Morning Glory series by Liz Talley – Delighted by the Series

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The series premise is that three best friends from the small southern town of Morning Glory are sent out on their own individual quests by their recently deceased fourth childhood friend.  Lacy has bequeathed them her charm bracelet with three spots on the bracelet left for each of them to pursue their dreams and then choose a charm for the bracelet.  Each woman receives a letter from Lacy personal to her own situation.  So Rosemary, Jess, and Eden decide to go out and live an adventure for Lacy.

Morning Glory series by Liz Talley – Delighted by the Series
Charmingly Yours

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Montlake Romance
Released on May 24, 2016
Pages: 288
Format: eBook

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Charmingly Yours is Rosemary’s story.  She has lived a sheltered and yes, smothered life up until receiving Lacy’s letter and the charm bracelet.  But an opportunity to visit NYC gives her just the motivation she needs to stop ‘treading water’ as Lacey calls it and really live.  She encounters a sexy and flirty Italian man who knows a thing or two about smothering family with their agendas for his life. The two decide to embark on a two week tryst and discover that along the way, it becomes so much more.  But Rosemary is firmly entrenched in Morning Glory and Sal is a New Yorker through and through so where does that leave them?

The author wrote a ‘charming’ romance set against the backdrop of NYC.  I loved this pair and enjoyed the colorful scenes and experiences, but also their passion and the need to work through what they really want and need.  The humor and flirty nature of their interaction off set the more serious soul-searching they were doing on the side.  I felt the end wrapped up a bit quickly after the big emotional conflict near the end, but it was a small thing and I did love Sal’s grand gesture so much.

Morning Glory series by Liz Talley – Delighted by the Series
Perfectly Charming

One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Montlake Romance
Released on September 27, 2016
Pages: 286
Format: eBook

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In the second installment, it’s Jess Culpepper’s turn to go on her adventure for Lacy.  She had signed up to do contract nursing work to augment her income.  The ink is barely dry on the divorce papers her lying, cheating ex-husband and one time high school sweetheart requested.  Benton wanted ‘experiences’ and explained this as he handed her flowers from the florist he’d been banging.  A contract job at a hospital in Florida is just the thing.  And she uses Lacy’s legacy money to rent a condo on the beach which was one of her dreams though she didn’t realize she’d be enjoying it alone.  Not for long, though if she can take a step away from her well planned well thought life for a bit of adventure in the sun, surf, and sand.

Ryan Reyes was the ultimate geek.  He was several grades ahead because of his brains and his parents structured his life to achieve something brilliant in science.  Unfortunately, being the smartest kid in school only scores you a few other geeky friends and being locked in a little closet for hours fighting your claustrophobia.  After achieving the pinnacle in the academic world and a doctorate before he could drink, Ryan re-assessed and decided he wanted a life.  Now he is a charter fishing boat captain, stud, and free living guy that every woman wants and every guy calls ‘bro’.  But one look at his high school crush, Jess, and his analytical mind begins making new calculations.  He wants his chance and with Benton out of the picture, he has it.

The author wrote a touching and heartwarming story about a woman who is forced to start over and confront herself in order to move on to new possibilities and a man who struggles to accept himself because the real him was always rejected and unwanted.  Both of these people are hot messes when the story gets started, but I enjoyed watching them come around.  They made mistakes along the way, but I was really cheering for them.  It was impressive how Ryan could be this hot guy, but still retain his awkward brainy side that actually kept spread sheets on being the best at sex and pool.  Jess was a rule maker who was determined only to see Ryan as a rebound and wanted to believe the best of Benton.  I was over the moon when she finally got a clue thanks to her gal pals who didn’t let her sabotage her own chances.

And now I wait for the third Morning Glory story with Eden.  That poor gal needs to catch a break.  Those who enjoy small town southern, sweet and sizzling romance, and a just a dash of charm magic should give this series a go.

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  • These sound fun and I love that you get each of their stories. I love the small southern towns and their charm.

    • Yes, these have a light-hearted Southern small town charm going even while each of these ladies have their own little hurt that needs healing. The charm is a cute connection between them all.

  • I love how the charm bracelet connects them all together. They sound like fun stories.

    • I thought that was pretty cool, too. It’s a constant reminder of their friend who wants them to have their dreams come true and yes, they have some fun in them with these gals all being so different yet are such good friends.

  • Debbie Haupt

    Oh wow I love the sound of these Sophia Rose thanks!

    • I just had to after I saw them. They grabbed my attention fast. Thanks, Debbie!

  • Oh these sound so cute and “charming” LOL

    • Haha, good one, Melissa! Absolutely charming and the guys they find are true charmers.

  • Oh these sound so cute and “charming” LOL

  • this series looks charming, will have to look it up

    • It was a nice blend of fun and depth as each lady has a great personality, but also her own burdens to bear. I’m really looking forward to the last one b/c poor Eden really needs to catch a break.

  • Oh they look like sweet and fun there. I didn’t know about these ones but the covers and the story sound quite cute

    • They were definitely on the sweet and fun side though each woman needed their attention. Both were cute. I look forward to the third one, Melliane.

  • I so love a couple that you can cheer for, and you know some of the best couples start out where individually they were messes but work it out together. Oh and by the way, not sure if I have mentioned it but I love the new look to your site!!! Very refreshing.

    • These were adorable and I enjoyed seeing these couples get their chance at happiness.

      Oh yes, I love what Shari does with the site. She’s got good taste. 🙂

  • This sounds like a good one – especially the two hot messes in the second book. Love to see how they finally come together.

    • Yes, they were both having their issues, but it was neat seeing them work through it all and come together. There’s some good laughs in there with the trouble. 🙂

  • Sounds like an interesting premise, although it is sad their fourth friend is death, the way everyone gets a personal letter and journey sounds fun. And how they all add a charm to the bracelet.

    Charmingly Yours sounds like it has a good mix between fun and lighter moment and a bit of soul searching. Both character in Perfectly Charming sound interesting and it must’ve been fun to see them get together. I hope the third book is just as good as these two!

    • Yes, I shed a few tears for their friend. She comes alive through her letters and their memories of her. I love the adventures she sends them on through the letters and the tie-in with the charm bracelet.
      I’m really looking forward to the third book.

  • They both sound good and since I couldn’t choose which one sounded better,I ended up buying book 1. Great reviews and thanks for the recommendations!

    • Oh neat, Lorna! I’m crossing my fingers that you’ll like it. Each story is a little different in feel b/c the women are different so I’ve liked that. I am so curious about Eden’s adventure.

  • I had her on for an interview back for book one and was curious. I’m so glad to see you liked them, Sophia! Up the list they go.

    • She has a gift for mingling light humor with serious character and relationship issues and development. And the small southern town they all come from just makes it better. I think you’d like them. 🙂