My First, My Last by Lacey Silks

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My First, My Last by Lacey Silks
My First, My Last

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Released on July 17, 2014
Pages: 304
Format: eARC
Source: Author

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I read this as part of the Red Hot Lovers Box Set.  This was a new to me author and I was eager to try her stuff.  First of all, I wanted to make a note that there are actually two versions of this story floating around.  There is a short story version and then there is the longer novel-length version which is what this review is based on.

Now usually, I do a summary of the plot and then my thoughts on the different book elements.  But I won’t be able to do that with this one because I didn’t end up reading it thoroughly from first to last.  I read straight through to chapter seven and realized I was either going to have to DNF the book or skim.  I was vested enough to want to know the end result so I chose to skim.  I didn’t read it closely enough beyond that point until the last few chapters to give a worthy summary.  So yes, I’ll need to do this a bit differently.

Before I get to what caused the issue, let me just say that the decision not to call it a day is because regardless of how I felt about the plot and the heroine, I liked the author’s writing.  I really liked Adrian, the heroine’s high school sweetheart.  I wanted the big HEA even if I wasn’t too thrilled about what came in between.

Now as to what put the burr under my saddle, it’s the scenario of the heroine, Mia, one year separated from an ex who cheated on her and just starting to get back on her feet.  She is friends with her ex and finds that they are actually better than ever and even had a few sexual encounters after they separated with him having the run of the house on occasion.  They are together for church and for their two kids.  She questions if she should have given it another chance.

Into this situation walks a man Mia hasn’t seen in twenty years.  Adrian was her high school love, but they were separated when he moved to Europe.  They made promises and wrote until she met Dan and then she stopped responding and Adrian stopped writing.  Now that she is divorced and he gave it some time, he wants a second chance.  They have an instant familiarity and some things feel right even as they have to accept that twenty years’ worth of life have gone by and they aren’t the same.

This is when Mia can’t seem to make up her mind and starts to treat Adrian to her fears after what happened with her ex.  And she is so worried about not hurting her ex’s feelings and even the first night she had the encounter Adrian she contemplates the temptation to get in bed with her ex because she still likes him.  I had doubts as to who she thought she wanted to be with a few times.  I just couldn’t get comfortable with her vacillating back and forth and went from uncomfortable with her issues of feelings for both men to ticked off when Adrian, who has been patient and honest and didn’t hurt her, was the one burned by it all.  I chose to skim through most of the middle story and get to the crisis that finally wakes her up.  My swoony romantic heart loved that epilogue.

So, not sure what to say recommendation wise.  I really think it comes down to what are hot buttons for the reader and what aren’t.  This touched one of mine because I don’t like it when characters don’t have a clean break from one relationship while in another though admittedly this was complicated with the split family thing.  I’m going to lean toward a recommendation to contemporary romance fans who like mature couples in complicated situations.

My thanks to the authors for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Every once in a while I come across a book that I have to skim a few pages and hope that it gets better for me.

    • Yes, that was exactly my thinking, Mary- to skim until it got better.

  • Hmm, doesn’t look like I’d want to read this based on your review. I hate it when I have to skim books. I’m not putting up with it this year though. It’s going straight to the DNF pile. Sorry this wasn’t what you expected Sophia 🙁

    • I have the same resolution for this year, Lekeisha. I actually read this one last month, but yeah, should have set it down.

  • When a character can’t decide who they want to be with, it often turns me off a book. There’s been a few that I’ve continued to read, because like you, I’ve liked the author’s writing or a certain character intrigued me but they mostly become DNFs.

    • The wishy washy stuff gets old and with this one, there were times I really wasn’t sure which guy she wanted. Just argh!

  • hummm thats different for a book to have two different versions o.o

    • I think it was written as a short story and then expanded. I’m thinking I would have done better with the shorter version so there wasn’t so much back and forth. LOL.

  • I can’t stand indecisive heroines in the love department. Makes them come out “slutty” instead of cautious you know? It’s even worse when one of the guys vying for her heart is a good egg, that riles me up even more. I guess I’ll pass up on this

    • Yep, you said it! That’s exactly what got me turned off.

  • Debbie Haupt

    Thanks Sophia Rose, but an indecisive heroine and the not clean break are buttons for me.

  • Great, honest review, it happens where the characters just don’t work for me, even If I like the writing.

    • That’s exactly why I struggled whether to put it down completely or not. I have a small stack of books that I set aside b/c of my mood being off and I will come back to them, but this one probably would have been a straight DNF if I hadn’t have skimmed.

  • oh it is always so difficult when heroines are written this way, and unfortunately they are written indecisive too often and its so frustrating at times. Loved your review on this one.

    • Thanks, I wanted it to be better since I love the reunion romances and he was so ‘white knight-ish’, but she couldn’t let go of fears and indecision so it drove me nuts not to mention the way she was about her ex made me uneasy.

  • That’s confusing when there is a short story and novel lenght with the same title. I never skim books, although I’ve had a few books that I wnated to DNF that I skimmed, but usually the skimming just convinces me I should DNF the book.
    Maybe you will enjoy another book by this author more as you did like the writing. It sounds like a weird type of love triangle in this book and I can see why it didn’t work for you. Great review!

    • Yes, that was very confusing having two versions. I was trying to figure out which one I needed to post my review under which was how I discovered that. LOL.

      Actually, this is the first time I’ve read a book this way- reading everything to a certain point, skipping along and then reading the last few chapters. I probably should have just DNF’d, but I wanted to see what she ended up doing since I couldn’t tell a few times based on her thoughts about both men what she would do and I was curious.

      I usually do try an author more than once even if I didn’t like the first book I grabbed. And I’ve ended up liking their other books most of the time.