Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews #Review

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Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews #Review
Magic Shifts

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Series: #8 Kate Daniels
Published by Ace
Released on August 4, 2015
Pages: 343
Format: Paperback
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Eager anticipation flooded me as I nabbed up this latest installment in the Kate Daniels’ series.  Things were left in an interesting place with the last book (aren’t they always?) and I really wanted to see what would happen next now that Curran and Kate have separated from the shifter community and Kate has drawn the figurative (and actual as it happens) line in the sand around Atlanta to keep her dear acquisitive daddy from adding her city to his conquer list.

This exciting Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy series does not work well unless read in order, but it is fantastic so don’t even think about getting skittish because this is book eight.

The story opens with Kate and Curran attempting to adjust to living in the ‘Burbs with Julie, working cases through Cutting Edge, and adjusting to Curran no longer the Beast Lord.  Kate laying claim to Atlanta in the face of her father’s acquisitional plans is sure to begin having repercussions.  But instead of getting to focus on being back to business as usual at Cutting Edge, Kate is informed that a large heard of ghouls is loose in the city and then they are begged to find missing were-buffalo, Eduardo Ortega, because the shifters won’t look for him.  And if that isn’t enough, Kate can add a few more disturbing elements to her growing list of issues like giants rampaging, giant disgusting bugs, a mysterious stalker, trouble in the new neighborhood, issues with the Guild, and most disturbing of all?  Her father wanting to have a sit-down family dinner at Applebee’s to discuss wedding plans.

But with each new appearance of a giant, Kate and Curran can see that the one behind it all is growing more powerful and will soon get beyond their ability to stop if they doesn’t come up with answers quick.

The world building and encounters with new mythology continues to amaze along with the intense action, suspense, and series story line.

I love following along with this familiar cast of characters (yes, even Kate’s meglomaniac dad, Roland) as they are confronted by each new dangerous attack on their people and their city.

It’s exciting and the pace clips along, but it doesn’t become dizzying or confusing.

Kate is a heroine with depth.  Her flaws and her strengths make her believable and engaging.  I enjoyed how the authors took some time teasing out how the transition from Beast Lord to independent status living in the human world affects Curran.  Cracked me up to see the nosy, bossy neighbor lady trying to address her complaints about the new eccentric neighbors that Kate and Curran are (the huge lion scaring the mail carrier made me giggle).

The twists of the case and the rallying of all the allies with the big scene battle near the end was perfect to keep me glued to the book.  I groaned with disappointment to see the last page and now must await the next release.

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26 responses to “Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews #Review

  1. I really enjoyed this book. I loved seeing Kate and Curran living outside of the Keep. I loved seeing Jim and Dali taking over the Pack. I think Dali is doing a great job as the Consort. I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. That was the thing that stuck with me the most from that book. There is always one little thing that sticks with me on each book in these long series and that was the thing here. Great review.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • Yes, Jim and Dali as the Lord and Consort are a fantastic dynamic. I never thought about it, but there are little things that stick with me each book, too. I think mine was Roland at Applebee’s.

      • Doesn’t it make you wonder what his intentions are? I feel like if he truly doesn’t want to harm Kate, I’m gonna need more than a family dinner and little talks about her marriage and things.

    • Yes, Jim and Dali as the Lord and Consort are a fantastic dynamic. I never thought about it, but there are little things that stick with me each book, too. I think mine was Roland at Applebee’s.

  2. oh I had such a fun time with this one as well. It was simply fantastic. I loved the scene with Curran scaring the mail carrier—-awesome. I am curious about Kate’s father—I honestly don’t know what I think of him.

    • Me, neither. Roland has me stumped. I think he really is trying to take over the world and has ulterior plans for Kate, but he is also trying to be a dad. Keeps me guessing. 😉

    • It was funny to think about what it would be like for ordinary humans and supernaturals to cohabit a neighborhood. I look around at mine and think I could handle it, too, after some of the stuff that goes on around here. 😉

  3. I have such a long way to go with this series, lols…the first book but I have it in audio and will be listening to it soon. Sounds like such an exciting world!

    • It is pretty exciting, Sharonda. The first book is actually the hardest one to get into, but still very exciting. That’s cool that you have it on audio. I might try that someday if I do a re-read.

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