Review: Crave the Night by Lara Adrian

Review: Crave the Night by Lara Adrian
Crave the Night

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Series: Midnight Breed,
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Delacorte Press
Released on August 5, 2014
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley

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The Delight

Getting to see another Gen One male fall in love after a life being cultivated into the ultimate super soldier assassin just breaks my heart and jumps my emotions to make everything better for him. Nathan has grown all up, but still holds onto the past while finding an irritable female that makes him questions everything he is and wants to be.

I went into Crave the Night with a lot of expectations. I wanted this one to make up for the debacle that Hunter’s story was (Nathan’s stepdad). While it was much better than its predecessor, it still lacked a strong female that I could grab onto and love. Secrets are still abound, but truths do come out. It all wraps up for an interesting story that still left me feeling empty in many ways.

Nathan has a mission to bring in Cassius, a club owner with dubious ties to the Atlantans that have now risen out of hiding. While dealing with a problem with a team mate he meets breedmate, Jordana Gates, who twists up all this thoughts about women and his own needs. After a kiss rocks his world, he tries to go back to his roots of being a cold, emotionless machine that gets the job done.  Distracted by the one thing he knows he can’t have, he realizes just how out of her league he is when she denies knowing him in front of another breed male.

Jordana left me feeling, well, blah. She grew up in a privileged life. Pampered and loved, but whose life has been mapped out for her. Working in the museum is her one true passion and she seeks solace there often. While Nathan is distracted by what he feels, Jordana starts to embrace her own empowerment in small burst that seem more weak than empowered. Nathan challenges everything she knows and pushes her to be true to herself.

As the story weaves between the two, outside forces are drawing them apart at the seams. Nathan is on the cusp of getting kicked out of the Order for how he is dealing with Jordana. Jordana is being pressured to stay away from Nathan. Secrets are coming to life that change everything they both know and hold onto.

The action was slow and seemed to come in bursts and then leave. Thus, this left me wanting to jump forward to the end to find out what happens as the middle just left me a little cold. I didn’t hate the story, I just lost interest in every thought these two had without conversation. They spent a lot of time in their own heads.

Nathan was almost everything I wanted. No cut and dry, he was a conflicted character meeting his match. Jordana just wasn’t everything I wanted in a heroine. But she is key to the story going forward. You need to read this one to stay in the series.

As Sophia said in her review, Holy Hot Alpha Male yes! Nathan is intense, wonderful and the type of male you hope to spend a lifetime getting to know. While not rough, he isn’t the gentlest lover making all my girly parts tingle.

An interesting installment to the series that furthers the greater story arc and mystery, you can’t go wrong with this series.

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    1. I found this series a bit hit or miss. I have several that were just riveting, but then also have several that were just ‘meh’. I read these before BDB so my bar of excellence wasn’t set as high in the same way though for me the issue was that there were only vampires in the world since I leaned more towards Gena and Kresley’s series at the time.

      1. It’s really interesting how much of an impact other books/series can have on a reader. Like with Twilight and such. I had friends who were just gaga over them but they were their first reads in the genre so for them it was pretty awesome. I’d already read so many fantastic ones like Gena and Kresley and Ward/Hamilton/Kenyon when I got to Twilight it was just an… uh, okay? kinda feeling. lol

        1. It’s true. Lots of people might end up in the same place with their reading tastes, but their road in getting there can be so different. I had never read a paranormal book or a YA in my life before my sister in law shoved Twilight and City of Bones at me. I was not so enchanted by the YA side, but the fantasy world building carried me off into never aforeseen locations of the bookstore looking to see what others I could find. I happened on Karen Chance and Patricia Briggs first and now I compare tons of PNR/UF heroines to Dory and Mercy.

          1. Indeed. I think with Briggs no matter when you give her a read she’s one you compare everything else to. lol Her and Ilona Andrews. Those three. Lordy. Yeah they did a number on my UF reading. It’s hard to compete with anything they do. I’ve not tried Chance yet. Good to hear she’s similar 🙂

            1. I only read the first Ilona Andrews’ Kate story so I need to get busy on that one. I was so wowed by her world building. As to Chance, I’m a Dory fan which is the side series of her Cassie books. Cassie’s series is okay. The pacing is off like a rocket from beginning to end with little character building. At least the Dory series seems to have that a bit more. You will totally love her vampire, Mircea that crosses over into both series.