Naughty or Nice? Picking books even Santa will like!

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Shari Here!

Sophia started off our Christmas Recommendations
last week some really good books.

Now it’s my turn and I started to panic!
Oh, I didn’t forget, I have some books to pick!


Naughty … not Nice!

Review Naughty Nicks by Christine d'Abo

Naughty Nicks by Christine d’Abo

A naughty little story of stripping Santa’s will get you breathing heavily and asking for more. A lust affair that hasn’t be satisfied in three years…bring on the music Santa!


Review Matzoh and Mistletoe by Jodie Griffin

Matzoh and Mistletoe by Jodie Griffin

What’s an innocent Jewish girl to do when her marriage is over and she is free to look at the hot police office she helps year after year? Well, indulge of course!



Switching gears…let’s get sweet and oh so NICE! 

Review Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey

 Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey

While this was still steamy, the romance was sweet and oh, so nice. A hero and heroine loving in the ice!


Review Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs

Candelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs

Sweet and fade to black, this little books is all that is nice! The hero and heroine have issues, but when the attraction gives a little push they close the door on us and get busy by themselves!



And while we try put books in the naughty or nice…sometimes they straddle the line making it twice as nice!

Review Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Kissing Under the Mistletoe by Bella Andre

Going back in time, we learn how the eight Sullivans came to be. Mary and Jack find love and we know later tragedy. But while time is short, the love is hot. True to the heart, this story leaves you in no loss just how the Sullivans came to be.



And while this must come to an end, to save you from my bad rhyming hymns. We aren’t done, not by far. Check back later when we will dazzle you some more!

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Shari is the Delighted Reader. Married to her Prince Charming and mother to two Princesses and one Prince. When she is not slaving away as Cinderella she loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Never without a reading device and a few good paperback books, because she never knows when she might get 5 minutes to read!


4 responses to “Naughty or Nice? Picking books even Santa will like!

  1. Sophia Rose

    LOL! I love your playful rhyming. I definitely see a couple of possibilities on this list. Good calls!

  2. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho

    I read one of each… naughty and nice.

    Naughty Nicks & Snowbound with the CEO. I enjoyed both of them.