Reading Challenge Wrap-Up for 2018

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Shari’s 2018 Challenge Wrap Up

I will admit I am not always good at challenges. I try, but life kicks me off track a lot. This year though, I tried hard to stick with each one I signed up for with the ones we hosted. I figured I needed to get better and doing the challenges I host before I could do better at other challenges. This next year I am going to branch out more and try to push my reading and writing futher. Without further ado, here’s how I did.

Goodreads – 2018 Reading Challenge

Original Goal: 135 books

Completed: 138

2019 Signup: Just join GoodReads and set it up on their site. Easy peasy. I am going to sign up for 150 books to read in 2019.

Bad Boys of Romance Challenge Hosted by Shari at Delighted Reader

Original Goal: 25 books

Completed: 25 – I am finishing this up right on the last day of this year. Yeah I read them, but I don’t count them until I write the review. Go me!

2019 Sign Up – The basic challenge is the same, but we are adding giveaways and some mini-challenges to the main challenge as well as check-ins to make this more interactive!

Review Writing Challenge Hosted by Shari at Delighted Reader

Original Goal: 50 book reviews to write

Completed: 56 books reviews written – By making myself write a review before I could count a book for the challenge, I kept myself accountable and more productive. I am going to continue this tradition next year!

2019 Sign Up: I have increased my goal to 75 – pushing myself to be better at writing reviews!

Books ‘N Tunes Challenge Hosted by Sophia and Shari at Delighted Reader

Original Goal: 25 books with tunes

Completed: 32 books matched to tunes. I had so much fun finding music that fit my mood to the books I was reading. I will challenge myself to do more of this in 2019.

2019 Sign Up: I am going to sign up for 40 books this year. Bring on the music!

Literary Pickers Challenge Hosted by Sophia Rose and Shari at Delighted Reader

Original Goal: 50

Completed: 50 books! This was a tough one! I had to start a document off the side with all the items and then removing them as I used them so I only looked for what was available. I struggled at times to find items and even had to do searches within the Kindle book key words. When I hit 50, I was done and it just so happened it was the last day of the year! I love this challenge and hope to get more in 2019.

2019 Sign Up: Signing up for 55 this year. 50 about killed me so I need the 5 more to seal the deal!

Never Ending Series Hosted by Shari and Sophia Rose at Delighted Reader

Original Goal: 5 books from the Driven Series by K. Bromberg

Completed: 4 books – yep, I didn’t make this one. I did start the 5th book, but had to put it down. The first 4 books took a toll on me with the emotional drain. I just couldn’t go back for another on no matter how hard I tried.

2019 Sign Up: I will reveal soon what series I picked for this challenge. I am thinking one by Jill Shalvis, Emma Chase or Lauren Blakely. I need to investigate!

Well that’s it for 2018! I got most of my challenges finished with the exception of 1 of them. In 2019 I hope to add more challenges and push my reading even more. Until then, what challenges did you select for 2018 and accomplish? I want to know!

Sophia Rose’s 2018 Challenge Wrap Up

Yes!  The end is nigh and it is time to share the results of my (insane, as some of you thought it- admit it) need to sign-up for so many challenges last year about this time.  But, I really did have a method in my madness and carefully selected these challenges to meet my reader goals.

I have chosen to list only the annual challenges in this post and will address the other-challenges and readathons separately.

So, here we go, listed in order I signed up (or, at least how I wrote them into my challenge journal):

Unconventional Bookworm’s New Release Challenge hosted by Lexxie

Original Goal: Level 4 Enthusiast 101-200 books published in 2018 and over 100 pages

Completed: 196 books This was great for helping to keep me on track with my newer review commitments and new purchases.

Delighted Reader’s Series that Never Ends hosted by Shari and Sophia

Original Goal: 12 books and novellas in J,D, Robb’s In Death series

Completed: 13 books (In case you’re wondering, yes, I will keep reading the series, but no, I will not be catching up any time soon).

Simply Angela’s Outlander Challenge hosted by Angela

Original Goal: 2 books related to the Outlander series

Completed: 2 books (yes folks I finally finished the audio for Drums of Autumn.  Took me through two times with this challenge. LOL)

Herding Cats Burning Soup’s Read All the Books Challenge hosted by Anna

Original Goal:  Read all the books written by Nalini Singh, ongoing for last three years.

Completed: 62 books.  And, update, I have about a dozen left, but I am going to quit here on these backlist contemporary ones because I have zero interest in them other than the ones from her latest contemporary series.  I’ll be announcing a new Read All the Books author goal for the new challenge year.

My Reader’s Block’s Mt. TBR Challenge Hosted by Bev

Original Goal: Mt. Toro Level 75 books acquired before January 1st and not borrows.  DNF’s may be counted if there are no plans to pick it up again.

Completed:  115 books. I hit Mt. Everest and was attempting the final height of Mt. Olympus.  I felt so good reading the older books on my pile. I made strong efforts to get to the really dusty ones.  LOL

Austenesque Lovers TBR challenge hosted by GoodReads group

Original Goal: Anne Elliot Level 21 books

Completed: 67 books  This again is to target older books on my shelf and explore my love of Jane Austen related stories and subject matter.

Herding Cats and Burning Soup’s Blogger Shame Challenge hosted by Anna

Original Goal: 6 books.  Review books acquired over 4 months previous count

Completed: 8 books  I have been doing this challenge for three years now, I think.  I got out of control a few years back with saying yes to everything that caught my eye.  This challenge was a godsend. I am finally caught up. I have learned to say no- or maybe later at least.  Haha!

Delighted Reader’s Books N Tunes Challenge hosted by Shari and Sophia

Original Goal: Raging Rocker 50 books of matching a song with each book

Completed: 53 books and songs matched.  Just a fun one!

Delighted Reader’s Literary Pickers Challenge hosted by Shari and Sophia

Original Goal:  Professional Picker 50+ books that possess a matching clue

Completed: 100 books and clue matches  Woohoo! The very last clue, surfboard, took me forever.

Herding Cats Burning Soups’ Blog All About It Challenge hosted by Anna

Original Goal: 12 topic posts

Completed: 12 topic posts.  I enjoyed the flexibility of working with the prompt words and sharing about myself each month.

Hot Listens and Caffeinated Reader’s Audio Challenge hosted by Loupe, Melanie, and Kimberly

Original Goal: Marathoner 50+ books

Completed: 88 books.  Audios have grown on me year after year until now I am totally hooked.

As Told by Tina’s Let’s Read Indie Challenge Hosted by Tina

Original Goal: Level 5 41 books self-published or small publisher works

Completed: 114 books.  Yeah, I might have sorely underestimated just how many indie books I read in a year.  I wanted to do this challenge to track that. Now, I know. LOL

Addicted Romance’s Oldie But a Goodie Challenge Hosted by Renee

Original Goal:  Newbie Level 5-10 books historicals released before 2008

Completed: 14 books  This was to help my general drive to get to older books on my shelves, but also remind me there are some ‘Goodies’ from the past.

Angela’s Guilty Pleasure’s Library Love Challenge Hosted by Angela

Original Goal:  Dewey Decimal 12 books

Completed: 16 books.  My book budget can’t handle my reading habit and I’ve reduced my review book intake so I wanted to support our library more.  I am glad to build the habit of checking the library catalog before I think I need to buy a book.

Under the Covers’ Romance Roundabout Challenge hosted by Francesca, Suzanne, and Annie

Original Goal: Romance Guru of five books for each of the 15 categories

Completed: 5 books in the 15 categories.  This challenge is one I enjoy because it stretches me to read books in romance genres I don’t gravitate toward generally, but also I worked from a list I created in the beginning of both new releases and books off my TBR stack which challenged me to stick to a list.  I am a mood reader so this pushed me more than the actual categories. LOL

There!  That is the huginormous challenge update.  I am writing this up at the beginning of December so the numbers won’t match up with the December Monthly Report if you notice a discrepancy later.

I had a great time with these challenges and they really do me much good both to guide my reading and to enjoy the social aspect with other readers.  Each fun to cheer each other on. A big shoutout goes to all the hosts of these challenges. I know how much work Shari puts into the ones here on Delighted Reader.  It takes time and other extras. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who go above and beyond to offer these extras at your blogs.

For those who are looking for just the right challenges to join in the new year, there are bloggers who maintain lists of available challenges.  One of these is Tanya over at She does a master list each year and has already started the 2019 one:  You can go to find challenges as they are added or leave her a link in the comments to add the challenges you are hosting.  If you know of other bloggers who do challenge lists feel free to share that in the comments.

And, we host a handful of low-key challenges here on Delighted Reader that we would love for you to join.

So, how did you do this year with your challenges?  See one you want to do in 2019? Do tell!

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Shari is the Delighted Reader. Married to her Prince Charming and mother to two Princesses and one Prince. When she is not slaving away as Cinderella she loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Never without a reading device and a few good paperback books, because she never knows when she might get 5 minutes to read!

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Great job! Life knocks me down especially during the holidays

Sophia Rose

Yeah, its a gamble every year what sort of holiday season it will be. Catching a cold or infection is a given, but its the rest that can make it truly awful or all right. LOL