Review: Across Eternity by Aris Whittier

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Review: Across Eternity by Aris Whittier
Across Eternity

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Genres: Time Travel Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on March 26, 2011
Pages: 218
Format: eBook
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The Delight

To my knowledge, I have read only one reincarnation romance before and it wasn’t the main element or very well explained.  To say I was curious is a mild understatement.  I have the vague general notions that most people have about the belief of reincarnation so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I confess that I can’t quite wrap my mind around the idea.  However, it was paired with romance and that I can definitely feel I have a solid foundation in as a reader so I plunged right in happily ready for what came.


Logan Richards knows that he shares a tie with a soulmate in a love affair that spans eternity.  He and his love reincarnate and share a rich past lives and now he has found her once again.  The twist is that only he remembers all the past lives and only he can feel the recognition when they meet.  It is his job to coax her back into the knowledge of what they have together.  Logan is good, handsome, and wealthy, but it is the connection he shares with Amber that means everything to him.  Amber Lewis is struck by a sense of having known Logan before.  She’s pretty and works hard, has a good heart and now feels she’s living her dream with Logan in her life.  But all is not smooth sailing for the pair.

Across Eternity is a standalone romance and didn’t take long to read actually, though I wouldn’t say that it read particularly fast.  In fact, there were times I felt it was basking in the glow of its mushy romantic feels rather than pushing forward through the plot.

So yes, this one was a sugary, touch-feely romance that was balanced by a bittersweet quality that comes out later and by the sense that I had from the reincarnation aspect that they would have to lose and then find and then re-establish their love again and again.  I can’t say that I disliked this story.  However, I can’t say that I was especially grabbed by it, either.

At first, I enjoyed the meet-cute, the first misunderstanding, and then the early days together, but then the shine wore off gradually and I wasn’t taken with the overwhelming romantic feels.  It’s possible that it was a mood thing, but I also struggled with the characters themselves.  Logan was perfect.  No flaws to speak of and little growth.  He was just there and I felt that way somewhat about Amber.  For the longest time, I felt the big moment was them finding each other in those first few pages and I was simply reading their warm fuzzy happily ever after for chapter after chapter.   There did end up being a wrench in the works.  I start caring then, but only to a moderate degree because of the smothering sweetness and the how I kept thinking in the back of my mind that this scenario (the whole set up and story) couldn’t really work because of the way the reincarnation was explained- or not explained, in this case.  I read paranormal and sci-fi and fantasy quite a bit so I’m going with the fact that the rules of the reincarnation world the author established were bothering me and not reincarnation in general.

So, in the end, between the overly romantic tone and my struggles with the way the reincarnation element fit, I was left only okay with the book.  I think either a different mood for me or maybe I wasn’t the right audience in the first place since I was looking for more challenge either action-wise or character-wise and more explanation about the ins and outs of reincarnation.  As to recommendation, I would cautiously recommend it to those who are in the mood for a saccharine romance and a little something different with a romance that is timeless in nature.


Romance Roundabout #248 Sci-Fi Rom
Mt. TBR #93
Let’s Read Indie #76
COYER Summer #43


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  • Awww, I’m sorry this was only okay for you, Sophia. Honestly I’m not a fan of reincarnation romances – something about it just doesn’t work for me. Like the idea theoretically seems lovelt but the execution rarely is. Or something. In any case, I hope your next read it much better!

    Have a wonderful day. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • Thanks, Alyssa! Like you, I was trying to make sense of it, but couldn’t so I couldn’t enjoy the overall story. Oh well! Maybe next time.

  • ah too bad it wasn’t a bit more there

    • Yeah, it was nice and sweet, but I wanted something more.

  • sorry to hear this one didn’t live up to the burb it had, it did sound like it would be a good one.

    • I thought so, too. It wasn’t awful, but I was left wanting more.

  • Karen

    I love the idea of reincarnation romance – finding each other over and over – nothing will keep you apart – but I haven’t read any that have wowed me yet.

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

    • Yes! That is a good way to put it, Karen. I like the ‘idea’ of it, but not the actual story I got so maybe I’ll keep looking. 🙂

  • That sounds interesting. I’ve read reincarnation a few times in pnr romance. Especially when dealing with angels or demons. it’s an interesting subject matter.

    • Hmm, maybe I should try it paired with a PNR story and it will work better for me, too. Good idea, Mary.

  • Aw! I love stories like these.

  • Debbie Haupt

    Sorry it didn’t hit the marks Sophia Rose it looks like it could have been good and I love reincarnation books

    • Yeah, it was just too perfect and sweet, I think. I was expecting something more along the lines of a hard sought love angle with the reincarnation part. Not bad, really.

  • I don’t think that I have heard of a reincarnation romance before. I can understand why this one wasn’t a bit better for you but it does get a few points just for being different.

    • Yes, it was interesting to know they had many past lives together and kept losing each other. I thought there would be a bigger struggle or action to this one, but it slid together easily and went straight to the romance. So… it was okay. LOL

  • I agree the premise is an intriguing one, I am just sorry this one didn’t work out.

    • I think my expectations played a huge role. I thought it would take some time to get to the romancing and there would be a struggle to find each other or the reincarnation part would play a larger role than it did. It was sweet and there was a bit of a twist with the premise.

  • The premise sounds really sweet. I do agree that it’s hard to connect with a character who’s seemingly perfect person and when there aren’t many complications to the plot. This might be nice for when I need a light, fluffy read though!

    • Yes, its exactly good for a light and fluffy mood. Good observation about wanting to see some challenge in the character growth and plot.

  • Smothering sweetness. Nope. I’m out. lol Thanks, Sophia.

    • LOL, yeah, sweet enough to make your teeth ache. I guess I was not taken with that, either.

  • I’m sorry this one didn’t work for you, Sophia. That blurb was so promising!

    Great review.

    • Yeah, combo of mood and expectations did this one in, I think. Oh well…

  • shootingstarsmag

    Sorry this wasn’t a great read for you. Definitely seems like it overdoes it on the romance. LOL And I don’t like too perfect of characters!


    • Yes, I am an oddball who likes this in holiday romances, but in general. I like to see characters grow and work a little in their partnering. 🙂