The Great Pick Up Line – Quote Me On This! Blogger Edition

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The Great Pick Up Line

Whether it makes you giggle snort and make a fool of yourself at the dentist office, sob big ugly tears so your significant other or cat shakes their head and nudges the tissue box at you, or you reach for the cold one at your elbow to quench the fire that particular passage in the book flamed to life in you, books ae full of amazing lines that stick with us past the closing of the page or the click of the audio device.

Delighted Reader is welcoming some of our reviewer and blogger friends whom we’ve made over the years to drop in and share with you one of their favorite or more notable book quotes for our The Great Pick Up Line Event.  These are some great book loving folks and, if you don’t already visit their blog homes, do stop in through the links and say hey!

Please Welcome….

Mary @ Dark Thoughts

Mary said, “It was hard to narrow it down to just one quote but I knew which book I wanted to quote right away. It’s from one of my favorite series.”  (Ha! The winnowing down to one quote nearly killed several participants, Mary.)

Dark Thoughts blog



Jaxon snatched back her hand. “Give me back my gun. Wolves? I should have known. Of course you have wolves. Doesn’t everybody?” She snapped her fingers. “The gun, Lucian. Hand it over. I’ve decided I have to shoot you after all. It’s the only way to preserve my sanity.” 

-From Dark Guardian by Christine Feehan.





Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reader
Caffeinated Reader blog



“I catch a flash of bare ass and find religion.”

Kimberly said, “Just in case you want a second one…” (and yes, we do, Kimberly. LOL)

“This is a conversation. Holy shit, I’m having a conversation with the stranger I’ve had a crush on for months.”

From Roomies by Christina Lauren




Melliane @ Between Dreams and Reality

Between Dreams and Reality blog

Melliane said, “So, I tried to think of a book and I think I have a quote. It’s from The Deal by Elle Kennedy.”  (Keeping track of quotes is murder on me, too, Melliane)



“Just out of curiosity,” she says, “after you wake up in the morning, do you admire yourself in the mirror for one hour or two?”

“Two,” I reply cheerfully.

“Do you high five yourself?”

“Of course not.” I smirk. “I kiss each of my biceps and then point to the ceiling and thank the big man upstairs for creating such a perfect male specimen.”




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