Review: Claim My Baby by Taryn Quinn

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Review: Claim My Baby by Taryn Quinn
Claim My Baby

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Series: Dirty DILF's #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Released on February 28, 2018
Pages: 362
Format: eBook
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The Delight

You know those heroes you just can’t connect with? Those that turn into something more than you expected? Yep, Oliver was that hero for me. His growth from a man so up tight to a man letting it go for the woman he loves and impregnates! Sage is just the woman to loosen his tie and bring him to his knees!


The Dirty DILF’s series is all about the babies! This second installment in the series brings Oliver and Sage back to life. Oliver is the twin brother of Seth from Have My Baby and Sage, Ally’s best friend from the same book. In Have My Baby , Sage wins a trip to Las Vegas that she is all down with going on with her best friend. Oops! Ally’s pregnant and can’t go so Sage is determined to go by herself only to discover Oliver’s on the flight with her.

These two *shakes head*. They snark at each other left and right. Sage works as a waitress at the local diner after her parents sell off the inn they own and start traveling the world. All she ever dreamed of doing was taking over and running the business, but now she is just living each day one at a time. Her virginity still intact, Sage is determined to get it one while in Vegas and having Oliver along is putting a damper on her plans.

Oliver may snipe with Sage at the diner, but secretly he respects her a lot and is attracted to her, but knows it can’t go anywhere even if his father adores her. When his brother and SIL ask him to watch out for Sage in Vegas, he really doesn’t want to get involved, but he does, once again in awe of Sage’s zest for life, but also appalled by the things she will do to get what she wants.

I can’t say I really enjoyed their time in Vegas much, but I guess making Oliver go to a Celine Dion concert was kind of funny. Drinks are consumed, limited control over their senses ensues, virginity is lost and baby is made!

Sage tries to take over the situation and let Oliver out of responsibility, but Oliver is not taking any of that. Now Oliver, the mostly inept guy has to pull out all the stops to claim his woman and baby. Craziness begins to get a new meaning, while you laugh and cry.

If you think Ally and Seth are done, you would be wrong. They have a lot of page time and often cause some of the drama, hilarious times and suspense that makes this an all around great story. Throw in a new friend, Kelsey the kindergarten teacher and Dare the mechanic, you can see where the next story is going.

This is another great story that introduces a lot of laughs, but still retains the deep emotion we want from our romance. Don’t take it too seriously, just read and enjoy!


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  • The idea is nice and well babies so it’s always nice to have that.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Babies are fun, but this series is all about the getting pregnant, lol.

  • I would not want to be sitting by this pair on the plane ride out to Vegas with them taking shots at each other, but it does sound like a great set up. 🙂

    • Shari Delighted Read

      There was someone sitting between them that made this so funny. It was just how they got together in Vegas that seemed clunky and awkward. That’s why I like the story once they were done with Vegas.

  • Sarah White

    Ugh I just adore this cover. I could care less what’s inside the book, as long as I can stare at this gorgeous guy tenderly holding a baby. All the heart eyes.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Ha! I love that too. A tattooed man carefully holding a baby is just priceless!

  • Laugh and cry? Those are the best books! I adore this cover. We don’t often read romance books with babies (unless they happen after the fact… ha). Do all of her books feature hunks and babes?

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I love those kinds of books as well! Men with babies are the best covers when you want something sweet. I usually don’t ready baby making books, but the duo of authors make some great rock star books so I just decided to try something different from them. Taryn Quinn is actually Taryn Elliott and Car Quinn writing duo. They write several series I read: Lost in Oblivion, Found in Oblivion (spin off series) Hammered, Rock Revenge is a spin off of Lost in Oblivion that just started and my review is coming soon, Winchester Falls and probably more I am forgetting.

  • I like snark, but sometimes it can be overkill

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I love snark, but you are right, it is good when it isn’t all snark. I can’t remember right off the top of my head, but there was a book recently where I was exhausted because they couldn’t stop the start at times to be serious.

  • Karen

    You almost can’t see the baby under that big, hulky arm on the cover lol

    I think the first book sounds more like my thing but probably once you get to know everyone it’s fun to continue with them.

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Yep, the first book is my favorite so far in the series.

  • I’ve had this in my shopping cart at Amazon,but now after reading your review I think I should probably read book one in the series. I always so enjoy books with babies. Wonderful review.