New Blogging Planner Stickers! #YakketyYak

Planner StickersSo last week I admitted my planning addiction. I have been good. I haven’t ordered much this week. I did get a new planner, which I am debating. The one I wanted was $55. Ouch! The one I got was $15, but has spots for every family member and the blog. For budgeting purposes, I just can’t validate the reason for $55 planners.

The picture on the left is of the new blogging stickers I purchased from Planner Nerd Studio for Let’s Blog Full Boxes! They are pretty cool, but not exactly what I wanted. It has a small area for topics: Post Idea, Post Title, Photos/Videos, Completion Date, and Next Blog Idea. They are extremely small so only the barest of information goes in these boxes. So I slapped on on for next week and wrote down an idea. I bought 2 of these, which gives me 16 great ideas.

The Planner Nerd Studio was nice and sent me an extra sheet of fall stickers, which I promptly started putting in my planner for fun. Except, I don’t know when the last time I had a Date Night and there are several of those stickers.

I was hoping to show my new Halloween Stickers, but they haven’t shipped yet and I can’t complain about it until October 1 with Etsy. There will be another planner post when and if I get those. I am looking at some Disney ones now for our upcoming trip while also looking for some Christmas themed ones.

So yes, I am becoming obsessed with it all. It’s not terribly expensive if I space it out…which I am holding the reins so I don’t go crazy!

Know of some great planners? Or even some great stickers? I am always on the hunt, but I am also a window shopper. Until next week…keep on planning!

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  1. 55$ for a planner is pricey indeed. Nice to hear you found a good one for 15$ with space for all family members and the blog, sounds handy! Those blogging stickers look nice, although it’s a shame the space is a bit too small. I am curious about those Halloween stickers your ordered! I hope they arrive soon :).

    1. I am hoping the Halloween stickers ship this week or I won’t be happy. I wanted them for the month of October. Oh well.

  2. I have a planner issue now myself. I currently own, 5 of them and was looking for a sixth.
    What kind of planner stickers for blogging did you have in mind? If you email me the info I can possibly create some for you and send you the PDF. But you would def need a printer and sticker paper to print them. I had to create my own. It became too expensive to afford my hobby heh

    1. I have a Cricut that I hope to find some time soon to use to make my own stickers. I have some Cricut sticker paper and I Googled videos on how to do it last week. I mostly need time to work on them. I really don’t have a great idea of what I want in a sticker, just playing around to see what I like.

      1. thats why I got myself the silhouette, I couldn’t find just what I wanted and I liked the idea of being creative. Cricut is awesome, I love their add ons from the store. I played with it a little. Etsy also has a TON of clip art that I love buying and turning into stickers heh

        1. I used to have the original Silhouette, but I never figured out how to use it so I went Cricut. I got the latest Cricut for Mother’s Day and made custom t-shirts for our vacation. I also got some clip art for ETSY for those shirts.

  3. I had no idea there were blogger planner stickers out there. Oh, but I know what you mean about letting something like this get out of control. I’m definitely not the one to ask for ideas. I still just use the slender five color calendar or page tab Post-It’s or colored pens writing in the squares to code things onto my desk calendar we get free from my husband’s work. 😉

    Look forward to seeing your holiday stickers.

    1. Yeah, I am so behind right now on everything, so I figured I needed something that tells me what I had planned. Looking at this week and trying to knock out at least one thing on the list before I have to run.

    1. I would go crazy with them, but I can’t afford to keep buying them, so I am trying to use them only when I have a great idea.

    1. I love having my planner right next to my computer. My screen is small so I can’t keep a calendar up and the blog up. Great to just have it sitting right there to glance at.

  4. Another sticker and planner addict! Did you get the Erin Condren, Kiki K, or Filofax? Those are the only once I can think of that are that price.

    1. Erin Condren is $55 so I had to say no. I need to look at the other 2 you mention. I got 2017 Do It All Mom Planner for $15, so for now that is what I am sticking with since I don’t make much money…well, I don’t make any money since I am a SAHM.

      1. I think my sister has that planner. I’ve been trying you convert her to the Happy Planner, but I’ve been unsuccessful. I got my happy planner for 20-25 dollars on Amazon and it’s 18 months. I went through quite a few planner before I found one that worked for me.