Review: The Bullrider and the Bare Boycotter by Jeanine McAdam

Review: The Bullrider and the Bare Boycotter by Jeanine McAdam
The Bullrider and the Bare Boycotter

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Series: #1 Skirts and Spurs Trilogy
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Western Romance
Released on April 1, 2013
Pages: 171
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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I’ve become a fan of contemporary western romances and love it when a bit of humor and mayhem is tossed in to make them even more fun. I saw this one and thought it would fit the bill. It did and it didn’t.

Logan Cooper is primed for the bull ride of his life to win the prize money that will help out on his family ranch when a buck naked female animal rights’ activist jumps out in front of the bull waving a red sign about blood sport. Logan is thrown by the bull. Once on the ground, he sees that the clueless woman is in danger from the bull and the riled up rodeo fans. He tries to get her to safety all the while she’s kicking away at his gut and groin with no sense of preservation when he tossed her across his shoulder in his need to rush out of tight spot. He’s angry that she lost him the chance at the money and she seems oblivious about what just happened, but there is a part of him that is strongly attracted to her and he wants to see her again.

Rachel Fox is a NYC girl who has been tossed aside by someone who felt she was inadequate, but that just leaves her with her causes. She has a plan, okay maybe it wasn’t well thought out enough, to gain attention and spark a media circus that will give her a platform to share her concerns about cruelty to the bulls. She feels a little bit of sympathy toward the cowboy she disrupted, but he engenders her anger too over his attitude. She plans to protest at every rodeo on the schedule until she gets her point across.

So the battle of the minds, hearts, and mutual attraction begins between these two and their supporters. Things start to shift for both of them when Rachel comes to Logan’s family home. Her arguments work a bit on him and his side of things make an impression on her while they circle closer and closer. But then something happens to break-up what’s happening leaving them both with a decision to make about what’s most important.

When I first picked this up, I had cute and fun in mind and I think it was going for that. It fell flat for me. I got really irritated in the first scene and then nothing came along afterward to recover my mood. Rachel just didn’t impress me from the get-go when she tried to pull a Lady Godiva in front of a 2000 lb bucking rodeo bull placing her own safety and that of others in jeopardy. Did she apologize for nearly getting people killed? Uh-uh because she had her agenda and that’s all that mattered. I wasn’t amused; I was frustrated. I’m all for standing by your convictions and educating people when you see something is wrong or harmful, but the ends don’t justify the means. And why is compromise such a dirty word all the time?

And it just didn’t get any better from there for me. The two main characters were so-so. Sometimes I liked them and at others I disengaged. Their romance was okay, but it wasn’t very mature to me. Sometimes cute, but lots irritating. I just couldn’t get into the story or match up with the tone of humor I guess.

I think for others it would be alright and fun. I really wanted to like it because I could see the humor and the feisty passionate romance. The characters were those opposites attracts types that I generally like. Yeah…

So I would recommend this one for those looking for a light, zany Contemporary Western Romance.

My thanks to Net Galley for the opportunity to read this one in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Ooo thanks for saving me Sophia. I was totally thinking YES! The title is a hoot and I love some cowboys but gah the heroine wouldn’t work for me at all. I struggle something fierce when they have “causes” like that and can’t see past them to common sense.

    1. I really wanted to like it and if she had really grown from there I would have gotten over it. She had some good points about changing things a little to take better care of the bulls. She softened a little when she got to see a real ranch where the animals weren’t being abused and a family lived and worked hard, but the romance was just one long string of misunderstandings b/c she constantly leaped first to conclusions and she continued to do ditsy stuff that always made him have to come to her rescue. Shaking my head over this girl.

      1. I can totally get caring about something but doesn’t sound like she went about it in a way I would be able to take and oys the misunderstandings yeah I’d totally be shaking my head too. lol And maybe saying some words at my kindle. ::snort::