Mortal Sins by Eileen Wilks #Review

Mortal Sins by Eileen Wilks #Review
Mortal Sins

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Series: #5 World of the Lupi
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Published by Berkley
Released on February 3, 2009
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
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Finally back to this series.  I love World of the Lupi and got distracted from it, but it is my goal to get caught up on the series this year.

So yes, this is an engaging urban fantasy series that focuses on the author’s intricate and fabulous werewolf world, but isn’t limited to weres.  All other forms of supernatural drop in for the series which is an exciting blend of paranormal, suspense, action, and romance.

It is an ongoing story that really needs to be read in order to get the full, wondrous effect and backstory for the main characters and their world.  This is book five of the series and I think I can avoid major spoilerage though minor spoilers will seep through.  Can’t be helped.

The story opens with Lily and Rule arriving in North Carolina on business of a personal kind- Rule is there to attend the court hearing that will finally relinquish his son into his care.  As Lupi, Toby will soon need to be with his clan as he goes into his First Change and Rule is eager to have Toby with him after all the years of Toby living with his maternal grandmother.

But then Rule discovers the bodies while out running in his wolf form.  They are coated with death magic.  Instead of Lily being there to support Rule and Toby, she is now presented with a new case for the FBI’s magic division.  Hostile local law enforcement, a mysterious killer, tension with the local werewolf clan, Rule’s ex suddenly taking an interest in Toby and the court hearing, and difficult no win choices make this trip one that will make or break Lily and Rule.

As I said, it has been some time since I read the last installment of the series, but it was easy to slip back into the incredible magical world that Eileen Wilks has created.  I was so excited to see the large portions of Rule and Toby’s narration along with Lily’s in this book.  Rule and Lily’s mate bond is so unique, but the telling up to this point has been balanced more toward Lily.  The equal time with Rule was a gift.

This book had the usual paranormal suspense case for Lily to solve with the help of Rule and the gang, but I also like that it gave equal time to some threads that have intrigued me from the beginning.  Finally, I got to encounter Toby’s mother up close and personal and in scenes with Rule and Lily.  Sparks flew of course and she made it interesting for the situation of Toby’s legal custody.  Then there was the time spent for Lily and Rule to truly consider what they have together apart from the mate bond that forced them.  What are they as a couple if that bond wasn’t there?  They get to find out and I loved getting that part of their story.

Then there was Rule and Lily- particularly Rule- having to transition from being a parent at a distance to being an everyday parent for Toby.  And naturally, there is more to it than that since he is a Lupi with special issues.

Toby gets a lot of page time and I liked that since the whole custody thing and some other startling reveals revolve around him.  I thought the author got his feelings and actions just right for a kid who is confused by all that he feels and is confronted by big changes ahead.

And of course, for those who adore the sexy wolf Cullen, he and Cyanna are around to keep it fun and real.

The case is a twisty one and has some shocking and disturbing aspects.  I love how the author can create that atmosphere of danger and mystery and present a case that isn’t easily figured out.

All in all, this was an abso-fab reunion with the World of the Lupi for me and I can’t wait to continue.  I highly recommend this series for those who enjoy their Urban Fantasy blended with a mystery and an intriguing werewolf culture.

Challenges Met:

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  1. I really liked the books I have read in this series, although I read the first three and then jumped to the most recent for a review so I still need to read this one. I like the idea of Toby having a big part in this one. I really need to read this book! Great review!

    1. Wow, that was a huge leap, but glad to know I’m not the only crazy reader who jumps about. Love the series. I think you’ll enjoy this one, Lorna. Toby is definitely a big part.

    1. Yep! Another for your library list when you get caught up with Midnight Breed. 🙂 Her werewolf culture is so very different and I love Lily’s human Asian culture right along with it.

    1. It is a lovely cover that grabs the attention. I know what you mean about being intimidated by longer series. I’ve had the first several on my shelf for a few years so it makes it easier for me, but I have a few on my list that are in double digits that I am leery of starting, too.

    1. Oh cool! Glad to know you’re a fellow fan. There are just so many series out there that I’m in the middle of. I was so proud of myself to catch up on four last year that I continued with the challenge to keep working on catching up some in progress ones this year.

  2. I don’t remember ever seeing that series. The cover took me a minute to figure out what was going on. lol It’s WAY too early here. Sounds like a fantastic series and always so exciting to catch up with an old favorite 😀

    1. Yes, the cover is more abstract than the earlier ones. LOL So you’re forgiven for the confusion.

      I tripped over the first book at a library sale and have read up to this book in stops and starts along the way. I love the series, but for some reason, I’ve never had the urge to binge on it and catch up.