The Great Pick Up Line – Quote Me On This! Blogger Edition

The Great Pick Up Line

Whether it makes you giggle snort and make a fool of yourself at the dentist office, sob big ugly tears so your significant other or cat shakes their head and nudges the tissue box at you, or you reach for the cold one at your elbow to quench the fire that particular passage in the book flamed to life in you, books ae full of amazing lines that stick with us past the closing of the page or the click of the audio device.

Delighted Reader is welcoming some of our reviewer and blogger friends whom we’ve made over the years to drop in and share with you one of their favorite or more notable book quotes for our The Great Pick Up Line Event.  These are some great book loving folks and, if you don’t already visit their blog homes, do stop in through the links and say hey!

Please Welcome….

Melanie @ HotListens  AND @ Rabid Reads 

Melanie said, “I was trying to think of my favorite pick up line. I know that I’ve read several in my years of reading many different romances or other books with romance in them. Though these two scenes aren’t between the couple, they do involve relationship between Lothaire and Elizabeth. If you’re not familiar with Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, Lothaire starts out as a villain that does get his own book. He is known by many as “the Enemy of Old”. He isn’t a good guy, but he does fall in love with Elizabeth and he is good to her. I felt these were a great part of their relationship. Plus, any scene with Nucking Futs Nïx is fun.”  (Oh yep, Lothaire and Nix always make a scene just sparkle.)

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Review Lothaire by Kresley ColeElizabeth,
With my compliments.
You will never get your claws into another one of mine.
Rot in hell,

Nïx clasped her hands over her chest, sighing, “He gave you his heart. That’s so romantic. So much better than a candy heart. Those get stuck in the fangs, you know.”
― Kresley Cole, Lothaire

“As Lothaire lifted the lid with a sense of dread, Nïx murmured, “Hint: it’s the middle one.”
Elizabeth’s fragile finger. Seeing it severed like this brought on a visceral reaction—pain shooting through his own hand, radiating throughout his regenerated heart. He closed the lid with a swallow, sentimentally pocketing the package.
“You gave her your heart, and she gave you the bird.” Nïx sighed. “Songs will be written about this.”
― Kresley Cole, Lothaire


Sophia Rose @ Delighted Reader

Sophia said, “Melanie gave me the idea.  I was struggling to figure out what quote I wanted to share.  I had five book quotes and couldn’t narrow it down to save my life.  But then she mentioned Abigail Roux’s Cut & Run series.  It wasn’t on my list, but then I knew I just had to steal and make a few quotes from Ty and Zane.  These two quotes are from a book late in the series that was a game changer for this couple.  I’ve picked a tender one and a funny one.  Truthfully, I could have filled pages since this pair are so quotable.”

“Ty laughed, a carefree, boyish sound, and glanced to his side, distracted by what he saw. “You moved the rug.”
“I kitty-cornered it.”
“Why would you do that?” Ty asked, aghast.
“To see you lose your shit when you got home.” Zane leaned closer, grinning evilly. “There are other things out of order too. Books not alphabetized. Coffee mug handles facing different directions.” He lowered his voice to a whisper as Ty’s eyes widened in horror. “The closet isn’t color coded.”
“You’re just watching the world burn, huh?”
Zane laughed.
“God I missed you.” Ty said in a rush of breath.”


“You told me one time that . . . I was your compass. I gave you direction when you were lost,” Ty said, nearly choking on the words. He glanced up, eyes reflecting like liquid in the low light. “Well, you were my anchor. You were something solid for me to hold onto. I wanted you to remember that.”
Touch & Geaux by Abigail Roux



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