1. I like watching the American Pickers show on the history channel and I thought it would be fun to do it with books. Just something different from the usual challenges- more of a long term game really. Thanks for your words, Ro and for the share.

  1. This is a brilliant idea for a challenge, I signed up but don’t have a post — I may make an actual post but I will have a dedicated page under my challenges. And I ID books that have an item with an icon that I will have to make. But, if I don’t sign up right now I will forget! I am going to go big to pro status.

    1. Woohoo! That is fine, Stephanie. Take your time. You can even wait until January for your post if that’s easier. I love your icons so it will be fun to see how you organize your challenge.

      1. I am putting up a post on the fifteenth Permalink:
        http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2014/12/challenge-plunge.html. And I’ll have a page for each challenge I’ve taken on and for this one it will have the list and when I achieve the item I will do a strike through with the book also noted. Or I will move the item to a numbered list with the book and author. I have to see which would work better. But I am really excited about this challenge. Here’s the icon I am using to id books on my site for this challenge.

        1. Oh, perfect Icon. I look forward to this challenge too. I love those I Spy books and the Pickers show so I had fun making into a book lovers thing. Either way to track is fine. It’s whatever feels comfortable to you. I will definitely be there to comment and cheer.

      1. Thanks, and I’m doing your Books & Tunes one as well. Never tried making playlists for books, but it could be fun. I guess I just need a little imagination for that one.

        1. I’ve never tried to match books with tunes either, but I thought it would be a fun push to try something different. I’m probably terrible at it, but it will be a hoot to try.

  2. I need to delete my original sign up post. The URL is wrong. If you could delete it for me I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ll resign up with the correct URL. Sorry for the inconvenience!! The one that needs to be deleted is number 8. Brittany @ The Crafty Engineer.

    1. No problem! Thanks for letting us know, Brittany. I’ll make sure Shari sees this since she is the marvelous fixer lady. Glad you could join the challenge.

  3. If you listen to an audiobook, how do you indicate where you find the words, since there are no page numbers? I mostly listen ones on CDs.

    1. Thanks for asking, Jamie!

      Readers don’t have to provide exact location in the story for their word find just the book and author’s name so don’t worry about that aspect.