Review: All You Need by Lorelei James

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Review: All You Need by Lorelei James
All You Need

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Series: Need You #3
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance
Published by Berkley
Released on April 4, 2017
Pages: 366
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley, Publisher

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The Delight

Getting to know the only female child in the branch of the Lund family was exciting and fun. A strong female who has worked hard to get where she is at her families company. The hero is a bad boy and so attractive it drew me in to find out if he was more than a pretty face.


The Lund family is a big and tightly bound family living in Minnesota. Three brothers make up the patriarchal part of the family, but we are sticking to the offspring of one brother for the first of this series. The first story, What You Need, is the story of Brady, the eldest son finding love with Lennox. Next up was Walker, the black sheep (or so he thinks) of the family finding love with Trinity in Just What I Needed. Now we have the next Lund, Annika, the only female offspring in this branch and the well protected sister, that really can handle herself.

Annika Lund is known as the “Iron Princess” by her family and friends. She has worked hard to earn her position in the company when most think she got it because of her name. PR is the game and when her mother makes a deal with the top sporting agent to help Annika’s younger brother, Jensen, Annika has to play the game. Translating for Axl who only speaks Swedish is supposed to be a temporary gig, but he offends her so much, she lets him have it and the media goes wild. Now she is his girlfriend for PR purposes only, but the lull of Axl’s personality makes it more than a publicity stunt.

I had to fight a smile. I sort of hated that she amused the hell out of me.

Axl for his part is holding a few secrets….like he speaks several languages and English is definitely one of them. A bad experience with the Chicago Hockey team has left him in a bad public image situation that morphed into everyone thinking he doesn’t know the language. He has continued to allow that to happen for multiple reasons, but now he needs to come clean with everyone and it’s going to cause problems.

His image is a playboy, but in reality he is anything but that. While he doesn’t feel he can have a committed relationship, he takes the time to learn who Annika is and to love her for all her perfections and faults. Axl also collects people around him. Everyone in his apartment complex has an open door policy and we get to know some amazing people.

There is true depth to Axl that some heroes never find. While most think he is just a dumb jock, he is actually well read, has an engineering degree and knows enough languages to put me to shame. He’s strong, doesn’t back down from confrontation, but is also the gentle giant who adores Annika at various points in the story.

Okay. She had me there. But the woman had smelled like cookies and my sweet tooth had started throbbing.

The family. Oh sweet baby Jesus. The matriarch is Swedish and messes up all the cliches. She made the deal with the agent for her son, but in a way I felt she sacrificed her daughter. I thought it would come back around that it was her plan to get them together, but I don’t think it was in the end. Two out of three brothers take a swing at Axl, well, because this is their only sister to protect. We see the family come in and out of the story and I love getting to see how the relationships from the first two books are continuing to grow.

Axl and Annika have a lot to over come as both are being pushed and pulled in different directions without their permission or control. The dynamic to fall in love despite this showed just how strong they were and how strong their love was going to turn out to be. There were lots of road bumps, but I loved meeting these two characters and being a part of their story even for a little while. Yes, I know they aren’t real people, just leave me in my lovely world of Lunds.


Axl is such a Bad Boy
Writing this review gives me a boost up!
I found a robe that only Annika can wear to get a Literary Pickers point.

Need a song to go with the book? Might I suggest…. In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg

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About Lorelei James

Lorelei James is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of the Blacktop Cowboys and Rough Riders series as well as the steamy new Mastered series. She lives in the Black Hills of western South Dakota with her family. Visit her online at,, and

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  • Glad to see you enjoyed this one, Shari. I didn’t love the first one so I decided not to continue, but this is a trope I love!

    Great review.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I loved Brady but he confused me a lot. Walker was my kind of man with Trinity. But Annika and Axl really pulled all the strings with me. You can read this as a stand alone as well.

  • Oh yes! You have me snagging this for my wish list. I love the sound of both of these characters.

    Fun classical tune! 🙂

    • Shari Delighted Read

      You should really read this series. It’s been a really good one for me.

      The classical song was picked because Axl also was a figure skater and did a routine to it.

  • I’ve tried reading a couple of her books and ended up not liking the first one and not even finishing the second one. Glad you liked this one but I doubt I’ll be trying her again.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I never got into her Rough Riders series, but everything after this one has been pretty good. This can be read as a stand alone.

  • I haven’t read Lorelei James but I do like the sound of this one. I can imagine a lot of interesting situations with everyone thinking he can’t speak English when he really can. I don’t think I would want to know what people say about me when they don’t think I can hear them.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I loved that he kept it a secret and you get the story on how it happened. It was interesting how he revealed himself and just what each person did to make him pay for it. Lorelei James’s books since her Rough Riders series have been pretty good.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I loved that he kept it a secret and you get the story on how it happened. It was interesting how he revealed himself and just what each person did to make him pay for it. Lorelei James’s books since her Rough Riders series have been pretty good.

  • I was doing a little retail therapy yesterday at Barnes and Noble and I saw this book. I almost bought it, but I already had quite a stack, and I have never read anything by this author. Now I’m kicking myself because this book looks like so much fun!!!! Thanks for the review. I might need to make another trip to B&N.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      You really need to read this one. I loved it. It can also be read as a stand alone, but the series is pretty awesome. I wish I had a bookstore nearby. Closest one is an hours drive so I never get to browse like that.

  • This series has piqued my interest but your review made me order it!

    • Shari Delighted Read

      You will love it!

  • I LOVE the sound of this, it looks so good. I did not read her other books in this series, but ugh I read the blurb for this and the family sounds so much. I love family dynamics like this

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I love this series and in actuality you can read each one as a stand alone. Yes, you do see the other characters, but that doesn’t interfere with the current story.

  • I had such fun with this. I really enjoy this author and how each book has its own unique feel.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I loved it! I can’t wait until the next one comes out for Jensen.