Review: Beauty Like the Night by Joanna Bourne

Review: Beauty Like the Night by Joanna Bourne
Beauty Like the Night

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Series: Spymasters #6
Genres: Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published by Berkley
Released on August 1, 2017
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
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In the newest Spymaster novel, “master of romance and suspense”* Joanna Bourne offers a stirring tale of intrigue, espionage, and attraction.
Sèverine de Cabrillac, orphan of the French revolution and sometime British intelligence agent, has tried to leave spying behind her. Now she devotes herself to investigating crimes in London and finding justice for the wrongly accused.

Raoul Deverney, an enigmatic half-Spaniard with enough secrets to earn even a spy's respect, is at her door demanding help. She's the only one who can find the killer of his long-estranged wife and rescue her missing fourteen-year-old daughter.

Sèverine reluctantly agrees to aid him, even though she knows the growing attraction between them makes it more than unwise. Their desperate search for the girl ​unleashes treason and murder. . . and offers a last chance for two strong, wounded people to find love.

The Delight

A murder, a missing girl, an assassination attempt, and two hostile people who fight an attraction come together in the latest of the Spymasters series in this delicious and twisting tale set after the end of the Napoleonic Wars.


Beauty Like the Night is book six in the series.  I would imagine the series works best read in order, but this was my fist of the novel-length stories and I was able to read it just fine.  The plot was self-contained though the surrounding cast have been around through earlier books.

I had the opportunity to sample a couple of novellas while reading the Last Chance Christmas Ball antho and the Gambled Away antho that are side stories to the series that gave me a taste of the writer’s work.  I enjoyed it and her shadow world of spies and underworld characters so I was glad to finally pick up one of the main stories of the series.  I was not disappointed.

The story is that of Raoul Deverney a French-Spanish aristocrat and Severine de Cabrillac high born French child adopted into an English lord’s household during the French Revolution.  Both are more than they seem and the story opens with a riveting scene that lays out what is to come nicely.  I was captivated by both Raoul and Sevie and found it interesting as they warily circled each other thinking the worst, but needing to work together for an important cause.

The attraction sparked and sizzled between them though they were so contained and drove each other mad.  Their cat and mouse game through spying, investigating, and passion was well written.  Two deadly people who respected each other’s skill have to decide if they can get over the past and trust each other with their hearts.

Alongside the romance was a twisting plot that harked back to time on the battlefield that was Spain during the war.  Everyone searches for the same thing, the amulet and a twelve-year old girl who may know something about it.  Sevie and Raoul must figure out why and figure out who would kill to get it.

The story was enlarged to include not just Sevie and Raoul’s narration, but that of other longstanding series characters.  I enjoyed these moments to get to know the others and appreciated that there were no series spoilers from the stories that came before even while letting the characters continue in this latest book.

In summary, it was a fabulous experience.  I loved the sense of historical knowledge not only of the time period, but the specific part of espionage and Napoleonic war elements laced through the story.  This is for those who enjoy spy suspense stories mixed with historical romance.

My thanks to Penguin-Random House for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Ohh, sounds really good Sophia Rose. I always love suspense especially if there’s a romance in it. And my! This sounds exactly like my kind of book. Great review!

    1. One of my favorite situations for a historical is Napoleonic era espionage- guess it was all those Sharpe’s Rifle episodes on PBS. LOL I think you’d like it, Carole.

  2. I am glad you were able to enjoy this book even though you read it out of order. I like how stories in anthologies can give me a taste for the writer’s style and can convince me to pick up one of their other books. That sounds interesting how the couple is so wary of the other, but are forced to work together. I don’t think I’ve seen many stories set during the Napoleonic war, so that sounds neat this one took place then. Great review!

    1. Yes, that is exactly the thing I love most about trying anthologies- finding new to me authors to love.
      This was a tension-filled one the way they suspected each other, but I really enjoyed the story and the situation.

  3. It’s fascinating to hear about spies and mystery stories from this era, and to have the romance thrown in makes it even better. Glad you enjoyed it! Hugs…Happy Saturday!

    1. The author sure did her research. It felt very authentic especially the spy tools and skills and ways of doing things. Oh yes, the romance was a great bonus. 🙂

    1. This definitely was an exciting story. Its just after the war, but what the pair of them did during the war is still in play.
      I understand about being reluctant if the last one didn’t work for you. Glad you’re giving this type another chance. 🙂

  4. Ooooooooo, espionage. 😀 😀 😀 I’ve seen this book’s cover around the blogosphere but I’d honestly not read any reviews! It sounds like you had fun with this one. Do you think you will go back and read the other books in the series?

    Fantastic review, Sophia! Have a wonderful week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. oh I just love seeing these themes in historical romance and they are just NOT done enough in my opinion. They add so much more depth and this is where authors can get more historically detailed.

    1. I was so glad to encounter her writing in a couple historical romance anthos. This novel-length was even better. I was captivated by the way she writes her historical espionage romances, for sure.

  6. I haven’t read any of the books in this series- but I like that you were able to read this one out of order and it was still so great. Spy books and historical fiction are two genres I enjoy. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. It was her novellas that were included in a couple anthologies that caught my eye. They were from the world of this series and made me really want to see a full length story of historical spies and romance. Worth it, Jess! 🙂

  7. sounds like a fantastic read that is well written. Always enjoy books that you can just jump into in the middle of the series, especially if you pick it up by mistake

    1. Doesn’t this one sound great, Debbie? I saw the blurb and had to read it. I looked it up and some of the older ones from the series are at my library. 🙂