Manga Classics: Sense & Sensibility by Stacy King and Po Tse #SweetDelight

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Manga Classics: Sense & Sensibility by Stacy King and Po Tse #SweetDelight
Manga Classics: Sense & Sensibility

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This was my third of the Manga Classics series.  I was eager to pick it up and experience one of Jane Austen’s classic tales told in Manga graphic novel format after finding the last two engaging.  I thought the adaption did well grasping the heart of Jane Austen’s story both with words and art.

The story is abridged to meet its new format, but covers the well-worn path of the Dashwood ladies losing husband and father and home in two quick blows.  Their older brother, Mr. John Dashwood, ignores honor and allows them to fend for themselves and leave their home to accept the kindness of a distant relation.  But not before Elinor encounters her sister in law’s brother, Mr. Edward Ferrars and falls for him.  They quietly part and Elinor hopes Edward will come to visit her and her family where they are going.

Once installed in Sir John Middleton’s Barton Cottage on the Devon coast, the Dashwood ladies live quietly.  They are part of the neighborhood’s small society.  The teasing and gossip of the Middletons and Mrs. Jennings are balanced by the quiet friendship of Colonel Brandon.  Marianne is not taken with the staid Colonel who is vastly overshadowed by the dashing John Willoughby who comes to her rescue due to a rainy day fall.

Marianne, unlike her sister, is not circumspect with her feelings.  Everyone believes that she and Willoughby are a couple including her until the day he leaves with no promise of a return.  Marianne is devastated, but Elinor is equally devastated to learn Edward is secretly betrothed to the Middleton’s houseguest, Lucy Steele.

Can it get worse?  It does.  Both sisters are faced with heartbreaking trials and must come through them to find their happiness.

I enjoyed this adaption of the story.  It was neat to see the artist renderings of favorite characters and scenes.  The emotion and expression were clear as was the attention to period detail.  The storyline was engaging.  There were a few blips of modern speech, but for the most part it was a nice balance of summation type narration and dialogue.

I do love this series of Manga and recommend it to those who want to try a classic story in visual art and word.  It was fun to experience the Manga format of reading right to left and art style.  Austenesque lovers and those who wish to ease into an exploration of the classics would probably enjoy this one.

I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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  • I saw the cover but I didn’t read what was written on the cover lol so I didn’t realize that it was a Jane Austen story but now I’m quite curious, mainly if it’s quite well done

    • Yeah, the cover makes me think of a children’s story, but the inside artwork is different fortunately.

  • I saw one of these on Netgalley and was considering to request them or not and then i wondered if you got them. It sounds neat to get a classic retold in manga format. I can see how they would have to shorten the story a bit, but I hope they still got the most important parts in there. And it must be nice to see the artist their interpretation of the story and how everything looked like. I have read quite some manga’s when I was younger and always enjoyed the style of getting a story and artwork at the same time. Great review!

    • This is a neat series. They have many classics and not just Jane Austen. I was very tempted to snag two others, but knew I didn’t have the time. I think it would be a great way to familiarize myself with the classics that I haven’t read. Maybe later. 😉

  • I’m glad you liked it. Probably not something I’d be into but it is interesting.

    • Ha, yes, it’s a change of pace and a good way for me to experience the classics, but I know Manga is definitely not everyone’s thing.

    • Ha, yes, it’s a change of pace and a good way for me to experience the classics, but I know Manga is definitely not everyone’s thing.

  • Sometimes these manga/anime adaptation bothers me in that it twists the story. i’m such a purist! Lol

    I love the artwork for the cover art though, so cute!

    • I’ve not read much Manga/Anime, but I was excited when I saw this writing/artist team tackling the classics. I’ve read three and so far they are ones that I’ve already read unabridged so I can give a fair statement that they do pretty good bringing out the main line of the stories and using their art to convey even more.

      The inside art is even better. 🙂

  • I probably should admit that I have never read Jane Austen. I have picked up an occasional comic book but it is very rare. Based on the cover the artwork does look beautiful. I am glad you enjoyed this one.

    • I think they are hoping that by bringing so many classics to bold, Manga life that they will connect folks to the older stories. I never thought I would try a Manga style comic and that it would be so distracting reading right to left and back to front, but the art is gorgeous and compelling so I had a good experience.

  • You find such neat adaptations. It’s really just amazing what all is out there. So fun 😀

    • Very fun! I found one for Pride and Prejudice that is told all in texting speech and I really want to read that one out of sheer curiosity. I guess they are doing it with several classics like Three Musketeers, etc.

  • You find such neat adaptations. It’s really just amazing what all is out there. So fun 😀

  • Debbie Haupt

    How cool Sophia Rose, thanks for sharing! I have only experienced one graphic novel maybe its time for more!

    • I haven’t read many, but I saw this title and had to read it. You can get me every time if it has something to do with Jane Austen. 😉

  • I really want to try out these Manga Classics, especially the Pride and Prejudice one.

    • That one was pretty good, Quinn. I love the artwork. I have my eye on the Jane Eyre one, now.

  • Hmm, I wonder if I could get my son to try the classics with Manga…he loves it

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if that is one of the big motivations behind the projects. They have several of the classics already done. Beyond the Austen ones, there’s a Dickens, Jane Eyre (I want that one, too), Scarlet Letter, and what was- oh yeah, Hugo’s Les Miserable. I think they are planning many more.

  • How have I not heard of these manga classics? I have only read fantasy manga, but this looks like something I can get behind.

    • Ha! You sound like me. I trip over things and wonder how I missed them.

      But in this case, I think they’re fairly new. I read two last year and I think there are a half dozen or so released so far.

  • Looks and sounds like it was nicely done. The artwork sure has that romance-y feel.

    • It was nicely done. The inside art is different from the cover art. I do like what they did to capture setting and emotion. The gents are handsome. 🙂