Miss Darcy’s Companion by Sophia Meredith #SweetDelight #Giveaway

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Miss Darcy’s Companion by Sophia Meredith #SweetDelight #Giveaway
Miss Darcy’s Companion

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Genres: Historical Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on October 4, 2016
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: Author

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The family estate is entailed away from the female line.  There are five daughters.  The father dies and a distant cousin inherits.  What is to become of them now?

Miss Darcy’s Companion is the second book in the series, but these are standalone stories that can be read in any order only being connected by the retelling element.

I loved diving into this tender story of Elizabeth who sets aside her grief and works to provide for her family in the only way by stepping down from her station as a gentleman’s daughter to hire out as a companion.  Her employer is an austere and proud man, but his young sister and ward is a sweet, shy girl who wants a friend.

Through an early, rocky start, William and Georgiana and now Elizabeth begin together.  William watches carefully as Elizabeth takes up her duties.  He has his doubts about the spirited young lady Georgie insisted was the right fit to be her companion.  But then Elizabeth works her magic not on Georgie, but him bringing both of them to life and making their home warm and full of laughter.  If only she were not his employee and if only he was not expected to marry for duty.

Elizabeth realizes that things may not be what they seem after her first impression of William, but she is still reminded time and again that she is now a paid employee, a servant, even if she lives as if a long-term guest.  Elizabeth isn’t sure why more and more this realization makes her sad until she suddenly understands her feelings.  Meanwhile, outside factors and other people intrude into their lives and two star-crossed lovers discover pain as well as dashed hopes.

This was a splendid story and along the same lines of the governess and Lordly employer trope that I enjoy so much.  It was true to its historical setting and had a lighter touch that kept things from getting dreary or overly dramatic.  I loved that friendship, gentle courtship, family, and society were all integral elements and that there were multiple plot threads and a broad, rich cast of characters.

Elizabeth and William are the main players, but there are still their respective friendships and families, and broader society acquaintances that have their own developing stories.  Humor and heartwarming daily life scenes help develop the story so that it’s gentle pace never drags.  Though, that said, there are some intense and exciting moments that had me flipping pages quickly.  I think I cackled with delight when young Georgie was no damsel in distress and took care of her villain on her own.  And that fun scene on the pond when Elizabeth ‘tickles’ a fish had me highly amused.

All in all, this was a sweet historical romance tucked into a splendid circle of family and friends that felt cozy, warm, and triumphant.  I can easily recommend it to those who want a gentle, historically authentic, yet sparkling with wit historical romance.

My thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • DebraG

    I love the governess/paid companion trope. The women in these positions had tough lots in life and deserve some happiness.

    • It’s like a Cinderella romance whenever I read one. And I agree, it was a drudge of a job and definitely needs some romance, Debra.

  • This sounds like a good one, it’s nice the historical setting was done well and the story sounds interesting with Elizabeth working as a companion. I don’t think I’ve read many books about a paid companion before, the first thing that comes to mind at the word companion is a character in the sci-fi series Firefly who worked as a companion. And the sound of music, although she was hired as a Nannie there if I remember correctly. The employee/ employer trope can interesting to read about. Great review!

    • Yes, it was interesting seeing what it was like for her to adjust to being a companion after being a gentleman’s daughter. I really need to watch the Firefly series. I’ve heard such wonderful things about it.

      Haha, yes, Sound of Music. That’s a good one.

  • Sounds like a lovely read! Ooh, and I like that ‘Georgie was no damsel in distress…’! Love to see what happens there. Great review!

    • It was very lovely, Candy. Ha, yes, Georgie was a tough gal and I loved seeing it.

  • While it’s probably not my kind of book I appreciate the great review.

    • Thanks, Mary! Thanks for the kind words for my review. 🙂

  • Vesper Meikle

    curious to know are the Bingleys and other Bennets also in the story

    meikleblog (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Yes, they are, Vesper. Lots of good scenes with them and it gets interesting now that Lizzy is with the Darcys. 🙂

  • dholcomb1

    sounds like a great Austenesque variation


  • oh I so want to grab this one up especially with the Austen like theme. I like that its witty and warm and sweet!!

    • Yes, it does have it’s sparkle going on and feels like a combo Austen and Georgette Heyer story, Renee.

  • Oh nice, a Jane Austen retelling, I love them, it’s always so much fun but it’s been a while since I haven’t read one!

    • I’m addicted to these and love the fun of seeing where the changes will take the story. This one was light and fun most of the time.

  • Patricia Finnegan

    I have been waiting for this book to come out!

  • I really enjoy that set up as well and darn I don’t get it often enough. These do sound like lovely reads, Sophia!

    • I don’t know if it’s my love of princess and fairytale stories from my kid years or that I just love to cheer for the underdog that makes this trope so captivating for me. The author did a good job with it.