well honestly even before that, I use to write music and play flute. So if it wasn’t music notes jumping at me to be put on paper it was words. True story: When I was growing up in Germany my father and I watched a lot of musical. Sound of Music, Annie…. You name it I’ve watched and probably know the words by heart. Anyway, I thought life was a musical. So, my first day of school I sang the entire day. Whether it was hello, my name is Katina or can I go to the restroom. Two years later I was asked to write about my very first day of school. When I wrote my story the teacher didn’t believe me, told me I was a big story teller. So I’ve been telling stories ever since, whether it was with music or words. 

Do you have an rituals or quirks you must perform while you’re writing?

For sure! I call Bells, whine to her on the phone about some idea or scene that I’ve drummed up in my head. She tells me her thoughts and then I usually sit down to write. I talk to Belinda every single day! Shout out to Belinda! Dolce and Gabbana Halo! I also listen to a lot of music, tons! I have sticky notes and paper clips. A note book for notes. And of course I religiously use highlighters all colors to color code. And Writeway pro my trusted software! 

Can you tell us a little about Enslaved In Shadows and what you see in the future for the Shadow Unit?

Well this first book is literally about a werewolf, Draven, and a human Jesminda who have one really amazing one night stand and go their separate ways. Only to have to confront their past in the future, five years later.  They both have moved on, and the choices they’ve made haven’t necessarily been for the better. But they deal or at least the hero tries to while the heroine deals with her past/present demons. She has some major trust issues that she will have to come to terms with. I don’t want to say how it’s going to end but I think there will be some mixed feelings on this one.

As for the Shadow Unit themselves well they will keep progressing.  Right now I am working on Burned In Shadows and that is about a Phoenix and two ferals hooking up. The twins Royce and Ronin Zarides.  You get a lot of Royce in Enslaved. The rest of the characters will progress as the team unfolds. There are a lot of secrets among these men. You think you know a team member and then BAM! Something else happens. LOL.

What made you decide to write about a couple tormented by their past but still drawn to each other?

I think it’s good to have couples struggle in order to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone talks about the light on the other side, but these characters take you through the tunnel. Give you the meat in between and then…… maybe you get to see the light at the end. Draven is tormented because he can’t get Jes out of his mind, and equally so is Jes. But she also has to deal with two other obstacles, her abusive ex-husband and the secret she’s kept. They both have to deal with the situation together. Draven tries to coax the light back on inside of her, and she is constantly up in arms as to how she should handle him. It’s a push pull for her, she gives in, but then she makes excuses. Ultimately it’s the journey that gets them to their respective spots at the end. (Gah trying not to give too much away)

Was there a character or scene in the book that was particularly hard to write?

Jes was definitely a hard character. She’s indecisive, and strong.  She has her weak moments to. She also has her WTF moments as well. She made me pull from some dark places I wasn’t planning on going. But it needed to be done to get her to the person she becomes. 

Without giving away spoilers, what is your favorite scene in Enslaved In Shadows?

There is a scene where Jes is trying to tell Draven how she feels but the words just won’t come out. It was pretty emotional for me. Draven can seem like an ass at times, but underneath he’s got his shit together. And even though she can see it, she still denies him at every turn. There is a lot of I want you but I’m not going to keep you, in the book. But once I got to the scene where it was all or nothing Jes still can’t seem to get it together. She freezes up, knows that she’s doing it but still came come out on the other side. I was feeling it as I was writing it, and those are the best moments!

How many books do your foresee being in the Shadow Unit Series?

Right now, I really can’t say. I don’t plot, a lot. But there are 9 team members and you will be introduced to three of them in these next two books.  I plan to slide a novella in there as well. And the readers will understand why when they read Enslaved. But I do know that the rest of the team members deserve to have their stories told. After Burned you we will circle back and then you will be introduced in detail to Gabe. 

Do you listen to music as you write? What kinds of music help to get your writing?

I LOVE MUSIC! I got over excited on that one didn’t I?  My taste is very eclectic. I listen to all kinds of music! Seriously, Baroque, Classic, Rhythm & Blues, Rap, Metal, Techno, Country, the list goes on and on and on. There are a couple of songs mentioned in the book. Jay Z and Kanye’s No Church for the Wild. Tracy Chapmans Give me one Reason and Benny Benassi’s No Matter What you Do. Music is the key to all things! At least I think so.  I do have a playlist for this book, I may just have to share it. Right now my muse has been Fink and Fiona Apple. Those two should really get together and do a duet! Seriously! 

What authors or book series inspire you to write?

There isn’t a series/author that truly truly inspired me to write. I like to be creative and I have tons of stories to tell. Life has truly been my inspiration and all the things that have happened, will still happen and the things I like to make up. It’s my motivation.  But if you want to know two authors that made me see the creative side to life it would be Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. 

Do you have a secret author that you just adore and wish you could stalk? Can you tell us who it is?

Hehehe it’s no secret at all actually I faithfully stalk the following! Larissa Ione and Lara Adrian. SISTER HOOD OF THE WEREFLY! WOOT!

But….. The secret secret, is Shayla Black… I’ve not had the pleasure of officially meeting her and I want to pick her brain! Is that bad? Shay can I call you Shay? If you’re out there I WANT TO PICK YOUR BRAIN! She writes the best EROTIC ROMANCE and I MEAN THE BEST! I want to stalk her totally! I am a total FAN GIRL! 

Before we wrap this up, what is your favorite character to write about in Enslaved In Shadows and why?

Royce Zarides, because he’s full of himself, and I know the real him, and he’s dying to tell his story.

Thank you for joining us today on Delighted Reader. This was extremely fun!

Thank you for having me! 

TiGrIs ♥

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Tigris is graciously giving away one digital copy of Enslaved in Shadows to one lucky winner. To enter, comment below. Giveaway ends June 30, 2012 at 11: 59 PM EDT.


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In the first week of sales, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Domestic Violence Awareness.

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