J is for Jocks!

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J is for Jocks!

 Jocks…those guys that run around in sports making us happy with their jiggly or non-jiggly parts. Taking hits, making the goal, doing the job right. Well, I fell in love with a few jocks in my books over the years. 
The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton

Mick Riley

Mick, oh Mick! I fell in love with Mick and tried to tear him away from Tara early on in this novel. But alas, it was not to be so. Mick is a quarterback (yeah, my favorite sport) who has worked hard to get to the top of his game. Super Bowl? Yep. Drinking problem? Yep. Recovered alcoholic? Yep. Sex on a stick? Yep! Family that will stick with him? Yep.

Let’s just say, this guy is almost too perfect. Dirty in the sack, on the sack, without a sack. You name it he was doing it to Tara then going back on the field and winning the game. Gotta love The Perfect Play.

Review Changing the Game by Jaci Burton

Gavin Riley

Gavin takes on the bitch and turns her into a kitten with claws off the field, wild running around in baseball pants taunting the women who will never get him. Gavin is Mick’s younger brother, but instead of football he plays professional baseball. I guess I will forgive him for playing a boring sport. But man, thinking of him getting sweaty on the field and between the sheets is too much fun!

Review Foolish Games by Tracy Solheim

Will “William the Conqueror” Connelly

A man who had no father finds out a one night stand makes him a father. A father who will know his child. What is not to love about a football player that cuddles his son to his chest? JOCK! While there weren’t any game scenes in this story, I fell in love Will and his honesty, will to succeed and the love of his heart going to his son. Looking at this cover was no hardship!

Review Game for Anything by Bella Andre

Ty Calhoun

The most misunderstood quarterback I have ever read about. No, he wasn’t really a totally great guy, but he did really care for the woman he did wrong. A quarterback who rips up the book and runs for a touchdown…gosh, I love jocks and just how many ways they can do their heroine. It doesn’t hurt looking at their ripped abs, the package so well protected,  and the thumb hooked in the spot you want to tug away. Slap that ass!

What are your thoughts on Jocks? 

Notable J Words I Considered

Jewelry – diamonds are a girls best friend…right?
Jester – keeps life fun and lively
Jabber – what books can be a lot of…on and on
Jaculation – the act of throwing…pair that with ejaculation…yeah, right
Jersey – uniforms for jocks and their fans
Jitterbug – a dance my grandparents taught me…gosh I miss them!
Jovialist – not to be confused with novelist
Jut – body parts people stick out when flirty or trying to get attention

Oh and one last bonus one….

Jung – my last name which is German for young and that is how it pronounced!

What’s your J word of the day?

atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910

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Sophia Rose

Yes! I am ecstatic that my baseball guys are back on the field. I’m slowly getting into Sports Romance this year. I still have yet to read any of these authors, but they are on the list. I’m reading a hockey romance soon.

Anna@herding cats&burning soup

Ahhh I LOVE my sporty reads. Burton’s were some of my firsts. I loved Gavin. So yummy. Haven’t tried Tracy yet but she’s on my review short list. And Bella. Gah. She’s always good. Great picks!

Sophie Duncan

I’m not a big sports fan, but you sell these jocks well 🙂 Ty sounds intriguing and Will sounds adorable.


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