Review: Beautiful Mess by Kasey Lane

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Review: Beautiful Mess by Kasey Lane
Beautiful Mess

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Series: Rock 'n' Ink #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Rock Band Romance
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Released on March 7, 2017
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

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The Delight

Too many wrongs don’t make a right and this story built upon the wrongs too much. Elements of this story offended me, especially when a parental element goes horribly wrong towards their child. The romance was almost sweet, but past lies make it all feel off kilter.


A tattoo artist that also is a band on the brink of making it big time…yeah, I had to read this. I didn’t realize it was the second book in the series. While I was able to understand the story, I wondered if some of my shock at things might not have been as big if I had known.

We have an uptight lawyer, Jami Dillion, who is trying to make her parents proud, but at time really doesn’t like her life. She starts off by trying to save her brother from making a bad decision, which came off all wrong to me as a snob who should have accepted her brother. Real fast she gets on board with her brother, but in a lot of ways, she is a doormat for her family.

Asked by her brother, Jami becomes the lawyer looking over contracts for the band Manix Curse. What she doesn’t know is Jax Pain is really Jax Paige, her boyfriend in college. Jax left her without telling her why, leaving her heartbroken and at the mercy of her parents.

It had been over five years since she’d heard that deep, playful sound, but she recognized it immediately. The familiar baritone sent unwelcome shivers down her neck that continued down her spine. Her body responded almost instinctually to the low timbre.


Jax was also in school to become a lawyer, but when her parents confront him, and other factors and situations happen, he walks away from Jami and doesn’t look back. Now he wants a second chance and really, I am fed up with guys leaving with no word as to why and breaking women’s hearts. So nope, I ended up not liking this guy. I am all about communications people! I don’t mind he broke it off, I don’t like how he did it and the reasons why.

So now they are back and all the same attractions are dodging them. Through it all, Jami’s parents are putting a dark cloud over this story. Jami’s past is colorful and they never let her forget it. In fact there is one scene that almost made me throw this book out into the trash. Jami’s father does something unforgivable and it is kind of just swept away. AKA doormat.

Well, well, well.” His deep voice rumbled over her skin and burrowed into her chest, sending little tremors through her body. “if It isn’t sweet little JamiLynn Dillion – queen of good manners and all things appropriate.”

Jami’s brother and future sister-in-law were more interesting than the main characters. In fact, their’s was the first story in this series. Unfortunately, this book left me feeling morbid and not hopeful for anything. So much that I didn’t even want to go back to read the first story about them.

There is a lot of bad things that happen in this story and not enough good things to offset them. I found myself not cheering for them, nor believing they really could fall in love. Jax might be a great guy, but what he does to Jami set him up to fail in my eyes. So no, I didn’t really like this story and probably won’t read any more from this series.


This was my first book by Kasey Lane, but also in a new series I hadn’t started reading.
Jax is a bad boy as both a tattoo artist and drummer for a band.
Jami had a quilt she used to warm up with. Her favorite and also part of my Literary Pickers

Need a song to go with the book? Might I suggest….Never Be Like You by Flume Featuring Kai


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  • Hmmm, I’m not sure this one is for me.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I agree. It just rubbed me wrong from beginning to end.

  • Sorry to see you didn’t enjoy this one as much as you’d hoped. I think it would frustrate the heck out of me, too. I am, however, dying to know what her father did.

    Great review. 🙂

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Her father slaps her in front of her mother. She gets angry, but doesn’t press charges or fit them out of her life. I can’t say she forgave him, but she tolerates it wanting his approval. I really wanted to punch his lights out.

  • I agree, if a guy walks away without a reason then he shouldn’t be given a second chance.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Why do authors make women lust when they know better? It’s like they don’t have a brain to know when she nothing is wrong in the face of lust. Just kills me.

  • hmm I was tempted to read this author, but quite honestly, I don’t like the sound of either of these characters.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Sorry I disappointed this author for you. Maybe her other books are better, but I am done with this series.

  • hmm I was tempted to read this author, but quite honestly, I don’t like the sound of either of these characters.

  • Yikes, yes, communication is a big deal. Have your say and then leave if you need to and I get frustrated with people who let too much bad and unhealthy stuff get a pass. I saw the first book was free yesterday on Kindle, but I don’t know…

    Thanks, Shari!

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Lots of communication problems. I liked some of the secondary characters, but these two just never clicked for me. And the whole parents things…gag.

  • That’s too bad. I had some hope for this book but now I am not sure. I may or may not pick this up at a later date. I hope your next read is better for you.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      It just might be my opinion, but the father slapping her, that about did me in.

  • not an easy one if many bad things but I understand that it’s not easy.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I couldn’t take how he left nor how her parents treated her. Just got old fast.

  • Nope, I think this would just piss me off..LOL

    • Shari Delighted Read

      It totally pissed me off and I am not sure why I finished it.

  • okay yeah no I wanted to read this but I hate background stories like this

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Maybe if I had read the first book, this wouldn’t have hit me so hard, but there were too many elements that hit my bad side.

  • I wanted to love this based on the cover and premise but after reading your comments I think I’ll skip.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I am sorry I drove you away. I just want to caution everyone, but also let them make up their own opinion.