Keeping Company with Bloodhounds: An Instructive Guide

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Archer's Lady by Moira RogersHello there!  I’m Bree, one half of the paranormal romance writing duo of Moira Rogers, and I’m on a wild and crazy blog tour talking about dangerous men and the women who love them. And I’m not just talking about their heroines—I mean all the women who love them, including those of us who read & write about them!  That’s why I’m here with an excerpt from Keeping Company With Bloodhounds, a book that gives all the dirty details about those dangerous warriors. (Even if it only exists in the fictional world of the Bloodhounds.

Today’s excerpt touches on one of the more popular–if occasionally controversial–aspects of a bloodhound hero: their possessiveness.  Possessive heroes aren’t uncommon in romance as a whole, but they sometimes seem almost inevitable once you delve into paranormal romance.

I admit, I’ll let a paranormal hero get away with things I’d hate in a contemporary man.  Partly because they can have an excuse–it’s not their fault they’re possessive/snarly/growly…they’re not human, after all! It’s just the way they are!  But beyond that, sometimes a paranormal hero can let you enjoy the fun parts (like a tendency toward possessiveness) but grounded it in instincts that are about protection and pleasure, not stalking and restraining orders.

Bloodhounds are dangerous, no question about it–but when they get snarly and possessive, it’s always with the best of intentions.



As one begins to delve deeper into the possibilities that abound with regards to the new moon, one must confront a difficult truth–this is not, and cannot, be right for every young woman.  Particularly sheltered girls, for instance, are less likely to be able to adjust to the carnal demands of a bloodhound.

And–make no mistake–demanding, they are.  I previously asserted that the precise focus of a hound’s intensity during these encounters is reserved for the pleasure and comfort of his lover, and that much is very true.  Even so, not everyone will possess the stamina necessary to keep pace.  As one border brothel madam once told me, “You’ll not likely be able to sit a horse for a few days’ time, that’s for damn sure.”  (Oh, don’t blush, dear reader. That was far from the crassest thing Sylvie Bellerose ever said to me.)

I’ve told you that a bloodhound isn’t likely to harm you, even during this time of passion and fury, but I must now add a caveat.  Hounds have, indeed, been known to injure those attempting to interfere during this most intimate time.  Should there be anyone–a parent, perhaps, or a zealous suitor–who might attempt to intrude, everyone would be best served by your cautious consideration of these factors.

Be careful, dear readers, and above all else…

Be sure.

* * *

Read more about Moira Rogers & the Bloodhounds series at  Book #3 in the series, Archer’s Lady, is available on July 3rd, 2012.

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