Q is for Quinn!

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Q is for Quinn!

Quinn is one of the original pretrans teens that the Blackdagger Brotherhood started training before the hit on the glymera. He has always felt like an outcast from his family as he was born with two different colored eyes. Fighting for any scrap of affection, he finally turns into himself, shunning his best friend, Blay, who loves him. Swinging both ways of the door, Quinn is on a path of destruction having sex in bathroom stalls with anything that moves.

In Lover at Last, we get Quinn’s story. While I didn’t enjoy the book, I was happy to finally see Quinn getting what he wants. The Chosen, Layla, is pregnant with his child and Blay is not his hellren. Without going too much into the story that about sums up his life.

Why Quinn? I ached for him from the beginning. Blay’s family and John were the only ones to show him any ounce of affection, so he thought he wasn’t worthy of it. He almost dies for killing his cousin, Lash. He really hits rock bottom.

BDB Blaylock and Quinn by Moneshine on deviantART

What are your thoughts about Quinn?

Notable Q Words I Considered

Quotes –  the books you love stick with you in quotes
Quests – for the Holy Grail, a quest would be fun!
Quiet – the time you get to read
Queen – I am one of my household, but why do I slave like Cinderella?
Quirky -my sense of humor
 Quaint – a town where I want to move out of
Quilt – a quilt is something I cherish that my grandmothers’ made

What’s your Q word of the day?

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Anna@herding cats&burning soup

I love those original books in the series but I never got on board with Qhuinn and his age group of Brothers. I know so many who just loved their storylines but just wasn’t for me unfortunately.

Red Iza

I’m a lot behind on the series, I’m just about to read Lover revealed 😉

Sharonda Lowman

I love Qhuinn, but I wanted him with Layla 🙂

Sophia Rose

Quinn and Blay’s book is the one I need to read next. I’ve put it off for several months b/c I wasn’t ready for more of the angst these two cook up. I read enough m/m that I’m leery of a mainstream writer who tries it on and hopes she got it right.

And great Q list. You picked several that came to my mind. I’m going with quirky for today.

Michelle Kelly
Michelle Kelly

Qhuinn’s story was ok. I had many issues with the book which I did include in my book review. I didn’t think Qhuinn should become a brother before John Matthew. But that was just one of my many issues with the book. Qhuinn himself is a great character though. I find that the books tend to have more and more sidestories in them now which I don’t like. I want to continue with the series I really do but some of the newer characters seemed forced on me.


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